'The Spirit of Cannabis'

'The Spirit of Cannabis'
Posted by CN Staff on April 20, 2005 at 23:38:09 PT
By Mike Faulk, Senior Staff Reporter
Source: Crimson White
Alabama -- For many years now, April 20 has been a sacred day for unknown masses from all ages, faiths and origins who gather at different areas of the country to celebrate the benefits they get from the plant lifestyle as the time in their region strikes 4:20 p.m.Many people who take part in the supposed joys of blunts, bowls and taters typically do so in private, but then there are some who risk taking part in this subculture holiday out in public places.
Some even do it on the Quad.Midway from the sidewalk in the center of the Quad and the corner of Colonial Drive and University Boulevard is a set of three benches where at least four male students set some Mary Jane to flame, and two of them agreed to talk to The Crimson White as they soaked up the blue skies, sun rays and temperate weather the day offered."It's been such a beautiful day," said one student, who had begun taking part in the day's festivities just minutes beforehand. "It's great to be out here celebrating."April 20 is a holiday regardless of whether it's "on the books" because it is "nature's holiday," he said."It's a movement," he said, "because it inspires thought and diversity."Both described themselves as responsible adults and future leaders of America who see nothing wrong with the use of marijuana because their use of it didn't create a threat to anyone.One said this was because of the positive mindset that smoking marijuana puts people in and, much like the spirit of Christmas, "the spirit of cannabis" was something that could bring peace to the world if practiced year-round.He said smoking marijuana on April 20 is also a way to protest the War on Drugs, a program he said is a waste of government funding because it is ineffective and treats minorities in the United States unfairly."Everybody is doing this," he said.The other student said marijuana should be legal because it takes the edge off people in ways similar to alcohol but has less harmful side effects and, in some cases, even increases his ability to do things."It makes me kayak better," he said.They decided to smoke out on the Quad at 4:20 p.m. because they had a class that was in the area that ended at 4:15, he said."Even if you have responsibilities, you can still make time for [smoking marijuana]," one said.Five high school students in California christened the term "4:20" in 1971 by meeting daily at that time to smoke pot under the school's statue of Louis Pasteur, according to High Times, a marijuana-centered magazine.Upon hearing the news of the celebration of the 4/20 faithful on the Quad, Dean of Students Tom Strong said he was disappointed."It's unfortunate when [people] purposely choose to violate the law," he said.There were no police officers seen in the area before or after the event took place.One student said he doesn't see the wrong that people are accused of having done when they smoke pot."How is this hurting society?" he said.Note: Some UA students 'celebrated' 4/20 day in the darndest places.Source: Crimson White, The (Edu, Univ of Alabama)Author: Mike Faulk, Senior Staff ReporterPublished: April 21, 2005Copyright: 2005 The Crimson WhiteContact: cwletters -- Cannabis Archives
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