Reverand Pay Drug Dealers to get Off the Street!

Reverand Pay Drug Dealers to get Off the Street!
Posted by FoM on January 07, 1999 at 05:31:51 PT

The Rev. Louis Coleman is offering to pay drug dealers to get off the streets.Coleman, who is known for his high-profile activism against crime and racism, has begun trolling Louisville's notorious drug corners.
If the street-corner drug sellers are willing to quit dealing drugs and get into a rehabilitation program, Coleman will match whatever their drug supplier is paying them.``We're saying to the drug suppliers that we are going to compete with you for the (street-corner) drug dealers,'' Coleman said. ``Our dollars will go toward healing this person and cutting down the drug use.''Louisville police aren't quite sure what to think of the novel ``Give It Up'' program. Although they applaud any community-based effort to clear the streets of drugs and violence, they predict difficulties in executing Coleman's plan.``The hardest part (of the plan) is going to be administration,'' said Officer Aaron Graham, a police department spokesman. ``He (Coleman) says there is going to be some monitoring, but that is going to be hard to do, and then to track it over a long period of time.''Graham said he has not heard of anything like this in other cities.Coleman said he is raising the necessary cash from donors who have supported his anti-crime and anti-racism efforts in the past. He estimated it will cost between $40 and $100 per week per drug dealer to match what they get paid to sell. Coleman, who heads the Justice Resource Center, an activist group based in Shelbyville, said he will make the same offer in Shelbyville and Lexington.
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