Group Key Backer of Marijuana Ballot Question

Group Key Backer of Marijuana Ballot Question
Posted by CN Staff on October 23, 2006 at 06:32:05 PT
By Ed Vogel, Review-Journal Capital Bureau
Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal
Nevada -- Almost $900,000 of the funds for the ballot question to allow adult Nevadans to possess up to an ounce of marijuana was funneled to the state by the Marijuana Policy Project, a national organization whose goal is to legalize marijuana nationwide.That angers opponents of Question 7, who say Nevada is being used as a "launching pad" for the group's national goals.
Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal (NV) Author: Ed Vogel, Review-Journal Capital BureauPublished: October 23, 2006Copyright: 2006 Las Vegas Review-Journal Contact: letters reviewjournal.comWebsite: Related Articles & Web Sites:Marijuana Policy Project and Control Marijuana To Vote on Legalizing Marijuana Czar Visits Two States To Slam Pot Initiative Supports Effort To Legalize Marijuana 
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Comment #3 posted by Celaya on October 23, 2006 at 16:04:20 PT
Bigots Look Toward the Feds
Marijuana remains against federal law and Raybuck expects the government will press upon the state to prevent Nevada from becoming a sanctuary for the reefer culture.
Oh, no! The insidious
r-e-e-f-e-r c-u-l-t-u-r-e !!!!
Never mind about the
alcohol culture. "The federal government won't allow it," he said. "They (Question 7 proponents) are misleading people into thinking they can get legal marijuana. They are promising something that isn't going to happen." It'll be interesting to see how they try to stop it. Perhaps they won't dare.  This is a change whose time has come. ---------------------Nice letter, Paul. 
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Comment #2 posted by whig on October 23, 2006 at 12:08:41 PT
what's todd's damage?
"When they can't get it from pot shops, they will have to get it illegally," Raybuck said.Which is different from now how?
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Comment #1 posted by paul armentano on October 23, 2006 at 09:07:11 PT
LVRJ: Let Nevada voters decide pot issueLVRJ:  Las Vegas Review-Journal LETTERS: Let Nevada voters decide pot issueTo the editor:Hats off to the Review-Journal for rightly criticizing Drug Czar John Walters' decision to use taxpayers' funds to campaign against Nevada's Question 7 ("Mr. Walters goes to Nevada," Oct. 14). Regardless of whether one favors or disapproves of Question 7, state voters deserve the opportunity to decide this issue free from undue, federally sponsored interference.John Walters' primary duty, according to the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy Web site, is to "evaluate, coordinate, and oversee both the international and domestic anti-drug efforts" of federal agencies, such as the Drug Enforcement Administration. Nowhere is it written in Walters' job description that he is authorized to make criminal law or influence state drug policy.That duty ought to be left to Nevada's voters and the Legislature, where it belongs.Paul ArmentanoWashington, D.C.The author is the senior policy analyst of the Washington, D.C.-based National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.
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