Pot Rally Has Cops Fuming

Pot Rally Has Cops Fuming
Posted by CN Staff on September 21, 2008 at 06:22:47 PT
By Colneth Smiley Jr.
Source: Boston Herald
Boston, MA -- Marijuana legalization advocates openly smoked pot at the annual Boston Freedom Rally on Boston Common yesterday, spurring arrests by Boston police.“It’s one thing to protest the illegality of marijuana, that itself isn’t illegal,” said James Kenneally, BPD spokesman. “People have the right to free expression, but it’s another thing to smoke marijuana, which is an illegal narcotic, during the protest.”
The annual Boston Freedom Rally - described by organizers as “the largest marijuana reform gathering on the East Coast” - drew hundreds of stoners, activists and vendors to the park. They spent the bright, sunny afternoon touting their support for Question 2, which will appear on the ballot in November and would replace criminal penalties for possession of up to 1 ounce of marijuana with a fine of no more than $100.“It’s a thing where we can unite for a cause to legalize weed, man,” said Howlin’ Jack Boone, 27, of Waltham, lead singer of the rally’s headline band, Graveyard BBQ. “This year we’re hoping for decriminalization, next year it’ll be a celebration.”The Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition co-sponsored the event, along with the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.“We’re close to winning the first major battle with Question 2, and MassCann won’t stop until it’s legal, regulated and taxed,” said Steven Epstein, co-founder of the coalition.Yesterday’s rally was “a combination of education and activism,” said Allen St. Pierre, NORML executive director.Or, as guitarist “Brown Bag” Johnson of Graveyard BBQ put it, “We’re fighting against the man, burning the rope and having a good time.”The arrests ruined the mellow mood for some participants.“It’s a real fear. When they arrest you, it’s quick and swift,” said pot enthusiast Rachel Elorrisa, 29, of New Hampshire who admitted to “lighting up” before the rally. “Police are out here in street clothes, and when they arrest, you have to sit in that holding area all day.”Source: Boston Herald (MA)Author: Colneth Smiley Jr.Published: Sunday, September 21, 2008Copyright: 2008 The Boston Herald, Inc.Website: letterstoeditor bostonherald.comCannabisNews -- Cannabis Archives
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Comment #2 posted by museman on September 21, 2008 at 10:36:08 PT
"Maybe if Obama gets in the white house he'll sneak down to lafayette park and burn one with us this year."Ordinarily my high standards of cynicism would have been quick to call this 'wishful thinking.'But I just got turned on AGAIN! The movement I thought had dissipated and turned into a yuppie nation, has been reborn in their children!I have now heard enough of the word of the so-called 'Hip -Hop' nation (not the Music Industry version) to report that the fledgling flower children have begat lions.I heard a young rapper sing a song (acapella) about being raised by hippies, and growing up to realize that that was the only sane choice in this modern world.What I witnessed the past two days at Hope Mountain is something I actually gave up on about 20 years ago - the common thread of high - consciousness.What came off that stage in Takilma, in terms of truth, understanding, and real positive hope for the future, was more, in one night, than I have ever seen in one place and time - including the Rainbow Gathering. The collective cognizance was so powerful, I believe an ordinary cop would have melted like the wicked witch of the west.But there were no cops in evidence. I'm sure that there was at least one or two agents in the crowd -they've known about Takilma ever since the 70s when it was hailed as the 'marijuana capital of the west coast' (before that honor was given to Humboldt), but they stayed invisible No one was hassled, not even a creepy feeling -that you get when they are 'surveiling' you. Their power that is an illusion so weak they have to enforce it with guns and 'law' was vaporized on site. They didn't even have a single car, anywhere, even in town. Of course it is worthy to note that our county has consistently voted against funding for the cops for over 20 years. They call us the "Lawless County" and keep trying to levy taxes from the people, but had to get bailed out by Bush to even keep a minimal sheriffs office. They had to extend jurisdiction of the next county -which has a lot more money in its coffers in order to have a sheriff at all!They come around once or twice a month to try and stop poor people with various traffic issues like 'no insurance' 'no drivers license' (probably because they got a ticket fot no insurance) registration, tags, etc. Not for moving violations. They also seem to appear in great armed numbers every time there is a pot bust...apparently there are a lot of the 'mexican cartel around here' even though there is no evidence of their being anywhere around here, except for the claims of the DEA. I think they are planting the pot themselves. If anyone has seen the video footage of some of their 'cartel grow busts' you might wonder how those mexicans ever thought to have a decent harvest with such measley diseased plants.Yes, I believe that nature is taking its course. In many ways. Some of it seems destructive, but if you consider that nature is just starrting to clean up our mess, you might get and inkling of where to stand, and where not to stand in the coming seasons. I'm talking about human nature though.It is in our nature to share the world, in substance and joy. It is not in our nature to be greedy assholes with suits and ties so tight it cuts off the circulation to our brains (obviously). The true nature is coming forth, and all the Bushes, repugnants, and all the rest of the status quo fools cannot stop it."The only ones who truly deserve freedom and liberty are those with the courage and conviction to embrace, claim, and act out their freedom, in the moment, and expeditiously without 'waiting' for the compromising sanctions of governments."FREE CANNABIS FOR EVERYONE
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Comment #1 posted by augustwest on September 21, 2008 at 09:10:53 PT:
cops hate this
“People have the right to free expression, but it’s another thing to smoke marijuana, which is an illegal narcotic, during the protest.” 
 It's called civil disobeience and it's been the best way to change policy here since our founding fathers did it.(boston tea party,rosa parks)
 The police are damned either way. Being arrested brings attention to the cause and the waste of police resources. If they don't arrest them it becomes a wonderful peaceful party with out the negatives of an alcohol party and that really pisses them off. 
 The smoke in on july 4 in dc used to be a good one that never got busted untill 9-11 now they have search stations and cops with binoculars everywhere. You would think they would be more worried about terrorist attack but they're not. Maybe if Obama gets in the white house he'll sneak down to lafayette park and burn one with us this year. 
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