How To Learn Your Lesson 

How To Learn Your Lesson 
Posted by FoM on September 03, 1999 at 09:57:15 PT
Source: Star Net Daily News
It is apparent Texas Gov. George W. Bush has some kind of drug use in his past. Given his secretiveness about it, it is apparently a ``hard'' drug, such as cocaine, as opposed to a ``soft'' drug, such as marijuana. 
As a federal inmate serving a 20-year sentence for allegedly being involved in the distribution of 400 pounds of marijuana, I have some thoughts on this. There are a lot of people who say Bush's prior drug use does not matter at this point. What they fail to state is the reason why it does not matter: He was never arrested for it. If he had been arrested, the Republicans would not even consider running him for dog catcher. The fact Bush could well afford to do drugs in the privacy of his home (and the chances of the authorities making a warrantless entry into that home and catching him in the act are nil and none) probably has a lot to do with this not having happened. The words ``equal justice under the law'' come to my mind. Could it be because I find it ironic America has become a country in which, for the recreational use of drugs, you can end up going to jail and are subsequently marked as a felon for life or you can end up running for president? One also has to wonder whether America has finally come to the point where recreational drug use is so pervasive, even the Republican Party cannot find someone to run for president who does not have drug use in his or her past. Bush recently stated candidates should not be disqualified for prior drug use ``if they've learned their lesson.'' Implicit in this statement is the fact that people can learn their lesson without going to jail. This is something our entire country needs to think about. Do we need to incarcerate non-violent, non-larcenous drug criminals? Think of how many potential presidential candidates we are depriving this country of - candidates like Bush.Charles Crehore Friday, 3 September 1999
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