Time for Marijuana To Be Legalized, Regulated 
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Time for Marijuana To Be Legalized, Regulated 
Posted by CN Staff on September 30, 2010 at 06:44:31 PT
Aurora Sentinel Editorial
Source: Aurora Sentinel
Aurora, CO -- While a proposal to track medical marijuana sales is far from being the unreasonable intrusion critics are making it out to be, the notion certainly points out how arcane the countryís anti-marijuana laws are.An Associated Press story on Wednesday spelled out how state officials hope to monitor whoís buying medical marijuana and just how much. Some officials say they believe that some patients are buying up large quantities of pot and then selling it on the black market.
At this point, thereís really no way of knowing that. With the prolific number of medical marijuana dispensaries, it would be difficult to track such sales even with a control system.Such regulated sales arenít the beginning of some new era of Big Brother snooping. Registry of guns and other controlled substances and devices are long standing.Medical patients currently canít drag a single prescription for Vicodin from pharmacy to pharmacy, collecting huge quantities of the narcotic for personal use or to sell on the black market. There should be no expectation from medical marijuana users that their medicine should be treated any differently.But since there is no agreed upon way of how to prescribe marijuana, itís difficult to find an easy way to control and limit its sale to individual patients.While video taping would do little to halt unscrupulous sales but only allow for prosecution after the fact, it makes more sense to use some kind of database that records the amount of medical marijuana purchased by a cardholder.More to the point, this and other problems medical marijuana programs keep turning up make it clear that the age of marijuana prohibition needs to come to an end.Each week, this burgeoning industry and the horrific news coming out of Mexico, where drug gangs continue to slaughter endless number of people over illegal marijuana sales to the United States, only highlight the obvious: itís time to legalize and regulate the substance.The United States spends more than $40 billion a year on uselessly trying to stop drugs from entering the country, stop people here from using them and warehousing those that are caught with them. Meanwhile, the illegal $400-billion-a-year industry grows each year as thousands of people die from thug fights in Mexico and other Latin American countries.Itís a scourge unlike any other in our part of the world.No one is asking for the United States to stand back and allow for a free-for-all in drug trade, but, clearly, current U.S. drug policy is beyond dysfunctional; itís a major part of the problem.Regulate these medicinal sales now, and then follow Californiaís lead toward decriminalization after that.Source: Aurora Sentinel (CO)Published: September 29, 2010Copyright: 2010 Aurora SentinelContact: editor aurorasentinel.comWebsite: Medical Marijuana Archives 
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Comment #2 posted by museman on October 01, 2010 at 09:30:12 PT
I just have to ask
Just exactly who really benefits from all this control and regulation? Don't give me some lame S.Q.A.K. (Status Quo Ass Kisser) line about 'benefitting the economy' because anything that 'benefits the economy' in reality only benefits the wealth-holders, and don't go on about 'public safety' or 'children' or any of the rest of that blah, because if there were any real concern about those things, our government of the rich by the rich, and for the rich would not have placed millions of armed thugs on our streets and in our towns to force people into compliance -those thugs have always (at least since Nixon) been more of a threat to public safety and welfare than any kind of help or boon. If there were truly concern for the welfare of the people of this nation, laws would not be passed to ensure the power of corporations to usurp our natural life choices about just about anything and everything, rather than the power of the people to have freedom of choice and lifestyle.If there was truly a desire to make America the 'land of the free' instead of the land of the fee, the knowledge and understanding that there is no regulation and control of freedom, would prevent such arrogant and erroneous compromise as has been ladled on our movement to repeal the bad cannabis laws -as well as many other 'laws and ordinances' that benefit the well endowed but only limit the freedom and movement of everyone else. That is not freedom, it is privilege, and anyone knows that one is only born with privilege if their parents are endowed. One who is born in a truly 'free' country does not have to petition it's government for liberties, they are already in place and honored by society.If the politicians (lawyers all...) were truly 'representatives' of the people, we wouldn't have to be constantly doing end runs around their various walls and blockages in order to bring sanity and justice to the land and people. They (the politicians) would never have made cannabis illegal in the first place. Compromising with their un-american activities does nothing for our freedom, just gives them more control.Control; a desire of all who cannot control their own lives without many many conditions of material and substances. A word that some think honorable, when in fact, when associated with current powers and principalities, it is corrupt and stinking to high heaven.Regulation; A word that compromisers of freedom like to bandy about as some kind of solution to non-SQAK club members making any headway in the money game, when in fact it is just another word for control, and an assurance for the wealth holders that they will be the ones in control.Yes it will be a great thing when these monsters the people ignorantly continue to give power to through their votes and compromising, consumer lifestyles, finally stop persecuting the non-criminal cannabis users, but anyone who is really paying attention on 'street level' (where the people discuss these things) knows that all theses schemes being hatched by various non-people-representatives in government houses, and by rich republicans and other SQAKs, are not in the future interests of anyone but the formerly mentioned monsters.So the 18 year old and above may be able to purchase and possess cannabis if 19 passes (for instance) but without care and attention in places the people are not allowed to go- like the government- then another form of prohibition and persecution -with less 'legal loopholes' will be set in place. The cops are already in place and practicing their new powers and resources, on who else? - cannabis users- and medical growers and users at that.Why should any sane person in america, having watched nothing but corruption in politics, from town to fed for all of their lives have any trust or belief in the liars and thieves who claim to represent them in the sick joke known as the US Federal Government?The only reason to support the compromises that the SQAKs want -because they are too lazy and corrupt themselves to, is because you are one yourself. Otherwise, better wake up and smell the alcohol, -poison is rife and rampant, toxicity is subsidized by government, and the lords of war and destruction await your SQAK support, for without your agreement, they have no power -except of course the cops, who are just rabid dogs, and should be put down. And of course if a significant number of people were to actually DO something, like stop feeding the beast with their consumerism, the cops would be in heaven, with fed approval to start shooting people -like the cops in other fascist regimes. The fear and apprehension is real, but should we pretend they are right by bowing down to their ill-gotten power?By all means vote on anything that increases our power and liberty, and limits the draconian powers of government, but don't be fooled by the big blowhard projection on the screen, look a little closer at the fool behind the curtain.Don't Be A SQAK. LEGALIZE FREEDOM
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Comment #1 posted by FoM on September 30, 2010 at 11:08:17 PT
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