Maine Medical Association Told To Oppose MMJ.

  Maine Medical Association Told To Oppose MMJ.

Posted by FoM on September 04, 1999 at 09:50:37 PT
NORML's Weekly Update News 
Source: NORML 

Sept. 2, 1999, Augusta, ME: The public health committee of the Maine Medical Association will recommend that the organization opposes the November referendum on the legalization of medical marijuana. 
Included among the committee's complaints against the referendum were that the list of diseases approved for medical use was too long, and that marijuana was a "gateway drug leading users to frequently use stronger illicit or harmful drugs."   "It's precisely that marijuana is so helpful for so many ailments that the MMA should be looking at the safety and utility of medical marijuana, rather than adopting the federal government's 'flat earth' anti-marijuana stance," said Allen St. Pierre, NORML Foundation Executive Director. "Further, the MMA should read the recently released Institute of Medicine report on the health effects of marijuana.  In the IOM report researchers put to rest the myth that marijuana is a gateway drug."  NORML Foundation's Chair Lester Grinspoon, MD, of Harvard Medical School will present a lecture to the MMA's annual meeting in two weeks.   "It's our hope that Dr. Grinspoon can impress upon the other physicians in attendance the need for them to support -- not oppose -- the current medical marijuana law reform efforts in Maine."  For more information, please contact Allen St. Pierre, Executive Director of NORML Foundation at (202) 483-8751 or Lester Grinspoon, MD, NORML Foundation Chair at (617)277-3621. To view the IOM Report: Legalization Effort Grows In Pacific NW-8/27/99

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Comment #1 posted by sara lynch on March 12, 2001 at 10:57:26 PT:

To WHOMEVER:I greww up in the proverbial, Hippie Days'. Was in Catholic college from 1972-1976. I did NOT do drugs, albeit was all around me. I smoked pot, sometimes.I worked over 45 hrs. per week in hospitals and did not have time to 'party and raise hell'.I played all the Catholic folk Masses, at my college on almost every weekend.I saw green lawn trash bags packed with pot, but it never phased me! If I WANTED IT, THERE IT WAS. If you tell people NOT to get into the cookie jar, they will! If you have an ample supply of cookies in the jar, all the time, no one will care much about them, anymore.Get the picture!!!???Can you dig it!???Now...the years have past...I am riddled with chronic, severe pain, with spinal troubles, that cannot be cured, intestinal problems, high blood pressure and now, a short fuse. Cannabis Sativa is the only thing that kills my pain and nausea, which is constant! Doctors' and the stupid feds, are so anti-drugs, that we cannot even get narotic pain killers!!!I am furious and would love to say a few choice words to those nerdy fools who think they are so clean and just! I was. recently told,by a foolish doc in Augusta that I wanted a narcotic so I could'GET High'! Hey, being sick, and more upset and nauseated by such insults, has prompted me to join MAINE VOCALS. Trust me: I will become VERY VOCAL! I intend on suing the doc and I hope he developes severe pain, chronically, like I have. Ha, ha!No one has the right to tell me what I need, or want, to ingest into my body, for pain! I will discern that one! I smoke pot, now, every chance I get, and I intend to search and search, for it. Cannabus Sativa is an herbal medication that GOD made for us. I only follow GOD'S laws--I want NOTHING, any further, to do with politics, even though I have been Republican. they are ALL FROM THE SAME BAG OF SH--T.they do NOT are about suffering people; only about their bankbooks!Trust me: Prohibition never worked on ALCHOHOL, and it will never work against God's medicine. All the prescript drugs I take are killing me! My kidneys are failing! I will smoke God's Weed, because it is the only thing I need! Any questions or comments? Please, RSVP at: RNSlynch palermo.orgToo bad that Cannabis is so leaves me in a terrible position. I think that we should ALL overGROW the government; We own it.Our votes, here in Maine, are null and void, as you can see.I will educate all the young people I can, on how HEMP CAN SAVE THE WORLD IN ALL ASPECCTS...and to take over, and free HEMP, as soon as the old BUZZARDS ARE GONE!
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