Preparing for Pot Smoking

Preparing for Pot Smoking
Posted by CN Staff on April 20, 2006 at 13:36:45 PT
By Casey Freeman, Colorado Daily Staff Writer
Source: Colorado Daily 
CU And Boulder -- Smoking pot at Farrand Field on April 20 is a tradition that CU officials, the police department and marijuana activists can agree upon. They all say: don't do it.“We do not approve, we do not like this event and we do not like the image of the school that it shows,” said Barrie Hartman, interim spokesman for CU-Boulder. “This is not just a CU thing. It's a national thing,” Hartman continued.
Every year on April 20 students, activists and people interested in a good time smoke marijuana in public. It has become a national phenomena celebrated by concerts, marijuana-legalization events and massive rallies.In Boulder, people flock to Farrand Field on April 20 to smoke pot or just hang out.Lt. Tim McGraw, spokesman for the CU Police Department, said he views the pot smoking day as “part of contemporary life” in Boulder.“We historically have not had huge problems with this event,” said McGraw.Typically, the event has been so big, that the CUPD does not bother ticketing or arresting all the people that smoke pot.“The bottom line is that our resources are finite,” said McGraw. “We have not had the number of police officers there that were required to write a ticket for everyone.”Neither Hartman nor the CUPD would discuss police procedures for today's event.“We hope that what we do will cause students not to go out,” said Hartman.The CU administration and CUPD have an odd ally on 4/20 - somebody who has fought to decriminalize marijuana across the nation, and recently had a law passed in Denver that allows people over 21 to possess less than an ounce of marijuana.“The whole thing on 4/20 is actually something we're against,” said Mason Tvert, event coordinator for Safer Alternative For Enjoyment Recreation. “I don't really see how smoking marijuana in public does anything positive. It sends the wrong message about the work that we (SAFER) are doing.”While SAFER does not condone pot smoking on Farrand Field, it has held events in the hope of legalizing marijuana use.This year SAFER does not have an event planned, but people will be trying to collect signatures to make a statewide initiative that would allow people 21 years old and up to have up to one ounce of marijuana in their possession.Tvert will not be at Farrand Field this year, but he will be at a National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) event in San Francisco. Tvert will receive the NORML Activist of the Year award for his work around the country attempting to decriminalize marijuana.Last year SAFER had a rally in front of the Coors Events Center.While law enforcement has been lax in past years, police have been stepping up ways to discourage people from participating in the event, sometimes using almost comical methods.In 2005, police officers tried to block people from going onto Farrand Field, and after people started smoking, the sprinklers were turned on and forced students to leave.“We're telling people not to show up and break the law,” said McGraw.Hartman said some people want CU to make its rules against marijuana stricter.“There are legislators and citizens that think we should be aggressive in dealing with this,” said Hartman. “We are dealing with this in a serious manner.”There have been rumors that police are going to use pepper spray or other deterrents to keep people from smoking on Farrand Field.Neither McGraw nor Hartman would comment if there was any validity to this rumor.Tvert said if the police use pepper spray they are “asking for a riot.”CU and its police department did express hopes that the day would go on without any major problems.“Our No. 1 concern with an event like this is the safety of our students,” said Hartman. “We will not react in a way that would hurt our students.”Source: Colorado Daily (CO)Author: Casey Freeman, Colorado Daily Staff WriterPublished: April 20, 2006 Copyright: 2006 Colorado DailyContact: editor coloradodaily.comWebsite: Choice -- Cannabis Archives 
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Comment #29 posted by Toker00 on April 21, 2006 at 09:49:27 PT
Federal Dark Angels
The Department of Evil Angels, and The Federal Dark Angels continue to team up against The Truly Healing Cannabis. Smoking cannabis is the most efficient method of delivery for THC. THC is the ingredient which is recognized as MEDICINE in Satavex and the synthetic version Marinol. To say that smoked cannabis is not medicine is a direct violation of Truth. To dis-allow tests to prove this is direct cause for harm to the Citizens of this nation who will benefit from cannabis medicine. Corporate Rule must END. The DEA and the FDA must turn medical decisions over to MEDICAL AGENCIES. Accordingly, FDA, as the federal agency responsible for reviewing the safety and efficacy of drugs, DEA as the federal agency charged with enforcing the CSA, and the Office of National Drug Control Policy, as the federal coordinator of drug control policy, do not support the use of smoked marijuana for medical purposes.Who asked them? Wage peace on war. END CANNABIS PROHIBITION NOW!
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Comment #28 posted by whig on April 20, 2006 at 23:45:43 PT
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Comment #27 posted by b4daylight on April 20, 2006 at 23:23:46 PT
research comment goes to the other story
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Comment #26 posted by b4daylight on April 20, 2006 at 23:22:31 PT
The older version of 4/20 
Is on this day you plant your seeds, so you can get a harvest. 
These people did no research at all. So 4/20 really for the farmer is the start of work. I wonder how many stonners plan their crops this way. 
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Comment #25 posted by Hope on April 20, 2006 at 19:13:10 PT
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Comment #24 posted by Hope on April 20, 2006 at 19:09:36 PT
That sounds so truly wonderful!
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Comment #23 posted by museman on April 20, 2006 at 18:45:54 PT
Happy 420
To all, and to all a good light.
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Comment #22 posted by Christen-Mitchell on April 20, 2006 at 18:35:19 PT:
Stoners National Holiday Celebration
The Other Boulder 420Reports came in that Farrand Field was barracaded. Next we heard that the barracades were breached and the field overrun by several thousand revelers. Do tell.Almost two miles away at the adult(read underclass)420 we simply had a ball. Three hundred plus came by to toke and listen to the magic. The magic being a jam started by Wally and Jasper of The Chuck-Wagon Band. Joined by a mandolin several more guitars and drum: priceless. For over 4 hours they jammed till the magic peaked with the arrival of Colby on Mandolin. You couldn't buy such fine music.Three Boulder PD officers had to cruise by after a complaint of a topless young woman, G*****. Of course I have pictures, she posed. The late arriving gendarmes posed as well and smilingly proclaimed, "We don't care if you smoke dope." Boulder PD has repeatedly shown themselves to be a class act at my smoke-ins. Thanks.Many registered voters endorsed the Colorado Marijuana Iniative. We will legalize this fall. About 3 dozen party goers sported black Hemptopia t's. The back displaying a poster for the upcoming May 6th Million Marijuana March. That promises to be a hoot as well.A gentle day, incomparable music and the smell of Boulder's finest in the air at Central Park. We'll be back July 4th once again to Celebrate Liberty.
Hemptopia: Towards Our Greener Future
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Comment #21 posted by mayan on April 20, 2006 at 18:22:46 PT
Happy 420!
Hope you all enjoy this day and remember to be safe. Rememeber, the prohibitionists aren't happy unless they're making someone else's life miserable. A sorry lot they are. They don't have a special day like we do, but then again maybe they celebrate the birthdays of Hitler and Nixon and other hate-mongers. I truly pity their shallow souls (cough, cough).Max, you said it wasn't worth the effort...Chronicle Forced To Issue Retraction On 9/11 Hit Piece:
Encounters massive backlash from alternative media: to Cinnamon Stillwell - by Kurt Nimmo: 9/11 cover-up news...Tokyo Journal Magazine Covers '9/11 Conspiracy': probes for answers to 9/11 attack on Pentagon:, The Pentagon And The A3 Skywarrior Theory: in America: 9/11 Truth and The Tribeca Film Festival: Wouldn't Do That: Addiction: WAY OUT IS THE WAY IN!!!
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Comment #20 posted by whig on April 20, 2006 at 17:27:24 PT
Why does this work? Wouldn't the right hate us just as much if they didn't have to support the things they hate? Wouldn't they want to make us stop?Consider that the right doesn't use force to stop England from having legal abortions. They aren't fighting in this country to stop it in every country, except by persuasion. They are not fighting an offensive war against evil, to their minds, they are fighting a defensive war.If only we stop forcing them. If only they are free to make their own decisions and not pay for the decisions they condemn. Let them stop paying for it and they will become a foreign thing to the state. They will not consider themselves part, nor will they want to have a conflict any longer. Let them go. Pharoah, Let My People Go.
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Comment #19 posted by whig on April 20, 2006 at 17:12:25 PT
War of Now
We are in a war, what has happened here is the religious right of which I spoke, those who are most concerned with abortion over all other things, they have taken the state for themselves in the office of the President, they have taken every branch of its government, they have it now and they hold it and they hate it and they want it to stop doing what it has been doing and they cannot make it stop. So what they have done is they have turned the weapons of the state upon goodness, upon everything that we love, upon human life itself, because these are collateral damage, these are not deaths they want to have but they are trying to stop what they see as a Holocaust. They remember world war two justified war to end holocaust, they remember that it was the last "good war" in the memory of the living. They are making war, while they would rather make peace as we would. They would rather not have to fight at all, but they feel they must, so they will kill everyone they can justify on the grounds of destroying the state, ripping it to shreds, making it useless to us, so we cannot continue to turn it on them.The fear and hatred many of you express for the state, for the right, for the President, they feel the same towards you, because you won't let them have their conscientious objection to abortion. But on the other side we cannot yield the conscience of those who choose to abort and we cannot protect our children if they will die in a back alley because they couldn't get an abortion.There has to be a parting of ways. There has to be a separation of church and state, and we must never make the state support the church, nor the church support the state.
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Comment #18 posted by gloovins on April 20, 2006 at 17:05:42 PT
I love it....
The US Gov't comes out with this statement on 4 / 20 :DA StatementFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
April 20, 2006
Media Inquiries:
FDA Press Office, 301-827-6242
Consumer Inquiries:
888-INFO-FDAInter-Agency Advisory Regarding Claims That Smoked Marijuana Is a MedicineThat's the title & the last paragraph?"FDA, as the federal agency responsible for reviewing the safety and efficacy of drugs, DEA as the federal agency charged with enforcing the CSA, and the Office of National Drug Control Policy, as the federal coordinator of drug control policy, do not support the use of smoked marijuana for medical purposes."Our tax dollars at work - Happy 4/20 everyone, the DEA & FDA are helping to keep us safe. (hey wait, didn't the USDA make Hemp for Victory?! mmm, just a thought)
for real change, join...
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Comment #17 posted by whig on April 20, 2006 at 17:03:55 PT
In a sense, you are doing so now. :)
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Comment #16 posted by global_warming on April 20, 2006 at 16:56:18 PT
re: comment 13
it would be my plesureto party with you,
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Comment #15 posted by whig on April 20, 2006 at 16:50:47 PT
This could not have happened until now
But now it is happening. We are in the time and place and everyone is in their proper roles, even if we never know it when it is happening. We just let it unfold,The issue for the right is abortion, it is abortion and nothing but abortion. I want this to be really clear for you because it is something we have to be able to talk about. We have to be able to confront this problem on the terms it exists, we can't just talk around it all the time and not deal with it.But the way we deal with it is not to tell everyone else they are wrong. Not to explain why we are right. We cannot satisfy everyone with one answer, it is a matter of the conscience. Church, not state. We can recognize this and speak to it in the very way I have, those who oppose it can opt out of ever paying for it, and for anything else you choose not to support. You just have to be a non-voter, which is to say, you cannot be a non-combatant unless you withdraw from the field of battle, the force which the state represents. You cannot force others and not be forced.
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Comment #14 posted by FoM on April 20, 2006 at 16:45:34 PT
I agree with that. Happy 4:20.
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Comment #13 posted by whig on April 20, 2006 at 16:35:10 PT
g w
The point is not to Gut it, to War with the State, to fight it on its own terms. The point is not to be in conflict with the state. We don't appreciate it being in conflict with ourselves. There is no one system which fits everyone, no two families are the same, nobody has the right to make moral choices and impose them on another without consent.If those who support the current state will have it for themselves, it will do what they want it to do, but it will not impose itself on the others who may remove themselves. In the end we'll confederate, work together for common purposes, as they establish structures of their own. There will not be conflict because everyone will be free to withdraw. There will not be one world government, there will not be anything that people do not consent to, there will be every kind of social government that people want to have, every family for its own ways, and we meet in the world and talk to one another and persuade. Separation of church and state means that. Separation, complete. None of the one in the other. None of the other in the one.I am of the religious non-right, I am of the religious non-voters. I will not vote and I do not encourage the vote. I would be glad to have a large number more non-vote. It is not a bad thing and it is only promoted as such because the power bases depend upon the support they gain through that authorization. They want everyone to vote. But they want everyone to vote for themselves. I don't ask for a single vote, I do not want power in any way than by freely chosen decision. GOD does not want your vote.I know that many people feel this way, they do not vote because they want power, they vote because they are taxed and they are taxed and they are taxed for that which offends them to the core of their beings, whether it is abortion for the right or war for the left, it is wrong that people pay and pay for this and they are not free to say anything about it either?? That is why they vote, they vote as an act of self-defense, an act of anger, an act of fury, and soon their righteous indignation builds up to the point it is to them An Act Of GOD. Do you understand the anger of the right? Do you? They hate this! They want to be free of it.So do many of us. Let us be peaceful, then, and separate into our corners and work out the best ways for ourselves? Why do we not let live and live for ourselves and our ways? We can be friends if we don't have to fight one another all the time. We don't have to deceive, we don't have to vie for power and control. We can just work it out.The Eschaton is IMMANENT.
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Comment #12 posted by OverwhelmSam on April 20, 2006 at 16:34:13 PT
Four Two Zero
I'll be Patriotic today. America, a place where you can have an opposing opinion, and still sit down and break bread together.
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Comment #11 posted by Toker00 on April 20, 2006 at 16:18:12 PT
It's time to shut down the DEA and the FDA.
These people are nothing but Liars and Tax Thieves. They are in Bed with Corporaticians, and Satan. Refuse these Laws and the Spirits who Influence them. End Cannabis Prohibition and indict the DEA and FDA for Endangering our Health by approving Chemical Toxins while not allowing for Safer Alternatives to Booze and Hard Drugs, and for banning Natural Medicine. They will not succeed, again. It is time to Cast the Prohibians out!Wage peace on war. END CANNABIS PROHIBITION NOW!
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Comment #10 posted by global_warming on April 20, 2006 at 16:12:30 PT
re:comment 5
Where do I sign?I may not be that religious, or so far to the right,My vote is to gut this this bastard behomoth,Also known as some suit who has their hand in my pocket,Hope, you all are having a peaceful 420...
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Comment #9 posted by FoM on April 20, 2006 at 15:51:15 PT
FDA Statement on Medical Marijuana
Inter-Agency Advisory Regarding Claims That Smoked Marijuana Is a MedicineApril 20, 2006
 Claims have been advanced asserting smoked marijuana has a value in treating various medical conditions. Some have argued that herbal marijuana is a safe and effective medication and that it should be made available to people who suffer from a number of ailments upon a doctor's recommendation, even though it is not an approved drug. Marijuana is listed in schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act (CSA), the most restrictive schedule. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), which administers the CSA, continues to support that placement and FDA concurred because marijuana met the three criteria for placement in Schedule I under 21 U.S.C. 812(b)(1) (e.g., marijuana has a high potential for abuse, has no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States, and has a lack of accepted safety for use under medical supervision). Furthermore, there is currently sound evidence that smoked marijuana is harmful. A past evaluation by several Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) agencies, including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and National Institute for Drug Abuse (NIDA), concluded that no sound scientific studies supported medical use of marijuana for treatment in the United States, and no animal or human data supported the safety or efficacy of marijuana for general medical use. There are alternative FDA-approved medications in existence for treatment of many of the proposed uses of smoked marijuana.FDA is the sole Federal agency that approves drug products as safe and effective for intended indications. The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic (FD&C) Act requires that new drugs be shown to be safe and effective for their intended use before being marketed in this country. FDA's drug approval process requires well-controlled clinical trials that provide the necessary scientific data upon which FDA makes its approval and labeling decisions. If a drug product is to be marketed, disciplined, systematic, scientifically conducted trials are the best means to obtain data to ensure that drug is safe and effective when used as indicated. Efforts that seek to bypass the FDA drug approval process would not serve the interests of public health because they might expose patients to unsafe and ineffective drug products. FDA has not approved smoked marijuana for any condition or disease indication. A growing number of states have passed voter referenda (or legislative actions) making smoked marijuana available for a variety of medical conditions upon a doctor's recommendation. These measures are inconsistent with efforts to ensure that medications undergo the rigorous scientific scrutiny of the FDA approval process and are proven safe and effective under the standards of the FD&C Act. Accordingly, FDA, as the federal agency responsible for reviewing the safety and efficacy of drugs, DEA as the federal agency charged with enforcing the CSA, and the Office of National Drug Control Policy, as the federal coordinator of drug control policy, do not support the use of smoked marijuana for medical purposes. Media Inquiries: 
FDA Press Office, 301-827-6242
Consumer Inquiries: 
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Comment #8 posted by Hope on April 20, 2006 at 15:49:48 PT
Your statute proposal is interesting.Wonder how many would opt out and how many would choose to pay their taxes?
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Comment #7 posted by whig on April 20, 2006 at 14:53:03 PT
This is what it must say. It must say it in this way, though the precise wording is not implied, only the order in which it must be phrased.Those who fail to file the appropriate tax returns and pay the required tax SHALL BE GUILTY of an offense against the public and held to penalty for the same unless they shall NOT HAVE VOTED in the previous electoral cycle. The conviction shall not deprive them of their franchise, nor shall anyone be deprived of their right to exercise a vote in any election unless they choose wilfully to abstain. Those who are accused of non-filing or non-payment of required taxes but who have NOT VOTED in the previous electoral cycle shall be acquitted as a matter of course.
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Comment #6 posted by whig on April 20, 2006 at 14:46:37 PT
This is the Deal.
If they VOTE, they must pay. They must render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's. They must give honor and respect and defer to the general will. They must allow the process to determine the best for the greatest number. They must not protest this. They cannot have it both ways.
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Comment #5 posted by whig on April 20, 2006 at 14:42:24 PT
A Solution to the Religious Right
Let them withdraw from the State. Let them go and practice their beliefs in their own ways and not support us in our ways. Let them cease to pay taxes to support an institution they despise. Let them not participate in civic voting, not run for office, not for school board, not for anything that they oppose, and they need not support them at all. That is what this war is about for them, and it is not so hard to understand. What you are taxed for you are compelled to support, and when it goes against your faith you are offended, not just that you are horrified. If you think abortion is murder and you are forced to pay for it, then you should expect that you will want to make it stop, you will want to condemn it and you will want to hurt those that are violating your conscience. The Religious Right is Righteously Angry about this. Let them go. Let them be free of it. Let them not pay another cent. And you who vote the opposite to them, you who choose to be part of the state and adhere to it for now, you who support the institution, you will be free of their adverse votes, you will be free of their opposition, you will no longer need to fight to control the things that you think you need to achieve the things you want to do.
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Comment #4 posted by FoM on April 20, 2006 at 14:31:38 PT
On C-Span Now
Climate Change and Culture
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Comment #3 posted by FoM on April 20, 2006 at 14:27:03 PT
And the same to you!!!
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Comment #2 posted by whig on April 20, 2006 at 14:26:45 PT
Something to look at...
Here is the Antichrist Mass. reading.
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Comment #1 posted by Dankhank on April 20, 2006 at 14:24:04 PT
It's 420, all Peace ...
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