Museum Opens to Celebrate All Things Cannabis
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Museum Opens to Celebrate All Things Cannabis
Posted by CN Staff on September 20, 2018 at 15:44:09 PT
By Regina Garcia Cano, AP 
Source: Time
Las Vegas -- A glass bong taller than a giraffe. Huggable faux marijuana buds. A pool full of foam weed nuggets. Las Vegas’ newest attraction — and Instagram backdrop — is a museum celebrating all things cannabis.Nobody will be allowed to light up at Cannabition when it opens Thursday because of a Nevada ban on public consumption of marijuana, but visitors can learn about the drug as they snap photos. It’s a made-for-social-media museum where every exhibit has lights meant to ensure people take selfies worthy of the no-filter hashtag.
The facility — whose founder says has a goal of destigmatizing marijuana use — will likely land among the talking points officials and others use to try to draw gambling-resistant millennials to Sin City.It will welcome its first visitors almost 15 months after adults in Nevada began buying recreational marijuana legally, with sales far exceeding state projections.“Our goal when people come out of this is that they don’t fear the cannabis industry if they are not believers in the industry,” founder J.J. Walker told The Associated Press. “Cannabition is not about just serving people that like marijuana, it’s about serving the masses that want to learn about cannabis and or just have fun and go do a cool art experience.”Guests will wander through 12 installations with rooms like “seed,” where people can lie down in a bed shaped like a marijuana seed, and “grow,” which features artificial plants in sizes ranging from inches to feet tall placed under bright lights to represent an indoor cannabis grow facility.Photo ops are also available under a glow-in-the-dark tree, next to a giant marijuana leaf meant to represent an edible gummy and by a 24-foot-tall (7-meter-tall) glass bong that’s dubbed “Bongzilla” and billed as the world’s largest.There is a space with taller-than-you faux buds representing different strains and another room with gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson’s famous “Red Shark” Chevrolet Caprice.This museum in Las Vegas’ downtown entertainment district is not the Smithsonian of marijuana, but it has some educational components. Guests get an introduction from museum guides and some graphics on walls explain how concentrates are made and the differences between indica and sativa cannabis strains.Museums always evolve with the times to remain relevant, and audience engagement is an important goal for the facilities today, said Gwen Chanzit, director of museum studies in art history at the University of Denver. For those who remember very traditional, no-photography-allowed museums, she said, “that ship has sailed.”“Once cellphones became ubiquitous, the culture of museum visiting changed,” Chanzit said.Many of the facility’s exhibits are sponsored by cannabis companies, with their logos prominently displayed. It is common for museums to receive the support of corporations and to place their logo on a wall.Only adults 21 and older will be allowed at Cannabition. The tour is designed to last up to an hour.Walker, the founder, has invited reality TV stars, models and other influencers to Las Vegas for the weekend with the charge of spreading the word about the facility.As for those who buy a ticket but their Instagram followers are only in the dozens or hundreds, Walker said, “you’re still an influencer to your friends.”Source: Time Magazine (US)Author: Regina Garcia Cano, AP Published: September 20, 2018Copyright: 2018 Time Inc.Contact: letters time.comWebsite:  -- Cannabis Archives 
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Comment #4 posted by Hope on September 26, 2018 at 17:10:56 PT
A most amazing plant. People need it.
Skinny pot: Can some strains of marijuana trigger weight loss? who know little of the plant don't comprehend how different an effect different strains and different grows can have. 
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Comment #3 posted by Hope on September 25, 2018 at 14:36:45 PT
Completely off topic
I'm just so impressed at this. You may be one of the views she's already gotten. This little girl loved to hear her Daddy sing. This was her favorite that he sang and she finally got him to let her record him singing it. They're in the truck. He's a building contractor of some kind. There's paint on his shirt. There is a flowing United States flag visible through one of the windows for a minute or two. She posted it to YouTube last January. They are coming up on thirty nine million views! Most of those happened in the first few months after she posted it. A guy singing in his truck.
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Comment #2 posted by Hope on September 22, 2018 at 11:52:09 PT
It's good to have a place about making people
less fearful of cannabis.God knows there's been plenty of fear mongering for a very long time. Serious, bad, fear mongering. And so much money spent on it. It still is, of course. Fear of a plant or its use is actually a pretty serious psychological aberration. But the government and the prohibitionists have had a ball stirring up the fear for a very, very long time. They won't stop any time soon... even if they suspect they made a mistake. You know why? Because they've killed and destroyed people in the name of their screwy quest to rid mankind of cannabis use.Maybe we should look to locking them up. For their own safety, you know. And the safety of others. I'm not talking revenge or even a judicial type retribution for an evil wrong they've done and are doing. Maybe just for a little psychological evaluation. They need something to help them understand reality.Maybe just everyone knowing the blister heads were wrong. Very wrong is enough. Viciously wrong. They were wrong... and they were truly vicious. They hurt people for no reason. Now they are bitter and angry and can't eviscerate cannabis users for relief like they used to. They really might need help. A "Turn-key" operation and a padded cell might be just the ticket for prohibitionists. Should the prohibitionists reap what they sowed? They should definitley apologize and maybe slink off and get back in the hole they came out of.They need to stop with their prohibiting and their drug wars. Now. Before they hurt any more lives.
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Comment #1 posted by Hope on September 22, 2018 at 11:34:37 PT
Totally cool!
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