War On Drugs Has Failed

War On Drugs Has Failed
Posted by FoM on September 03, 1999 at 21:12:58 PT
By Christopher Price
Source: Globe & Mail
So, Canada has decided not to follow the United States in blacklisting nations that do not act tough enough in the war on drugs, whatever that's supposed to mean.
Here's a thought: Instead of worrying about what other countries are doing, why don't we develop a rational drug policy of our own first? This makes more sense than kowtowing to U.S. demands for ever more enforcement, ever more violence, stricter punishments and ever-increasing amounts of money wasted on a war that cannot be won.The "war on drugs" has quite clearly been one of the most spectacular failures of policy in the history of modern government. Why must Canada participate in this foolishness at all?Friday, September 3, 1999Copyright  1999 Globe Information Services
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