Industry Contributes Thousands To State Candidates
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Industry Contributes Thousands To State Candidates
Posted by CN Staff on November 01, 2010 at 05:33:57 PT
By John Ingold, The Denver Post
Source: Denver Post
Colorado -- In the first general election since the boom of the state's medical-marijuana industry, cannabis supporters are making their voices heard the old-fashioned way: with money. Colorado medical-marijuana business owners and advocates have made thousands of dollars in contributions to state candidates this year.Dispensary owners have teamed up to form a political-action committee. And activists last month went so far as to host a fundraiser for attorney-general candidate Stan Garnett.
"We need to back candidates who back us," said Rob Corry, a medical-marijuana attorney who organized the fundraiser and personally contributed $1,050 to Garnett. "That is a fundamental political maxim in America."Gauging the exact amount of medical-marijuana money in this election is difficult because dispensary owners don't always identify as such when making contributions. A review of state campaign-finance filings shows medical-marijuana advocates and business owners have contributed about $10,000 this cycle, mostly to Democrats, though not exclusively. Snipped   Complete Article: Denver Post (CO)Author: John Ingold, The Denver PostPublished: November 1, 2010Copyright: 2010 The Denver Post CorpWebsite: openforum denverpost.comCannabisNews  -- Cannabis Archives 
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Comment #2 posted by juztbudz on November 02, 2010 at 18:12:15 PT:
Similar work done in Michigan
A group of local cannabistas got together here in Michigan to raise money for our Democrat running for Attorney General, David Leyton. We got about 45 activists in one place and gathered $15,000+. As of this evening's early results Mr. Leyton is losing, but the Dem's know that we are good on our word...a win/win situation.
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Comment #1 posted by FoM on November 01, 2010 at 06:08:23 PT
Marijuana: A Chronic History: November 3rd at 9 PM
This is a new documentary and I thought others might want to watch it on Wednesday on the History Channel.***A look at the storied and strange history of marijuana in America and how it has been front and center in the war on drugs. While many in the general public think of marijuana as the "safe drug," the DEA has referred to it as a "gateway" drug that can open the door to the use of stronger substances. This illustrates the paradox of marijuana, which is underscored by the fact that while the U.S. has spent over $100 billion dollars to fight its import, sale, and distribution, 14 states including New Jersey and Michigan have legalized it for medicinal purposes. Additional states are set to make it legal for the same purposes. This special will examine the changing social and legal landscapes of marijuana and its history in a fresh and compelling way. TVPG VL | CC
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