Officials Work to Cut demand for Illegal Drugs!

Officials Work to Cut demand for Illegal Drugs!
Posted by FoM on January 17, 1999 at 06:14:01 PT

State and federal law enforcement officials say that cutting off the supply of illegal drugs may be impossible. So, they are trying harder to curb demand.
Over the past five years, the Office of National Drug Control Policy in Washington has increased federal money for prevention by 33 percent and boosted the money for drug treatment by 38 percent."That's really the heart and soul of what we're doing, combined with continuing stiff law enforcement," says Barry McCaffrey, director of the ONDCP. "We want to keep the social disapproval of drug abuse high."The office recently began a five-year, $2 billion anti-drug ad campaign aimed at ages 9-19.If you can keep a kid in that age group from using marijuana, alcohol or tobacco, McCaffrey says, "he's home free. He'll never have a compulsive drug-using problem."
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Comment #2 posted by Robin on April 02, 2000 at 16:19:16 PT
come on now
Please...although child abuse, homelessness, and others are major problems in the U.S., drugs have big effects on these. Ever watched THE BASKETBALL DIARIES??? We need to stop drug use because it ruins many lives, not only of the individual but of those he or she is surrounded by.
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Comment #1 posted by Christine Gordon on January 29, 2000 at 22:55:49 PT:
laws against cannabis
It is an outrage that so many lives have been put on hold because of prison sentences due to cannabis arrests. Cannabis is not a violence-inducing drug. It has medicinal purposes as well as environmental uses. The government acts so determind to squash out its existance simply because they are unable to tax it. Doing so would rock the boat a little too much for the conservatives. This county needs to take a look at the real problems that occurring all over the place such as child abuse, lack of jobs, the homeless...
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