Proposals Would Legalize Marijuana in Ohio

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  Proposals Would Legalize Marijuana in Ohio

Posted by CN Staff on May 03, 2013 at 08:07:52 PT
By  Jim Siegel, The Columbus Dispatch 
Source: Columbus Dispatch 

Columbus -- As poll numbers show Ohioans are growing increasingly comfortable with the idea of marijuana use, a Youngstown Democrat wants to give people the chance to make the drug fully legal in Ohio.Rep. Robert F. Hagan has made a few attempts over the years to persuade his colleagues to allow for the use of medical marijuana in Ohio, and each effort has died a quiet death. A spokesman for Speaker William G. Batchelder, R-Medina, declined to comment on the pair of proposals Hagan introduced yesterday.
One is a bill that would allow patients with certain chronic conditions such as cancer or sickle-cell anemia to use marijuana for treatment. Eighteen other states have approved similar measures.“In addition to the studies that show marijuana to be a valuable treatment option for chronic pain, nausea and seizure disorders, I have heard countless stories of how cannabis has made a difference in the lives of people who are sick or dying,” Hagan said.His other proposal, modeled after an amendment recently passed in Colorado, would ask voters to approve allowing people 21 or older to purchase and use marijuana. The drug could be sold only by state-licensed establishments and would be subject to a 15 percent excise tax.“With billions upon billions spent on the war on drugs with little progress to show for it, it is time for more-sensible drug policy in this country,” Hagan said, arguing that the revenue could help restore cuts to education and local governments.It takes a three-fifths vote for the legislature to put an issue on the ballot.A recent Saperstein Associates poll of more than 1,000 Ohioans for The Dispatch found that legalizing medical marijuana was overwhelmingly favored, 63 percent to 37 percent, but making pot completely legal was opposed by a 21-point margin.Martin D. Saperstein, head of the Columbus polling firm, noted that surveys in other states are finding growing acceptance of legalizing marijuana, especially if it would be regulated and taxed.The Ohio Ballot Board last year approved language for two medical-marijuana issues, though neither appears likely to collect the 385,000 signatures needed to qualify for the November ballot. One group has reorganized, calling itself, and plans to submit a new petition that will include legalized growing of hemp, a plant related to marijuana.Source: Columbus Dispatch (OH)Author: Jim Siegel, The Columbus DispatchPublished: Friday, May 3, 2013Copyright: 2013 The Columbus DispatchContact: letters dispatch.comWebsite: -- Cannabis Archives 

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Comment #11 posted by Hope on May 04, 2013 at 21:21:31 PT

I hope they legalize cannabis.
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Comment #10 posted by Hope on May 04, 2013 at 20:03:43 PT

Good work!
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Comment #9 posted by sinsibility on May 04, 2013 at 16:17:46 PT:

Full throttle push back
What Robert Hagen needs now is a whole bunch of voters communicating with their legislators so they hear the message, that gov't has wasted quite enough of their money prosecuting peaceful pot smokers. At least that's what I was hoping to accomplish today when I E-mailed every member of the Senate Law and Justice committee that is considering a bill to treat cannabis like alcohol here in Pennsylvania.I think that's what it's going to take, persistance and insistance.
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Comment #8 posted by museman on May 04, 2013 at 13:49:53 PT

A Jam of Neils' tune, I and my sons did some years ago...
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Comment #7 posted by Hope on May 04, 2013 at 12:53:16 PT

Worthless hot heads in the National Guard.
There are a still a lot of thoughtless hot heads out there in our world today. They usually just spew horrible lip service to what they'd do to people they despise, for one reason or another, if they had a chance. We see it all over the internet and sometimes face to face with some people. Sometimes, like in Ohio that day, they get a chance to do what they'd do. Ignorant, stupid fools. Then the worthless media covered for them. And lied. A lot.Government wise... the National Guard should never have been a presence like they were there. They used them in the South, even as far over as Texas, to "Keep control" during desegregation and they liked how that worked out, so they used them to try to intimidate protesters, too. Only they lost control of them and they killed people. Youth people, which often seems even worse. Promise killed.When the truth started coming out, we learned that some, if not all of the students killed were just walking to class or watching the whole thing. They weren't even a part of the protest, as I recall. But boy did the media have a field day, reporting ugly "facts" about the protesters like they were true. Some even mentioned that the protesters were filthy and had lice. Which was a lie, too, of course... but I always wonder why. Why did they do that? What is it with some people about heaping indignities upon others. They aren't trying to assuage their consciences, because it was already seared over for them to be able to report such things in the first place.Yes. It tarnished my opinion of a lot of folks and their activities.

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Comment #6 posted by Hope on May 04, 2013 at 12:34:15 PT

Yes, Runruff...
It burst quite a few of my bubbles. It was horrible and the flat top, comb over, subservient media reported lies.
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Comment #5 posted by runruff on May 04, 2013 at 05:53:38 PT

"Tin Soldiers and Nixon coming...
four dead in Ohio."The day I divorced my government.
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Comment #4 posted by mexweed on May 03, 2013 at 13:39:03 PT:

"It's the Tobacco, Stupid"
Thanks museman for remembering that line about "We're just driving up the price a little bit." Everyone should focus on that-- it has to do with the PRICE DIFFERENTIAL-- currently 10-1 or worse-- between cannabis and $igarette tobacckgo. The object is to drive youngsters who "smoke for status" or to show off their bravery into lifelong NICOTINE ADDICTION which means $3000 a year in most states for a pack-a-day habit and another $100,000 near end of life to Big pHARMa for blood pressure drugs etc.Do your research, check the connections between state legislators who oppose cannabis legalization and moneybags $igarette company lobbyists.
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Comment #3 posted by runruff on May 03, 2013 at 12:53:32 PT

If you live by the fear,
you will never know freedom.The more fear you host the less freedom you will know.All control is fear based. It is better to face your worse imagined demons than to live under duress.
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Comment #2 posted by museman on May 03, 2013 at 11:22:39 PT

I was reminded of the Great Rainbow Farm bust of 1983, and how after we'd all been herded into the main house, we all pulled buds out of our pockets, dried them in the oven, and smoked them while the cops were running around trying to catch the neighbors who had taken the plants out of the sheriffs truck and ran into the woods!I was also reminded of what the cop-in-charge said to me, "We're just driving up the price a little bit." he said smiling while dragging my plants in the dirt.Yes, liberty is not legislated, it is seized and owned. I own mine, even as they continually attempt to take it away like the thieves and miscreants they really are.LEGALIZE FREEDOM

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Comment #1 posted by runruff on May 03, 2013 at 10:49:17 PT

In my house pot is already legal!-Tommy Chong
Multiply Tommy's house by a few million and there you have it! Pot prohibition is all pretense. The DEA and the fed with all of it's posturing and acts of violence against me, they have never stopped me from legalizing pot in my house. At one time I was surrounded by forty DEA Agents with automatic weapons pointed at me in my home. I took my pipe out and started puffing and blowing smoke in their faces. My Wife was shocked. The Agents stood there looking like they did not know what to do. Screw them!If 800,000 people are busted for pot and 20 to 50 million are still using it unabated, I'd call that a phony prohibition and more of a nuisance to society than anything.
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