Iowans Plead Cases at Medical Marijuana Hearing
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Iowans Plead Cases at Medical Marijuana Hearing
Posted by CN Staff on September 02, 2009 at 12:06:08 PT
By Kristin Buehner
Source: Globe-Gazette
Mason City -- Eight speakers, all but one advocating for the use of medical marijuana, pleaded their cases Wednesday morning to the Iowa Pharmacy Board at a public hearing in Mason City.The board is seeking information about medical marijuana in a series of hearings being held around the state. Their review of the information gathered could result in a recommendation to the Iowa Legislature.
“I find it morally reprehensible that a doctor is not allowed to write me a prescription for marijuana when he knows that it is the best medicine I could have for my symptoms,” Bob Watson of Decorah told the board.A Vietnam veteran suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, seizures and anxiety attacks since his service, Watson talked about the presence of THC, a substance in cannabis — marijuana — that Watson said has been proven to have a beneficial impact on the brain.It was effective as an anti-convulsant for him, Watson said, and helped him to sleep at night.“Mine is not an easy life,” he said. “I must constantly manage my symptoms.”Ray Lakers of Des Moines, 42, a multiple sclerosis patient who was jailed for possession of less than a gram of marijuana in 2005, became emotional talking about how smoking marjuana had helped him.“It gave my body strength,” he said. “I felt a lot more mobilized and I could move better. It made me not depressed.”A college-educated professional who works full time, Lakers said accredited physicians are convinced of the benefits of medical marijuana.“We need to be forward thinking,” he said.Maedene Sappenfield of Mason City listened to the arguments, but spoke out against the use of marijuana for medical purposes.“I have a son-in-law in North Carolina who has MS and he functions without marijuana very well, so it is possible,” she said. “My opinion is that legalizing marijuana is opening a door.”Source: Globe-Gazette (IA)Author: Kristin BuehnerPublished: Wednesday, September 2, 2009 Copyright: 2009 Globe-GazetteURL: kristin.buehner globegazette.comCannabisNews Medical Marijuana Archives
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Comment #5 posted by RevRayGreen on September 03, 2009 at 06:43:27 PT
Here is a 
video clip.
(ABC 6 NEWS)Should Medical Marijuana be Legal in Iowa ? 
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Comment #4 posted by RevRayGreen on September 03, 2009 at 06:13:10 PT
we had over 24 speakers, 2 against....
we had over 24 speakers, 2 against who really didn't have their facts straight. When the reporter wrote this story it was based on the #8 of registered speakers at 10:30am.......don't believe the hype.When I spoke at 1:45 I was speaker #13 and reported the existence of marijuana growing right there in River City to the IPOB. I visited the Buddy Holly crash sight at lunch, it was growing all along the fence line on the 1/4-mile path to the actual site.
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Comment #3 posted by Paint with light on September 03, 2009 at 01:40:03 PT
loud music also beneficial to the brain
I try to keep to the subject when I post but there are a lot of music fans here so I think this may be worth mentioning.My third stop on the digital highway each day(Cannabis News is my second, google news is first), is .Today they have an article about boosting your brain and health with music over 90db.'ve noticed the combination of cannabis and loud music seems to work for a lot of people.Double your pleasure, double your fun.I will usually turn up the volume for awhile but then I settle back to "intimate club volume" instead of "stadium level".I like for the instruments to sound live.While I am at it.My fourth stop is It is mostly for techno geeks.Legal like alcohol.
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Comment #2 posted by dongenero on September 02, 2009 at 12:45:11 PT
Maedene Sappenfield
I she an Iowa Pharmacy Board member? If so, she should have the background to know better than this statement:“I have a son-in-law in North Carolina who has MS and he functions without marijuana very well, so it is possible,”She should certainly know that MS takes different forms including progressive forms. Perhaps her son-in-law's form is milder. Good for him then. What about those who have more severe forms or progressive forms?
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Comment #1 posted by FiddleMan on September 02, 2009 at 12:42:55 PT:
Please Mom - Open The Door!!!
Maedene Sappenfield of Mason City – you are SO RIGHT!“My opinion is that legalizing marijuana is opening a door”. 
Yes! Legalizing Cannabis WILL “open the door” to real medicine being available to all who need it! 
You, of course, are ignorant to the fact that you son could have a better life... He may believe that his life is ok as it is and not even know that he could live much better. He owes that to you, Mom! People like you keep your son’s medicine away from him and even convince him that it is for his own good!.
You may have your son convinced not to complain about his MS, or - maybe he is taking deadly narcotics for the pain - but you still insist that it is ok for your son to ingest deadly legal narcotics as long as he doesn’t touch Cannabis – a proven 100% safe medicine! Thanks, Mom!Legalize Cannabis Now!
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