Cops Bust Man They Tailed from Hydroponics Shop!

Cops Bust Man They Tailed from Hydroponics Shop!
Posted by FoM on June 30, 1999 at 17:45:15 PT
by Greg Avery-Daily Times-Call
Source: Longmont FYI
BOULDER The Boulder County Drug Task Force discovered 202 marijuana plants growing in a Boulder house last week and on Tuesday arrested two men on marijuana-cultivation charges.
Louisville resident Edward C. Link, 26, and Boulder resident Mason Bradley Waxman, 24, face felony cultivation charges after task force investigators uncovered the illegal growing operation at a rental home at 775 Merry Lane.In February, detectives followed Link from an indoor gardening supply store in east Boulder back to the Merry Lane house and watched him unload materials frequently used in indoor marijuana cultivation.Officers saw a dead marijuana plant in a bucket in the yard. Using that to get a search warrant, task force members searched the home and found the 202-plant operation inside, reports said.The March 12 search also uncovered ledger notations of suspected sales, calendars of plant growing cycles and marijuana packaged for sale, reports said.Waxman, who lives at the house, reportedly confessed to growing the plants and identified Link as his partner, officers report. Waxman turned himself in to police Monday and was booked and released.The news of the drug operation came as a shock to Longmont resident Ralph Hubbel, who owns the Merry Lane home and rented it to Waxman 11 months ago.``He told us he was working at IBM at the time, and the other guy (Link) told me he was a substitute in Boulder schools. I have no idea whether that stuff is true now,'' Hubbel said, adding that his and his wife's faith in people has been shaken. Waxman ``seemed like a prince of a fellow at the time. We didn't have any problem getting rent from them.''When Link failed to turn himself in as expected, officers went to his home at 1504 Washington Ave. in Louisville, and found the house windows coated with condensation which indicated a possible growing operation there as well. A search warrant for the home was issued Tuesday, and officers found the remnants of an apparent growing operation inside.Information that Link moved growing equipment to a storage locker led to a search of a Boulder storage facility Tuesday night. Timers, pumps, indoor irrigation equipment and a plastic container full of marijuana were found. So was a calendar of plant cycles identical to the one found in the Boulder house, reports said. Link was arrested later that night and booked at the Boulder County Jail. He was released on $2,500 personal recognizance bond Wednesday afternoon. Pubdate : Unknownę 1998 Times-Call Publishing Co.
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Comment #5 posted by Edd on May 09, 2001 at 17:34:44 PT
More pissed off.
Talk about pissed off. Why would a hydro store nark on someone? Cops have set up hydro stores to catch growers, but they usually go out of business in a few months. Word gets around, no one goes there, suppliers won't sell to them. Suppliers only sell to LEGITIMATE stores. How long a store's been in business tells you a lot.
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Comment #4 posted by Amy on November 20, 2000 at 11:48:33 PT:
Can you please send me your newsletter?I find it very interesting. Thank you, I appreciate it. Amy
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Comment #3 posted by some druggie on November 10, 2000 at 07:54:56 PT
Can`t think of a fitting title
"i hate narks! they make me sick to my fu #$%g stomach!why don't the police do something else like arest peoplethat really break the law like rapist,narcotics dealers,molesters, and one of my favorites drunking drivers!"---------------------Uhm, they DID arrest "narcotics dealers", just as you askedfor. As long as the War on(non-CorpUSA-sponsored)Drugsgoes on, they lump ALL drug-sellers into one catagory, andhaving 200+ plants ain`t exactly for "personal use";) If you burnout stoners ocassionally had the balls to stickup for "narcotics dealers"(which, like it or not, are yourcomrades on the same side of the prohibition hammer as anypot-dealers)and weren`t so quick to disassociate yourselvesfrom all *other* illegal drugs as if they were Baaaaaaaadwith the same kneejerk, hypocritical reaction cocktail-swilling, cigarette-puffing "straights" do when confrontedwith the "insane" suggestion that OTHER drugs are, or atleast, can be, less harmful than that glass of Jim Beam orPall Mall they are presently holding in their hand, maybewe would not only present a more unified front in the fightto end prohibition, but could muster up a larger and morepowerful political force that the politi-hoes would HAVE tostart listening to. The fight to end the illegal, unconst-itutional and criminally-insane War on(some)Drugs would beeasier if ALL of us recreational drug-users stuck together. If the rate of drug-using Americans is only 10%, that`sSTILL about 15 million users of voting age that COULD`VE,but DIDN`T want to be bothered putting down that bong longenough to pull a lever for Harry Browne this past Tuesday.Browne, who, need I remind you, was the recreational druguser`s best friend, got only about 400k votes. Where WEREall you *millions* of stoners last Tuesday?? You had a oncein 4 years chance at voting for complete legalization onthe Federal level, and you couldn`t be bothered getting off that couch long enough to make that trip to the polls. Youblew it. 400,000 paltry vote for Browne, and *millions* ofvote-eligible druggies who let this chance slip through their fingers without a fight. Unbelievable!  Regardless of which hypocrit is finally sorted out fromamong the fraud and scandle-ridden rubble of the recentelection, neither of them intends to end the Drug War, andthe blame can be squarely placed on the drug-users who*could`ve* voted, but DIDN`T. Those of you who claim to hate narcs, but did nothing about the Drug War last Tuesday, obviously don`t hate them ENOUGH to take the step towards making them go the way of the dinosaur. Thanks for nothing!
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Comment #2 posted by BILLYBONG on July 18, 2000 at 10:39:14 PT:
i hate narks! they make me sick to my fu #$%g stomach! why don't the police do something else like arest peoplethat really break the law like rapist,narcotics dealers,molesters, and one of my favorites drunking drivers!   how can you legalize something like alcohole whichis related to more deaths than all the drugs combined,but won't legalize something thats so beautiful and free as marijuana? can we say conspirecy!!!!!
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Comment #1 posted by Adam Johnson on February 18, 2000 at 10:27:44 PT
pissed off
Thats bullshit, I bet the people at the hydro store narked on him.
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