Teen Charged with Running Drug House!

Teen Charged with Running Drug House!
Posted by FoM on July 07, 1999 at 07:45:14 PT
Source: MSNBC
MILWAUKEE, July 6 – A Whitefish Bay High School student is charged with keeping a drug house. The seventeen-year-old faces the most serious charge. But his mother faces drug charges too.
THEY STEM FROM what police are calling a drug house in a neighborhood where neighbors say that’s not supposed to happen.   Morgan Stone, 17, was bound over for trial for keeping a drug house in a quiet Whitefish Bay neighborhood.  Neighbor Judy Lade said, “It’s very scary, when you hear things like that, especially with young children. I have two young daughters and a lot of the families have younger children too, and so it’s kinda scary.”  Police investigated the house for five months after getting a tip that Whitefish Bay High School students would come there during lunch hour to smoke marijuana.   A search turned up plastic bags of marijuana, various paraphernalia used to smoke it and four guns including a 9-millimeter assault rifle.   According to the criminal complaint, Stone told police officers he smokes marijuana a lot “...usually with his friends at county parks, automobiles and sometimes at his home... when his mother is not there.”  He told police his sister and mother have to know because he does not take any great pains to hide it.   When police talked to Stone’s mother, Mary Conte, she apparently said “She is aware her son uses marijuana since he was arrested in their home last year… that also she is aware of his drug use from his teachers and guidance counselor at Whitefish Bay High School.”  Another parent Tom VandeZande said, “I know Whitefish Bay is considered to be more of a suburb where that might not happen, but I think the bottom line, the reality is it happens everywhere.”  Mary Conte, Stone’s mother, was charged separately for possession of marijuana, a misdemeanor. That’s because when police searched the home they found marijuana and a wooden pipe in a gym bag in her bedroom. Pubdate: July 6th, 1999 
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