2 Convicted for Running Indoor Marijuana Farms! 

2 Convicted for Running Indoor Marijuana Farms! 
Posted by FoM on January 14, 1999 at 10:54:06 PT

 Two San Fernando Valley men were convicted Wednesday of taking part in a sophisticated marijuana growing enterprise that operated indoors in three suburban homes. 
 Court: Six people have now been found guilty in a ring that grew more than 1,800 plants in three houses.   A federal jury returned guilty verdicts against Daniel Carson Adams, 58, of Woodland Hills and his son-in-law, Earl Martin Torgerson, 51, of North Hollywood.   Six defendants have now been convicted in the marijuana growing scheme, which operated out of residences in Sherman Oaks, Woodland Hills and La Puente.   More than 1,800 plants were being cultivated inside the rented homes using hydroponics, a system of growing plants in nutrient solutions instead of earth.   The method has become increasingly popular among marijuana farmers as law enforcement authorities intensify their crackdown on outdoor growing in Northern California.   Trial testimony revealed that Drug Enforcement Administration agents picked up the trail of the defendants by staking out a hydroponics equipment store in North Hollywood and following one of the suspects after he purchased supplies.   Los Angeles police narcotics officers entered the case about the same time after getting a tip that marijuana was being grown in a two-story house on Morrison Street in Sherman Oaks.   The two agencies joined forces and raided the house Sept. 8, seizing 665 marijuana plants in a sealed and windowless section of the home.   Further investigation led to another house on Calvert Street in Woodland Hills, where 619 plants were found, and to a home on Don Julian Street in La Puente, where 518 plants were being cultivated.   Torgerson and Adams were convicted on three felony counts and are scheduled to be sentenced March 15 by U.S. District Judge Manuel Real. Torgerson faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years in prison; Adams faces a minimum term of five years behind bars.   The chief witness against them was Gary Manuel Margado, 62, of Bel-Air, leader of the conspiracy. He pleaded guilty earlier and also faces a minimum 10 years in prison.   Assistant U.S. Atty. Michael Lowe, who prosecuted the case, told jurors that Torgerson, who has a college degree in chemistry, served as Margado's chief lieutenant, supervising day-to-day growing operations at the indoor sites.   Lowe said documents recovered during police searches indicated that Margado took a 65% cut and Torgerson received 35% of the proceeds after the others in the scheme were paid. Lowe said the operation grossed about $60,000 a month.   Defense attorneys said Torgerson and Adams knew nothing about the marijuana growing operation.   Adams' lawyer said her client was hired by Margado to be a caretaker at the Woodland Hills house, that he had no access to the marijuana growing operation and that he had lived in the home only six days before it was raided.   Torgerson contended that he was supervising remodeling projects at other two homes Margado owned and that he, too, was unaware of the operation.   In addition to Margado, those pleading guilty previously were Don Edward Baxter, 29, who lived in the Sherman Oaks house; Michael Onil Estrada, 28, who lived in the La Puente house, and Victor Demeter, 32, of Tustin, Margado's son-in-law. They, too, are awaiting sentencing. 
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Comment #4 posted by vanna on May 29, 2001 at 15:20:37 PT:
marijuana and farmers
I need information on... If marijuana was illegal how would that affect the farmers who grow it?
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Comment #3 posted by government on April 21, 2001 at 09:26:28 PT
its natural
This plant was given to us from god,and is nutural.No manufactering required like alcohol.For all those growers out there who know,its hard work and a skill to grow.The stress alone is hard work.People out there think that growers are trying to take the easy way out,but I bet more then half of those people couldnt handle it.Its a job that requires lots of work,and its a living.I agree that there is people out there growing for the wrong reasons,but for the most part you have to enjoy growing to be apart of it.Being around your plants is a feeling only a grower knows about.They are farmers just like the people that grow corn,the only difference is,is that it is a risk.They choose to do a job they want to do.Like you doctors and lawyers,but they are not programed robots in this society,and are different,and different in this country is wrong.It is legal in switzerland,and people grow there to live.If it was legal here I bet those people growing now would still be growing,because they wouldnt be doing it if they didnt like it.Alcohol was illegal at one time,and now it is legal.It kills people everyday,and makes people aggressive unlike pot.The government made it legal,but is destroying familys who grow pot for a living.They are the ones who made it illegal,and what happens to those familys lives,if it does become legal here in the states.I think the real demons are those dea agents and the government destroying peoples lives because of a plant that doesnt come close to the destructivness of alcohol.Smoking pot in moderation doesnt hurt,but anything in this life good or bad being abused is bad for the body.There is alot of medical beniffits in pot,but nothing in alcohol.If alcohol was illegal,people would still be drinkind it,and making it their selves.Imagine that,people manufactering alcohol in there homes getting raided,and those people getting life in prison.People in this country need to realize that the real damage of pot,is the people trying to prevent it.Over throw,excuse me over grow the government.
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Comment #2 posted by EIKM on April 20, 2001 at 22:27:05 PT
It's amazing the amount of effort the goverment is expending to catch people growing plants.An adult could drink him or herself into a stupor but that same person would go to jail for smoking a joint.Adults should be responsible for themselves and do what they want as long as it doesn't bother others.It would be nice to have some freedom back in this country.
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Comment #1 posted by arren adams on February 23, 2001 at 23:10:39 PT:
 i really think people are gettiing down right rediculious in their schemes for drugs.i mean if you cannot grow it outside whhy go through the hassle of hiding your are going to get caught sooner or later.people just get to blinded by greed to see reality.they think they created the perfect crime.     arren
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