Maywood Teen had Drug Stash at Home, Cops Say !

  Maywood Teen had Drug Stash at Home, Cops Say !

Posted by FoM on December 08, 1998 at 07:23:21 PT

MAYWOOD -- An 18-year-old college student is facing drug charges after police reported finding a stash of marijuana and drug paraphernalia -- including a 6-foot pipe -- at his parents' East Magnolia Avenue home.
Police said they found the stash Thursday while responding to a burglar alarm inadvertently triggered by a letter carrier who opened an unlocked door to leave a delivery inside.Entering the house, Patrolmen John McVey and Michael Murphy immediately smelled marijuana, Detective Bob Liebmann said. Inside a second-floor bedroom, they saw a 1-ounce bag of marijuana, a pipe, and rolling papers, he said.The war on drugs seems like such a waste of police manpower. Less than an hour later, police arrested [name
redacted], a student at St. Peter's College in Jersey City, when he returned home from classes.A later search of [name redacted]'s bedroom turned up more than a quarter-pound of marijuana and several 1-ounce bags of the drug, along with $685 in cash, a scale, two pipes, and money orders totaling $300, Liebmann said.[name redacted] was charged with possession of marijuana, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute the drug, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute within 1,000 feet of a school, and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was released on his own recognizance.Why don't the police stop bothering marijuana users and concentrate on murderers, child molesters and serious crime?

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Comment #1 posted by Vanessa on December 08, 1998 at 21:43:38 PT:

Guilty as charged

I am a mother of 18,14 and 10. I have never been arrested. Never been charged with a crime. I was with civil defense as a teen. I have always taught my children to obey the laws. They dare not throw litter out the car window. Being a hippie I taught them to talk out problems, not fight. I quit smoking pot when I became a mother. Occasionally would partake with freinds when my kids fell to sleep. You see,  I was involved in a very bad accident, the driver was intoxicated. Ive gone threw many plastic surgerys to try and look half way normal. Children and often adultsmake comments under their breath. I married an alcoholicand learned threw alanon how our goverment allowed a substance like alcahol to distroy the american family, Put many many peaple in hospitals and many more in coffins.I have tried so very hard to compare the statistics betweenalcohol and pot. I have yet to find anyone that has died from pot, How can we have a society that legalizes something so devestateing,and life threatning????Is this Americas answer to population control?
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