We're Dopes Not To OK Marijuana

We're Dopes Not To OK Marijuana
Posted by CN Staff on December 01, 2006 at 18:46:32 PT
By Cathy Sorbo, Special To The P-I
Source: Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Seattle -- I used to think that I wanted to be famous. Really famous. I wanted to be so famous that kids dressed up as me for Halloween. I wanted to be so famous that Dale Chihuly would beg me for permission to create a life-sized ornate art-bong in my likeness. Not that I would know anything about that sort of thing, of course.Well, that's not fully true. I know a bit about the marijuana thing. I know, or rather, I believe that the stuff should be undemonized, decriminalized and, yes, even fully legalized. If marijuana were legal, about a billion Christmas present dilemmas would be solved. 
The snack industry would go through the roof. Prime time television might even be bearable.The concept of legal pot may be too "Reefer Madness" for some. After all, if marijuana were legal, people everywhere would be running around high. Guess what? They already are. People whom you would never peg as pot users lead perfectly normal lives, and are able to maintain and function within the boundaries of an otherwise legal and healthy lifestyle. They bag your groceries. They write the novels that you enjoy. They create the artwork that you admire. They are scholars, chefs, woodworkers.They use marijuana just like someone might use aspirin, or sleeping aids. Some use it the way others might use coffee, as a little pick-me-up in the morning or afternoon. Or mid-afternoon or mid- to late-afternoon. Or that time of day when it's no longer afternoon, but not quite dusk. And there are those who need it, not because they can't face the boss without it, but because they live with chronic pain from injury or disease. This has been going on for about, oh, 12,000 years.Most recently, The Scripps Research Institute in California reported that THC (the main active ingredient in marijuana) inhibits the enzyme responsible for the formation of amyloid plaque -- the primary marker for Alzheimer's disease -- in a manner "considerably superior" to government-approved Alzheimer's drugs such as donepezil and tacrine. And guess what again? All you have to do is stick some seeds in soil and nurture that plant that pops its little green self out. Snipped:Complete Article: Seattle Post-Intelligencer (WA)Author: Cathy Sorbo, Special To The P-IPublished: Saturday, December 2, 2006Copyright: 2006 Seattle Post-IntelligencerContact: editpage seattlepi.comWebsite: -- Cannabis Archives
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Comment #2 posted by goneposthole on December 01, 2006 at 21:03:21 PT
Another year almost is over
That means another 25,000 metric tons of cannabis has been grown, bought, sold, and smoked for those who enjoy the pleasure of it. Smoked by those who need it for its efficacy.It will happen again next year too. The year after that, and the year after that. It will be smoked by those who choose to smoke it for the next 1000 years.There is nothing that the US government can do to stop it.The US government will be long gone and cannabis will still be on the earth.There is consolation in that certainty. Even more consolation in the certainty that the US government cannot exist forever.In fact, the US government has no future whatsoever the way it has been behaving itself the past six years. It'll be good riddance.
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Comment #1 posted by FoM on December 01, 2006 at 19:02:48 PT
Raid on El Paseo Marijuana Dispensary
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