DEA Should Butt Out of State Ballot Debate 

DEA Should Butt Out of State Ballot Debate 
Posted by CN Staff on August 31, 2006 at 11:57:36 PT
Source: Gazette
Colorado -- Given how badly the so-called war on drugs is going in this country and abroad, one would think that the frontline soldiers in that effort at the Drug Enforcement Agency would have better things to do with their time, manpower and money than to try to sabotage a marijuana-legalization measure on Colorado’s ballot this fall. But hey, maybe it’s the lack of progress on other fronts in the drug war — in Colombia, Afghanistan and Mexico, for instance — that has the drug warriors looking for easier victories closer to home.
According to a story broken by the Boulder Daily Camera, a Denver-based DEA agent named Michael Moore recently sent out an e-mail to campaign operatives across the country, offering $10,000 to the consultant that could help defeat the marijuana measure on November’s ballot. We haven’t taken a position on the initiative. But we do have strong feelings about a federal agency using taxpayers’ money to meddle in the internal affairs of the states, and in trying to sway voters in this way. It’s outrageous, plain and simple. If the DEA wants to make itself look hard-headed, hardhearted and ridiculous prosecuting medical marijuana users, that’s one thing. But when it begins meddling in the political process, to influence a policy decision that only Colorado voters can and should make, that’s another. Whether or not this violates the Hatch Act, which prohibits federal employees from using their positions to influence partisan outcomes or lobby on issues in which they have an interest — DEA officials say it doesn’t — it’s clearly inappropriate, in our view, and a troubling development. We’ve never before heard of a federal agency hiring campaign consultants to influence the outcome of state elections — but it’s something Congress should investigate. It wouldn’t be out of character for the Bush administration, after all, which has pushed the outside of the envelope in attempts to spin the issues its way, including, most notoriously, paying commentators and journalists to promote certain initiatives. “Taxpayer money should not be going toward the executive branch advocating one side or another,” Steve Fox, one backer of the ballot measure, told the Camera. But Jeff Sweetin, special agent in charge of DEA’s Denver office, argues that the agency has an obligation to provide Coloradans with the “facts” about marijuana, so we can make an informed decision. Who better to do this, Sweetin says, than the “experts” at DEA. We question the DEA’s credibility as an honest broker of information, however, given the agency’s record of selectively presenting the facts in a way that bolster its opposition to drug legalization and medical marijuana use, and given the overzealous way the DEA has gone after doctors and patients that do believe in marijuana’s medical benefits, even in states that have approved such uses. It’s also impossible to see the DEA as a disinterested party in the debate, given that the agency depends for its existence on the government’s prohibition against certain drugs. It’s one thing for agency brass to provide their expert views on such subjects, when asked by the media or the public to do so. It’s quite another thing, in our view, to hire political consultants to impact the outcome of an election. If agency insiders don’t recognize such distinctions, perhaps members of Congress can help them do so. The DEA should immediately put a stop to such activities and butt-out of Colorado’s business. If it can’t find better uses for the taxpayers’ money, Congress should slash its budget accordingly. If the agency wants to divert resources from criminal investigations and narcotics interdictions in order to delve more deeply into policy debates, in Colorado and elsewhere, it should change its name to the DIA — The Drug Indoctrination Agency. Complete Title: Let Colorado Decide: DEA Should Butt Out of State Ballot Debate Complete Article: Gazette, The (Colorado Springs, CO)Published: August 30, 2006Copyright: 2006 The GazetteContact: gtop gazette.comWebsite: Articles & Web Site:Safer Choice DEA Education vs. Lobbying Should Keep Out of State Politics DEA Rep: Don't Legalize It
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Comment #18 posted by kaptinemo on September 01, 2006 at 05:02:40 PT:
Mayan, I am hoping otherwise
The thing about arrogant people who've been allowed to continue their bad behavior for a long time is that they forget that things change, the worm turns, and what comes around goes around. So they just keep pushing, pushing, pushing...until the backlash leaves them cluelessly knocked back on their  $$e$, 'seeing stars' and dizzily wondering why they aren't on top anymore. The longer it takes to build that backlash, the greater the force when it arrives. The DEA in Colorado is beginning to realize they've stirred the s**tpot on this one so hard they are now being unintentionally splashed with its' contents. But I submit it has only just begun.
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Comment #17 posted by mayan on September 01, 2006 at 04:10:03 PT
Mason Tvert
He has already proven that he can play the media like nobody else. The DEA would be wise to shut their lying mouths as Tvert will eat them alive in a battle of brains. 
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Comment #16 posted by FoM on August 31, 2006 at 20:40:58 PT
Thanks The GCW
I bet they are sorry this ever hit the news. Great publicity for Safer.
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Comment #15 posted by The GCW on August 31, 2006 at 20:37:30 PT
Another Colorado paper prints the DEA's poop.
US CO: DEA hits the fund-raising trail 
Pubdate: Thurs. 31 Aug. 2006Source: Boulder Weekly (CO) 
Contact: letters
 Author: Editorial Staff Viewed at: 
DEA hits the fund-raising trail The Drug Enforcement Administration is looking for donations to help in its fight to keep marijuana illegal in Colorado. The DEA hopes to defeat a statewide ballot measure that would allow adults 21 and older to possess up to an ounce of pot. SAFER Colorado, the organization that sponsored the ballot measure, says the DEA, a federal agency, has no business using taxpayer money to involve itself in political campaigns. But DEA officials maintain that their actions are legal under federal law. SAFER Colorado, an acronym for Safer Alternative for Enjoyable Recreation, is the same organization that successfully campaigned last year on a ballot measure that made it legal for adults over 21 to possess less than an ounce of marijuana in Denver. Although that measure passed, Denver officials have stated their intent to fine pot smokers under state laws. The statewide ballot initiative would eliminate that option, while leaving home-rule cities free to prosecute marijuana users as they see fit. 
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Comment #14 posted by whig on August 31, 2006 at 20:01:30 PT
They have souls. Deep, dark, hidden souls. We'll fish them out eventually.
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Comment #13 posted by mayan on August 31, 2006 at 17:57:58 PT
In A Nutshell
It’s also impossible to see the DEA as a disinterested party in the debate, given that the agency depends for its existence on the government’s prohibition against certain drugs.These goons only know how to terrorize people. I guess they could quit the DEA and join the IRS! I would wager that most DEA employees are Bush supporters. That means that all of the blood spilled on 9/11 and in Afghanistan and Iraq is on their hands. All of it.They have no consciences. They have no hearts. They have no souls. 
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Comment #12 posted by global_warming on August 31, 2006 at 16:35:32 PT
Ms. Johnson
It is good you are feeling better,It is good that you have come to this service for the dead
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Comment #11 posted by E_Johnson on August 31, 2006 at 16:30:02 PT
You almost have to thank the DEA for being so dumb
If they weren't so mentally challenged, they wouldn't have ticked off the local media like this.But then again, if any of them had half a brain, they would have read that study on Alzheimer's and quit the agency and joined our side by now.
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Comment #10 posted by kaptinemo on August 31, 2006 at 16:19:54 PT:
Dan Forbes, thou art avenged!
This has been a long time coming. It was Internet journalist Dan Forbes, waaaaaay back in 2000, who first raised the question in the media: Is this an appropriate use of taxpayer's dollars? The obvious answer was a resounding "NO!". But Forbes, like most visionaries who are miles ahead of the pack, was instead ignored by the mainstream media and derided and targeted by the DrugWarriors. But it was he who first raised the issue in the media.But guess what? The MSM is now venturing forward...into terrain he's already trailblazed for them.I urge all who are curious to have a look at his earlier works here: and see what they tried to do to him for reporting the ugly facts here: and realize that he was scarily prescient. And now the MSM has finally woken up and smelled the coffee that's been percolating for years. Let's see if they have the stomach to drink what he's brewed. 
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Comment #9 posted by global_warming on August 31, 2006 at 16:17:39 PT
in the meantime
Filthy whores and Godless Human BeingsHave all the moneyControl and the power over Life and DeathTo the millions of Gods Children who rot in prisonsWe are also in prisonEach mouthful of foodMarks the spot and timeIt was was easier to digest folly and disgraceThan to swallow EternityHail CannabisHail EternityThe grave is closerThe Stars TwinkleTwinkle, your eyesYour face is part of this Infinite JourneyInto the most Sublime AdventureBring your bibleBring Love and Good Human KindnessWe those people have the "KEY"We those people are the componentThat unlocks the doors to the GardenThat Green PlaceWhere every good personCan receive Blessing and AbsolutionReceive Grace and UnderstandingReceive Clean LinenAt the Table of the LordThe Table of Eternity
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Comment #8 posted by global_warming on August 31, 2006 at 15:38:45 PT
nice, whigger..
"You don’t have to worry about this with cannabis because people can regulate their dose freely and a fatal overdose is impossible."I hope the men and women who wear those blue coats understand, for is not good health and medicine linked, and is not justice and freedom a part of 'our human evolution, in that unfolding journey, towards destiny and eternity.
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Comment #7 posted by whig on August 31, 2006 at 15:11:50 PT
Perspectives forward these links to people, if you can.
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Comment #6 posted by Hope on August 31, 2006 at 15:05:20 PT
Sorry, gw
It worked for me. It's taking comments for the editorial they are going to write about the DEA guys plans.
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Comment #5 posted by Sam Adams on August 31, 2006 at 15:03:46 PT
These editorials are quite humorous. They're more angry about the DEA paying out 10 grand to a political consultant than they are about 770,000 Americans arrested for a plant every year.This particular paper openly states that it's more angry about the DEA spending 10 grand on media shill than it is about armed thugs beating down sick people in California.Totally bizarre. 
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Comment #4 posted by global_warming on August 31, 2006 at 14:50:54 PT
#2 Bad Link Hope
I hope people can see the devil for what he's worth, he is so attached to the tit of tainted government money, he just cannot help himself, he will pull and tear the underside of his mothers belly to continue to feed, much like a crazed drug addict, only difference, this child devil wears blue clothing, and professes to protect and serve his people.If it is facts they want, a public debate is in order, lets have the Director of these good old boys discuss this with the  leading figures of the opposition, democracy is going to rule.If you do not like a law, then change it, and "WE THE PEOPLE" are going to change it..period
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Comment #3 posted by FoM on August 31, 2006 at 14:36:11 PT
Thanks for the heads up.
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Comment #2 posted by Hope on August 31, 2006 at 14:07:47 PT
Coming Sunday: editorial at Daily Camera,1713,BDC_2489_4956992,00.html
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Comment #1 posted by afterburner on August 31, 2006 at 13:51:09 PT
OT: Privacy
CN BC: Personal Data Bylaws Assailed
(31 Aug 2006)
Globe and Mail (Canada)
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