A Shift From Everyone Must Get Stoned 

A Shift From Everyone Must Get Stoned 
Posted by CN Staff on June 27, 2004 at 22:33:16 PT
By Nat Ives 
Source: New York Times 
For those no longer intrigued by magazine covers that promise to reveal "3 Things That All Guys Crave in Bed" or "50 Ways to Lose the Weight," High Times magazine has a new tease: "How to Get Arrested."But High Times, a magazine largely known for its adoring centerfold photo spreads of marijuana, is not talking about getting busted for possession of illegal drugs. The arresting cover line appears on the latest issue, an activist's guide to the Republican National Convention in New York, Aug. 30 through Sept. 2.
"This is a program guide to the R.N.C. protests," said Jason Flores-Williams, the staff political writer, who wrote "Call to Resistance," the guide's lead article. "Sort of like a program to a Knicks game."Though the guide is an impassioned response to the current political environment, it also is part of an attempt to steer High Times away from the shoals of irrelevance."High Times started out as a celebration of outlaw culture in America," Mr. Flores-Williams said, recalling long-ago issues with counterculture figures like Andy Warhol on the front. "Then the magazine became pot porn, just a stoner mag." That was only fun for so long, he said.Now Richard Stratton, the publisher and editor in chief, who once ran Prison Life magazine, and his staff are reshaping High Times to embody what they see as the next big thing: activism."I would liken it to Rolling Stone coming along at the birth of rock 'n' roll," Mr. Flores-Williams said. "Activism is the new rock 'n' roll."The September/October issue is packed with calls for readers to come and protest in New York. The centerfold pictures just one marijuana leaf, being tucked into a policeman's gun by a young woman in a tank top. (The spread is a play on Vietnam-era images of hippies offering flowers to soldiers.)Though marijuana remains prominent in the magazine's pages, advertisers, rather than articles, now show the most enthusiasm for it, in ads for books like "Indoor Marijuana Horticulture" and devices to help cheat on drug tests.Asked whether readers have caught up with the new editorial focus, Mr. Flores-Williams said, "If you're a kid looking for the new and real action, you're going to eat this up."Complete Title: A Shift From Everyone Must Get Stoned To Everyone Must Get InvolvedSource: New York Times (NY)Author: Nat Ives Published: June 28, 2004Copyright: 2004 The New York TimesContact: letters Website: Articles & Web Site:High Times Magazine's Cool To Get High Times At 30, Getting Its Head Together'High Times' Post - 9/11
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Comment #5 posted by Agog on June 28, 2004 at 10:20:46 PT
Oh, on food effects on the body
Most of the current dietary technology today essentially treats food... our diet as a drug to elicit particular hormonal responses, insulin leveling, HGH promotion, etc. In fact, it may even be argued that many of the foods we eat have a bigger metabolic effect on us than medications...Wouldn't that make for an interesting illustration.Agog
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Comment #4 posted by Agog on June 28, 2004 at 10:16:41 PT
What a beautiful statement that would make
It is truly a pity...... that couldn't be seen.... I'm sure that some enterprising web page designer could frame the still and caption appropriately though maybe send a copy or link to MPP or NORML???? Wink Wink nod nodStill Agog
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Comment #3 posted by E_Johnson on June 28, 2004 at 07:18:02 PT
Would this be too rude to say to Barthwell on TV?
The next time someone gets appointed to debate this woman or being interviewed in conjunction with her somehow, would it be too rude to throw a direct question her way:Dr. Barthwell, our nation is currently in the grips of an obesity crisis with all of its deadly and expensive consequences for society. What do you think of the problem of food abuse? Why is it ifferent from drug abuse and why should food abusers be treated any differently from drug abusers?Then let the camera focus on her enormous weight and she doesn't have to say a word and people wil get the point.
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Comment #2 posted by mayan on June 27, 2004 at 23:53:56 PT
It's official!'Fahrenheit 9/11' Sets Documentary Record - 'Fahrenheit 9/11' Pulls in $21.8 Million, Becomes First Documentary to Debut As Top Weekend Film:, it was the top grossing movie of the weekend! What a show it was!
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Comment #1 posted by FoM on June 27, 2004 at 22:35:32 PT
Picture from The Above Article editors of High Times are refashioning it as an activist magazine, just in time for the Republican National Convention. 
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