Call To Legalise Commercial Cannabis Crops 

Call To Legalise Commercial Cannabis Crops 
Posted by CN Staff on March 14, 2005 at 07:05:57 PT
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Amsterdam -- Maastricht Mayor Gerd Leers has called for the toleration of soft drugs in the Netherlands to be extended to the production and supply of cannabis in a bid to reduce crime.Presently, both possession and the sale of cannabis at so-called "coffee shops" is tolerated, but the production of marijuana and the supply to coffee shops is banned.
Leers said the ban on the cultivation and supply of cannabis leads to criminality, news agency ANP reported on Sunday. Small-scale cannabis cultivation for private use is already tolerated.Tolerating commercial production would decriminalise the industry and police resources would therefore be freed up for other tasks, he said.But Leers also warned that extended toleration should be accompanied by greater inspections on the amount and quality of the drugs.Leers said drugs cannot be eliminated and should therefore be legalised and controlled. But he said legalisation could only occur in a European context. Opening up of the cannabis market could thus only occur if Maastricht's neighbouring councils in Belgium and Germany also co-operated. This would give a definite signal to The Hague and Brussels.Leers comments come in the lead-up to a cannabis conference in Maastricht in April, to be attended by the southern Dutch city's neighbouring councils. Drug tourists often cross the border to avail of the Dutch coffee shop policy.And Leers' proposal is in contrast to his hard-line stance against trailer parks. These parks often operate as "free states" where people can live almost tax free and are frequently the site of cannabis plantations.He also said during a visit to the US last month with other politicians and city mayors that the Netherlands was no longer the land where everything is allowed. Leers said tolerance is okay, but only works within well defined parameters that must be carefully guarded. Asserting that the Netherlands was getting tougher, Leers said it was never too late to clean up your own rubbish. He said the US needed to know the Dutch were no "softies" when it comes to drugs.Source: (Amsterdam)Published: Marcch 14, 2005Copyright: 2005 Expatica News Contact: feedback expatica.comWebsite: Articles: Say High To These Alternative Amsterdams Could Spell Trouble for Coffee Shops Celebrate 30 Years of Legal Pot 
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Comment #2 posted by unkat27 on March 16, 2005 at 12:41:38 PT
Who's Above Amsterdam Law?
Selling it in coffee-shops is tolerated, but production and supply is illegal? Hmm, this is obviously just a regulatory measure to put production and supply of cannabis into the hands of the government, which is 'above the law' is it not? I'd like to know eactly who is immune to these laws, because if the coffee shops still can sell it, then obviously someone has to supply it. N'est pas?
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Comment #1 posted by The GCW on March 14, 2005 at 07:38:05 PT
Hitler was the criminal, not the hero. No?
Now I don't really comit crime...I pretty much live crime free,but,If You cultivate cannabis and make it available for purchase...I will reduce it even more.THCUIt is the cannabis prohibitionist that is the criminal; and I don't recommend We do to Him what He does to Us.We will control them with a blade made with a sharpness only truth can hold. Truth will hone that blade and truth will swing it. Truth is alive.Cannabis is being liberated.That is reason enough for all of Us to be thankful to Our Father. Cannabis pro's shouldn't be afraid of cannabis; they should be afraid of the truth. Oh, there the same thing...Cannabis IS the truth.The Green Collar Worker
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