Yahooka is Getting Hassled!

Yahooka is Getting Hassled!
Posted by FoM on January 11, 1999 at 09:54:54 PT

YaHooka! is a directory of Marijuana-related information and sites. We feel that we have been targeted unfairly by Yahoo! 
Summary of action taken by Yahoo!On January 9 - we at received a letter from Yahoo's lawyers requesting that we provide written assurances by January 13, 1999 that we will immediately (1) deactivate the "" web site; (2) transfer to Yahoo! the domain names "" and "" and any other domain names owned by you or any other person or company within your control that are likely to cause confusion with respect to the YAHOO! trademark and trade name, or dilute its distinctiveness; and (3) permanently refrain from the use of the term "yahooka", "yahoo", or any other variation of the "yahoo" that is likely to cause confusion with respect to the YAHOO! Trademark and tradename, or dilute its distinctiveness.The reason provided was that they felt that our use of Yahooka! and ‘," is likely to cause the public to mistakenly believe that this site is connected with, sponsored by, or approved in some way by Yahoo!YaHooka! is a directory of marijuana-related information and sites. We feel that we have been targeted unfairly by Yahoo! They themselves list in their directory Yahoo! parody websites, and there are other Internic registered domain names which contain the word yahoo. They also have a marijuana category in their directory list, which includes a link to YaHooka!We are seeking any information or assistance, including legal council to help us retain our domain name. We feel Yahoo! is not only unfairly targeting us, but is also attempting to exert excessive control over the domain name system. Yahoo!'s lawyers have given us till January 13th to respond. If you can help us in any way or provide contacts to which we can turn to for advice please e-mail us at webmaster We feel that we offer a unique service at YaHooka!, are completely distinct from Yahoo! We do not feel that anyone would mistake one for the other. Please speak your thoughts and sign the YaHooka! Guest Book in support of our cause. Letter received from Yahoo! on January 9, 1998. Websites with similar setups to Yahoo! Other domain names registered with Internic that include the word "yahoo" 
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Comment #3 posted by James A. Ridgeway on September 16, 2001 at 10:22:32 PT:
Get your hands off my YAHOOKA
I will not use profanity in this E-mail you no good mother of pearl PLease Stop messing with our freedom of the press.see you later
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Comment #2 posted by rainbow on January 11, 1999 at 19:30:16 PT:
lawyers will be lawyers
Seems that maybe Mr. Barry M got to the YAHOO folks. I had more respect for that organization and now really do not. They lead me to your great site.They are about information and now they want the names. They can not have them.Remember the kid who went against a big company using his nickname as a domain name. He won due in part to the public response.I think it might help in this situation also.I really get sick of lawyers sometimes. They have to dredge up such nuisance cases to keep their jobs. Probably why we see so much prohibition. If the war goes away so does a great revenue stream for the lawyers.
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Comment #1 posted by wad 666 on January 11, 1999 at 16:08:28 PT
Personally I see no resemblance whatsoever. How could anyone mistake those two? It's utter madness!!
Wads Page O Weed
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