Sanity At Last!

Sanity At Last!
Posted by FoM on July 14, 1999 at 07:22:21 PT
Written by Frank Cowsert Jr.
Source: NORML
I have watched Keith Stroup in action since NORML was formed. I've cheered NORML's stand on Decriminalization through these many years.
But because my wife and I used marijuana (I stopped using it because of manditory drug testing in my area of employment 6 years ago.), we feared joining NORML because of our government's rabid persecution of marijuana smokers. We didn't want to chance a government "sweep" of NORML members.I cultivated marijuana for my wife's use (she suffers from a variety of medical conditions whose symptoms are relieved by the use of marijuana.) until we were arrested in September of 1998. After being forced out of the closet, we promptly signed up as members of NORML. My wife proceeded to get doctor's recommendations for the medical use of marijuana. I eventually pled guilty to cultivation to avoid a threatened prison sentence and am currently serving a 6 month sentence of "home detention", an alternative to jail which allows me to remain employed. I pay $105 a week for the privilege. My wife was placed in a drug diversion program that will last about 9 months. They urine test her for illegal drugs. The interesting thing is that after obtaining her doctor's recommendations, the probation dept. in Sacramento County, CA. placed marijuana on her medications list, which in turn exempts marijuana from qualifying as a "dirty" test. This same probation dept. has stated that while I, a felon, am on probation, no alcohol or illegal substances (i.e. marijuana) can be kept on our premises. My wife, who prefers that I not be in jail, has not smoked marijuana since our sentencing. She instead is forced to use several powerful medications to relieve symptoms while dealing with the negative side effects associated with these drugs.The point is DON'T WAIT! JOIN NORML TODAY!...WRITE YOUR CONGRESSMAN! Let congress know that Mr. Stroup isn't kidding about the number of voters who support NORML's position. This insanity needs to stop.Thank You,Frank Cowsert Jr. Testimony of Keith Stroup - July 13th, 1999
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