MJ Legalization: Obama Opposition Too Selective
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MJ Legalization: Obama Opposition Too Selective
Posted by CN Staff on March 06, 2012 at 16:39:23 PT
By The Monitor Board
Source: Christian Science Monitor
USA -- Voters in two states, Colorado and Washington, will be asked this November if they want legalization of marijuana. Similar ballot measures are being pursued in a few other states. If approved, these initiatives would mark a dramatic first for America.So what does President Obama have to say about these state challenges to federal antidrug policy? Silence, so far. Yet two of his closest officials have lately been quite eager to speak out against the mere talk of pot legalization in other countries.
Last month, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano told Central American leaders that legalization “is not the way” to stop drug trafficking. And on a visit to Mexico on Monday, Vice President Joe Biden repeated the message, saying legalization in the region would create more problems than it solves, such as an increase in drug addiction.These warnings by Obama officials may be aimed at a drive by Guatemala’s president, Otto Pérez, to rally Latin American leaders around the idea of legalizing drugs as a way to undercut the profits of powerful drugs cartels. The conservative ex-general has already gained some support in the region after he first floated the idea in January.The Obama administration seems to want to dampen the effort quickly. The issue could come up at next month’s Summit of the Americas in Colombia. If so, Mr. Obama may be forced to take a very public stand on legalization just as the 2012 campaign is heating up. During his first presidential campaign, he deflected questions about legalizing cannabis.Once in office, Obama did eventually launch a crackdown on many dispensaries of “medical” marijuana in the 16 states that allow such use. The main reason? A lot of the pot, especially in California, was being diverted around the country for resale to recreational users. Meanwhile, the administration only quietly released an official stance against legalization.During his visit to Central America, Mr. Biden seemed sympathetic to the region’s frustration with drug cartels and their violence. He said a debate over legalization is understandable “in societies that don’t have the institutional framework and the structure to deal with organized, illicit operations.”Did the vice president mean to imply that the United States does have the “institutional framework” to deal with illicit drug sales? If so, why does marijuana use only rise?The administration needs to step up and make a strong case against legalization in the US in order to counter a well-financed, well-organized pro-marijuana effort. One argument is that the cartels would actually welcome legalization, in the same way that US casino owners have welcomed state gambling lotteries. To drug dealers, the more addicts the better.Biden did say a debate in Latin America about legalization would help “lay to rest some of the myths that are associated with the notion of legalization.”How about he and Obama start to challenge those myths in states like Colorado and Washington?Source: Christian Science Monitor (US)Published: March 6, 2012Copyright: 2012 The Christian Science Publishing SocietyContact: letters csmonitor.comWebsite: URL: -- Cannabis Archives 
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Comment #7 posted by Hope on March 20, 2012 at 21:57:16 PT
"I don't know why you publish crap like this rag on your website."We have to know who and what we're up against. Those who block the road to changing these unjust laws. We don't need to read just the words of the people that are aligned with us. We need to know about the people that are calling the pure truth, "myths", too. We can't ignore them. We have to know what they are saying and what lies they are spreading so we can stomp the lies to dust. A lot of us write the editors of these rags to refute the lies they print, too. We have to know what they are to do that. It's as irritating as nails on a chalkboard to read them sometimes, but we have to know what people like the crew at the CSM are spreading.
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Comment #6 posted by museman on March 19, 2012 at 10:59:13 PT
Thank you.That may very well be the best present I received on my 60th -which was St Paddy's Day.The education of our children is such a priority. We only get one chance to get it right.Fortunately for our future's sake, there were more of us than we originally realized, and great strides were made in creating pockets of intelligence amongst the dumbed-down public-school environment.Intelligence and awareness are spreading like corpuscles in the collective consciousness, destroying the embedded viruses of wrong thinking engendered by the status quo and their many institutions.Now if we could get some of these many supporters of mammon and ass-kissers of the rule to correct themselves (so we don't have to continually do it) life could be a lot more enjoyable.LEGALIZE FREEDOM
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Comment #5 posted by afterburner on March 17, 2012 at 12:28:24 PT
museman #3&4
My back pages & why I agree with much of your thinking:"Knowledge is a polite word for dead but not buried imagination." 
--e. e. cummings. 
Read more:"Imagination is more important than knowledge." 
--Albert Einstein. 
Read more:"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." 
--Albert Einstein.
Read more:"children pinned to their desks like butterflies folding and unfolding their wings of useless information" 
--A.S. Neill Summerhill [describing a typical traditional classroom].
A. S. Neill (Author)
[The Summerhill book describes the working of the first "free" school where in the children decide collectively how to discipline offenses against the school community. They also decide what they want to study. Teachers are present as guides.]A. S. Neill was influenced by Maria Montessori & The Montessori Method. Perhaps the following passage is what inspired his quote above:{
"That concept of liberty which must inspire pedagogy is, instead, universal. The biological sciences of the nineteenth century have shown it to us when they have offered us the means for studying life. If, therefore, the 
old-time pedagogy foresaw or vaguely expressed the principle of studying the pupil before educating him, and of leaving him free in his spontaneous manifestations, such an intuition, indefinite and barely expressed, was made possible of practical attainment only after the contribution of the experimental sciences during the last century. This is not a case for sophistry or discussion, it is enough that we state our point. He who would say that the principle of liberty informs the pedagogy of to-day, would make us smile as at a child who, before the box of mounted butterflies, should insist that they were alive and could fly. The [Page 16] principle of slavery still pervades pedagogy, and, therefore, the same principle pervades the school. I need only give one proof–the stationary desks and chairs. Here we have, for example, a striking evidence of the errors of the early materialistic scientific pedagogy which, with mistaken zeal and energy, carried the barren stones of science to the rebuilding of the crumbling walls of the school. The schools were at first furnished with the long, narrow benches upon which the children were crowded together. Then came science and perfected the bench. In this work much attention was paid to the recent contributions of anthropology. The age of the child and the length of his limbs were considered in placing the seat at the right height. The distance between the seat and the desk was calculated with infinite care, in order that the child's back should not become deformed, and, finally, the seats were separated and the width so closely calculated that the child could barely seat himself upon it, while to stretch himself by making any lateral movements was impossible. This was done in order that he might be separated from his neighbour. These desks are constructed in such a way as to render the child visible in all his immobility. One of the ends sought through this separation is the prevention of immoral acts in the schoolroom. What shall we say of such prudence in a state of society where it would be considered scandalous to give voice to principles of sex morality in education, for fear we might thus contaminate innocence? And, yet, here we have science lending itself to this hypocrisy, fabricating machines! Not only this; obliging science goes farther still, perfecting the benches in such a way as to permit to the greatest possible extent the immobility of the child, or, if you wish, to repress every movement of the child. [Page 17] "It is all so arranged that, when the child is well-fitted into his place, the desk and chair themselves force him to assume the position considered to be hygienically comfortable. The seat, the foot-rest, the desks are arranged in such a way that the child can never stand at his work. He is allotted only sufficient space for sitting in an erect position. It is in such ways that schoolroom desks and benches have advanced toward perfection. Every cult of the so-called scientific pedagogy has designed a model scientific desk. Not a few nations have become proud of their 'national desk,'–and in the struggle of competition these various machines have been patented." 
} --The Montessori Method by Maria Montessori (1870-1952). Translated by Anne Everett George (1882-). New York: Frederick A. Stokes Company, 1912. 
Stationary desks and chairs proof that the principle of slavery still informs the school	Page 16."Summerhill is a world-renowned school in England where pupils decide when and what they will learn. The school was established in 1921 by A. S. Neill, who was named by the Times Educational Supplement in 1999 as one of the twelve most influential educators of the 20th century. Known as ‘the oldest children’s democracy in the world’, Summerhill allows pupils to air their views, propose new school rules and construct future plans for life at the school at the regular school meeting."
Mark Vaughan, Tim Brighouse, A. S. Neill, Zoë Neill
Readhead and Ian Stronach. S. Neill.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Alexander Sutherland Neill (17 October 1883 - 23 September 1973) was a Scottish progressive educator, author and founder of Summerhill school, which remains open and continues to follow his educational philosophy to this day. He is best known as an advocate of personal freedom for children. School - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia proposed to my wife at an interview for a Math teaching position at Everdale Place, a Canadian "free" school. They decided that they did not currently need a Math teacher since the children were not that interested in Math. However, my wife and I continued to believe and to practice many of the principles upon which Summerhill School was founded. In 1997 Everdale Place obtained organic certification and in 2000 incorporated as Everdale Environmental Learning Centre. The new millennium reakenens the dreams of our youth, tested and enriched by our life experiences.History | Everdale
Excerpt: {
Everdale Environmental Learning CentreHistory.
1966 to 1974 - In the Beginning.From 1966 to 1974, Everdale Place operated as Canada's first free school (on the model of A.S. Neil's Summerhill). Many people, including future politicians, lawyers, business people and farmers, attended the school. It is remembered fondly by a generation of people and their families who started looking for alternative, more egalitarian and ecological approaches to learning and living in the 1960s and 70s.Thereafter, Everdale's educational charter and non-profit status remained intact, a duly constituted board continued to meet, and several ventures were attempted. Unfortunately, none succeeded and the property fell 
into disrepair.
1997 - Working the Soil.We obtained organic certification for the farm in 1997 and gradually expanded the cultivated acreage from two acres in our first year to 15 acres presently.
} more..."Freedom, Not License!"
--A basic concept at Summerhill School and the title of another A. S. Neill book (1966). 
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Comment #4 posted by museman on March 07, 2012 at 08:36:06 PT
“lay to rest some of the myths that are associated with the notion of legalization.”Oh, you mean like; "Liberty and justice for all." "We hold these truths to be self evident..." a "Government of the people, by the people..." -to spotlight a few...How about the various myths associated with the "Rule of Law" and 'Representative government' and the incredible myth of the value of money and property?The 'Administration' is just a collection of hot air backed up by guns and bombs. Do guns and bombs make truth?Their power is a myth. If only people would stop believing the propaganda -which is as 'mythical' as you can get.LEGALIZE FREEDOM
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Comment #3 posted by museman on March 07, 2012 at 08:22:09 PT
Consider the fact that the truth about what is really going on on planet earth, is actually now part of a global conversation, even if there is still a majority of people holding on to failed systems, and if you can look past the voluminous staging of smoke and mirrors posing as some kind of absolute, embedded, 'this-will-never-change' immutable 'authority' about 'how it is' you can see the veils of deception getting thinner and thinner.The problem, the catch 22, and an incredible irony, is that none of this misplaced power and false authority would be in place if not for the unwitting, and mostly unconscious support of the people for the machinations of the status quo.When we believe what the 'talking heads' and the uber-wealthy controlling factions/families throw down on us as 'law' and 'reality' well then we have just believed ourselves into that catch 22 situation.All people who ever rose above the mediocrity of the false ethics and morality of the hijacked control of planet earth, were noted as 'teachers' 'leaders' and 'great men' (usually after the status quo murdered them) and the one thing that set them apart, was their refusal to give in to the error of the ways and means of these corrupt systems.That is the empowerment of true liberty and freedom. But it took/takes great courage and conviction, because the resistance to change is embedded as deep in our collective programming, as our perceived need for 'leaders' and 'governance.'Each and every one of us is a sovereign. It doesn't matter what kind of paper/digital record, statement, legislation, enforcement, or whatever is lauded by these pretenders to authority as absolute and within their 'power and right' to inflict upon us, it may be powerful sometimes, but ultimately it is all an illusion, and most of the power it actually has is what we give it. You might say "Yes Massa!" to the officers of the status quo, but you don't have to believe it.And as 'god' is just an english word for singular version of the noun 'gods' (from where the concept originated) I stopped asking 'god' for anything a long time ago. However, it is written that if you ask, 'It shall be answered' and if you knock the 'door will open.' But if you ask 'god' you will find there is nobody home. I guess that's a good example of knowing who and what you are looking for, before you start calling out names and such.My 'Father in Heaven' works for me. And in a pinch YHWH -which is an open ended description of the height, depth, width, and breadth of ALL THAT IS, works well too -if you know and believe.All that I have ever come to know of importance in this awakening going on, is directly proportionate to my ability to ask proper authority with the unshakable faith that the answer will come. I have yet to be disappointed, though I have had to be very patient with my brothers and sisters, who are the real reason why most change does not come when it seems it should.And yes, 'god' don't believe in you, because 'god' don't exist. You might as well try to get someones attention by yelling "Hey human!" But the Most High Creator believes enough in us to allow Grace to continue for a while yet, so that those who can and will come to the fold will have the chance and opportunity, and the foolish have the same Grace and opportunity -all the way to the point when the clock stops. Until then, we have to take what we get.I have already seen such change in consciousness in the past  10 years that I'd almost given up on seeing, -more than has been present in our collective consciousness since perhaps the beginning.The "Rockefeller's DuPont's, Bushes, Alan Greenspan, Bernanke et al," are already in prison. As soon as people start realizing that they are the only reason why these demonic beings still have power over us, the bars close on them, because they are holding us hostage against their own destiny - that they created. Step out of the cell and the doors slam shut, never to be opened again.LEGALIZE FREEDOM
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Comment #2 posted by Vincent on March 07, 2012 at 08:12:36 PT:
The Christian, uh, "Science" Monitor 
I don't know why you publish crap like this rag on your website. It's full of lies that only its target audience believes. Listen to their, uh, "wisdom":"Vice President Joe Biden repeated the message, saying legalization in the region would create more problems than it solves, such as an increase in drug addiction".Addiction? How do they get away with this bull? Or, check out this, uh, "gem":"A lot of the pot was being diverted around the country for resale to recreational users".Really? Any proof to back up that claim? Not to forget this one: "Cartels would actually welcome legalization, in the same way that US casino owners have welcomed state gambling lotteries. To drug dealers, the more addicts the better".There goes that word again, ADDICTION! Fit for their target audience who, by the way, are against legalized gambling as well. Prohibitionists, all! You see, the problem with many (not all) Born-again "Christians" (if you want to call them that) is that they cannot handle freedom because, unlike normal folks, they have no self-control. Since they are weak-minded, they assume that everybody else is as weak they are. As Karl Marx once said, "organized religion is the opiate of the people".
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Comment #1 posted by runruff on March 07, 2012 at 06:37:26 PT
Seventy years of cannabis prouibition.
Why after seventy years of cannabis prohibition does the public need to be convinced that it is the right thing?Why after presenting a seventy year old model to the rest of the world is every country not dependent on the US for funds or protection, opting out on this failed policy? It could be because it is a failed policy.Homeland Security Janet Napolitano says freedom [oops excuse me] I mean legalization of personal ownership of ones own sovereign body is out of the question.I say her reasoning is based on a few small understandings.1000s of government officials will loose their job and the feds will loose that power base.The major banks are laundering billions and making billions. These guys are not going to allow some new kid on the block to change this.It has been shown that where ever pot rears it's beautiful green head corporate profits drop in some fields such as recreational alcohol, chemical compound pills, ect.The big one that even these talking heads do not understand is the ultimate potential of industrial hemp and the impossibility of controlling it. Centralized wealth and power will dwindle and melt down and become spread across the land. The people of the world should take these families [Rockefeller's DuPont's, Bushes, Alan Greenspan, Bernanke et al and throw them in prison. Maybe someday after I am gone, maybe the world will wake up and this will happen.I would even ask god for this favor but god don't believe in me I guess?
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