Where Legal Weed Will Likely Win Today 

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  Where Legal Weed Will Likely Win Today 

Posted by CN Staff on November 08, 2016 at 10:12:07 PT
By Christopher Ingraham 
Source: Washington Post 

USA -- The results of today's marijuana legalization ballot initiatives will set the stage for the next four years of American drug policy. If California and a number of other states legalize the recreational use of the drug, many observers, including President Obama, say that a strict federal pot prohibition could soon become untenable.One day out from the election, here's where the latest polling on the five ballot measures stands. The initiatives in California and Massachusetts appear to be heavily favored to pass, with recent polls indicating support approaching or exceeding 60 percent in both states. The Nevada and Maine legalization measures are favored, but by smaller margins. And polls show a statistical dead heat on the ballot measure in Arizona.
CaliforniaThe latest poll, by USC Dornsife and the Los Angeles Times, show 58 percent of voters favor the measure while only 37 percent oppose it. The average of all polls on the question conducted since Sept. 1 shows 56 percent support for the measure, 32 percent opposed to it, and 8 percent undecided.The ballot measure has been riding high in the polls all year, with every single survey on the question showing majority support. Support has been so consistent that a failure to pass the legalization proposal in California would be the only truly surprising outcome among all five state legalization measures.NevadaRecent polls in Nevada have shown divergent outcomes, illustrating the power of different assumptions and methodologies that different pollsters apply to these questions. Support for the measure has been muted in two Bendixen & Amandi International polls, barely achieving a plurality of likely voters. But polls conducted by KTNV- TV 13 and Rasmussen at the same time show more robust support.And a separate Suffolk University poll at the end of September showed support for the measure approaching 60 percent. Taken together, the five surveys conducted since September show an average of 51 percent support for the measure and 40 percent opposition to it.ArizonaPolls indicate Arizona is the one true toss-up among the five legalization measures under consideration. Across six surveys conducted since Sept. 1, the measure has crossed the 50 percent threshold only twice. Averaged out, the numbers show 47 percent support, 46 percent opposed and 7 percent undecided. The direction those undecided voters take will determine the fate of the measure. On ballot measures like this one, undecided voters often break toward the status quo.MaineMaine is tough to judge as only two polls on the marijuana measure have been fielded since Sept. 1. Both show majority support for the measure, averaging out at 52 percent in favor and 40 percent opposed. That's enough to make legalization the most likely outcome, but with only two data points the numbers here aren't as robust as they are in other states.MassachusettsMassachusetts may be the most interesting marijuana contest on the ballot this fall. Political leaders across the party spectrum have urged voters to reject it. The Boston Archdiocese of the Catholic Church gave $850,000 to fight the measure, the largest-ever donation from a religious group on any side of a marijuana initiative. As recently as the spring and summer support for legalization in Massachusetts appeared to be lagging behind the four other states, hovering in the low-40 percent range.But starting in the fall that began to change. Every poll conducted from September onward has shown legalization with majority or plurality support. The latest, conducted by Western New England University at the end of October, gives supporters a nearly 30 percentage point edge over opponents.Overall, the legalization measure enjoys an average of 54 percent support over the latest six polls, with only 35 percent opposing it.There's more than full legalization on the ballot this year, too. Voters in four other states are considering various medical marijuana provisions. In Florida, a reprise of 2014's failed medical pot initiative appears to be doing much better this go-round, with polls showing well over the 60 percent support needed for passage.Montana voters are deciding whether to roll back a number of restrictions the legislature recently placed on the state's long-standing medical marijuana laws. Only one poll has been conducted on that question, in October, and it showed that a majority of voters were happy with the new restrictive provisions.Medical pot is on the ballot in Arkansas, too. Muddying the waters, there are technically two medical pot provisions on the ballot, but because of a cascade of lawsuits and signature problems, votes will only count for one of them. Polls on the question have been mixed, hovering just around 50 percent since September.Finally, a standard medical marijuana provision is on the ballot in deep-red North Dakota, too. But nobody seems to have told the nation's pollsters about it — there hasn't been a single survey on that question all year.Christopher Ingraham writes about politics, drug policy and all things data. He previously worked at the Brookings Institution and the Pew Research Center. Source: Washington Post (DC)Author:  Christopher IngrahamPublished: November 8, 2016Copyright: 2016 Washington Post CompanyContact: letters Website: URL:  -- Cannabis Archives 

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Comment #12 posted by FoM on November 09, 2016 at 05:26:48 PT
I am ashamed of our country today and I love and have stood by and watched them attack Obama all these years. I will stop watching the news like I did when Bush was President and enjoy my own life away from all politics. I voted for Hillary since the Democrats seemed more interested in marijuana reform. I will not be one of the haters and attack Trump publicly. I just hope he has enough years of being a Democrat to know to let us alone.
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Comment #11 posted by MikeEEEEE on November 09, 2016 at 03:50:30 PT
Land of the stupids elects Trump
Its too bad the stupids out number the intelligent. 
Good luck america, you will need it!!!
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Comment #10 posted by FoM on November 08, 2016 at 21:08:33 PT
BGreen and MikeEEEEE
I am sad. I don't like Clinton and I really don't like Trump but I live in the country and it won't change our lives but those that will lose Obamacare like my nephew and a good friend of ours who needs a 2500 a month pill to not get full blown Aids will lose their lives if this happens. Deporting and banning and law and order and hate don't make for a good President. 
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Comment #9 posted by BGreen on November 08, 2016 at 20:46:52 PT
We will all be just fine
The universe is perfect and provides lessons for all of us. It starts with a gentle whisper then becomes a baseball bat upside the head when we don't learn our lessons. We all live here but that doesn't mean the baseball bat is for all of us.My spiritual journey has been in high gear, hence my disappearance for a time now, and I know with all my heart that this lesson is not for me. I will be protected from all of the destruction. I will not be angry or worried and I will continue to be overfilled with love, kindness and gratitude.None of us here at CNews will be destroyed by any other means than our own thoughts and actions. As long as we don't fill our hearts with anger and fear then we will walk through the flames undamaged like the superheroes that we really are.We are just as great of people as we have always been. I'm so proud of my CNews family. Keep your heads held high because we are the righteous. We've proven it through the many years we've been together. Don't ever change for the worse, even when the worse is thrust upon us.Bud Green
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Comment #8 posted by MikeEEEEE on November 08, 2016 at 20:42:28 PT
If he wins, worse than bush days, and bush was chief during Great Depression part II.
But I see Trump more the type to start wars, use nukes, enrich the Trump empire.
No joke, he would have the codes to warheads. 
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Comment #7 posted by FoM on November 08, 2016 at 19:46:48 PT
President Trump
It looks like he might win. How will it effect us as far as keeping the forward momentum since he is going to be a law and order President? I think it will slow to a crawl. Will we be scared again like when Bush was President? The Global Markets are crashing because of this strong possibility. I am so ashamed. What will the world think we are?
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Comment #6 posted by The GCW on November 08, 2016 at 18:50:09 PT

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Comment #5 posted by FoM on November 08, 2016 at 18:33:47 PT

Florida Won 71%
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Comment #4 posted by The GCW on November 08, 2016 at 18:23:13 PT

Maine and & Mass results and links
Maine w/6% in is winning with 53% w/8% is winning with 51%
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Comment #3 posted by Hope on November 08, 2016 at 17:14:10 PT

The Catholic Church should lose their exemption.
Any church should that contributes money to a political cause like this one.I could kind of see them giving to an anti-abortion situation... but not this. This is a no brainer. This is pure politics and the only moral question is why do they want to harm those that enjoy or even need the plant and/or it's extracts and oils? Why? What is morally wrong with someone that wants to hurt someone over this plant? What? There's something plenty wrong with the prohibitionists. Just like there is something very wrong with people that want to burn witches. Supporting the harsh persecution of people because of using a plant. Oh my gosh! What are they... in a brain free zone? A conscience free zone?Not to mention they are supporting even the darkest aspects of the black market with their prohibition.

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Comment #2 posted by FoM on November 08, 2016 at 16:14:41 PT

Tax Exempt
They then should have to pay taxes!
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Comment #1 posted by The GCW on November 08, 2016 at 15:00:51 PT

catholic church is pathetic.
"Boston Archdiocese of the Catholic Church gave $850,000 to fight the measure"-0-Personally, I follow The Christ Jesus. The teachings of Christ. From everything I know, the catholic church is not. Just 1 example: We are requested to love one another. To sit aside and not vote either way does not condone the legalization and does not offend Christ God Our Father. To vote for ending cannabis prohibition does not offend The Spirit of Truth.To vote to continue punishing and caging responsible adults who choose to use what God says He created and says is good on the 1st page of the Bible IS OFFENSIVE to the request of "love one another." The "Boston Archdiocese of the Catholic Church gave $850,000 to fight AGAINST LOVING ONE ANOTHER.How terrible. 
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