Marijuana Also Found in Breakup of Two Parties!

Marijuana Also Found in Breakup of Two Parties!
Posted by FoM on January 20, 1999 at 05:51:06 PT

Seventeen teenagers were charged with underage drinking and two with drug possession over the weekend after deputies with the Stafford County Sheriff's Department broke up two parties that had spiraled out of control.
At one, officials said a brand-new house looked as though vandals had hit it. In both instances, the teenagers who lived at the addresses said that their parents were out of town and that other teens in the county had shown up uninvited."We break up parties all the time," said Deputy Scott Roy, who was involved in breaking up both. "But these were a little bigger than usual."Late Friday night, deputies went to a house on Potomac Run Road in Falmouth after getting a call from a parent whose teenager had come home drunk from a party there. Upon arriving, Roy said, he knocked on the door and was greeted by a billowing cloud of marijuana smoke and people yelling, "The cops are here!"The teenagers scrambled to hide the paraphernalia. One teenager admitted to deputies that he had just flushed some marijuana down a toilet. Deputies said other bags of marijuana were found hidden under books.Two teenagers were charged with possession of marijuana, and all of the juveniles were turned over to their parents.Deputies said the second incident occurred early Sunday. They found a large number of juveniles at a house on Goldcup Drive, also in Falmouth. The teenage girl who lived there told police that she had invited a few friends over to watch the Mike Tyson boxing match and that the house quickly filled with people, most of whom she didn't know."This was a brand-new house," Roy said. "We're talking maybe $200,000. There was mud ground into the carpet, spilled beer, spit and vomit everywhere. It was pretty bad. The young girl was really upset and was trying to figure out how she was going to clean it all up before her parents got home."Juveniles who are charged with underage drinking usually must either pay a $500 fine or perform up to 50 hours of community service. Their driver's licenses can be suspended as well.The weekend was a particularly big one for parties in Stafford. The ice storm canceled school on Friday, and Monday was the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday."This has happened a lot in the past," said Lt. David Decatur. "The kids will have a party and they are looking for something to do, and they just take it upon themselves to crash the parties."Officials within the school system often hear about the parties after they happen. "Whether it involved our students or not, I really don't know," said Principal Henry R. Johnson Jr. of North Stafford High School. "We've got enough to keep track of right here at the school."Though Stafford has grown as a county to nearly 92,000 people, the community remains tight knit. There are only three high schools in Stafford, and many students know each other from childhood. Police said word of parties travels quickly along the teenage grapevine -- in some cases attracting teens from the cities of Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania."This is really common," said Sgt. Robin Butler, who oversees the SRO, or Student Resource Officer, program and works part time at Brooke Point High School. "Three or four girls will have an all-girl party, and the next thing you know it's out of control."  Copyright 1999 The Washington Post Company
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