Drug Testing!

Drug Testing!
Posted by FoM on June 30, 1999 at 07:46:18 PT
Source: LA Times
Re "Bill Would Fund School-Based Drug Testing Program," June 20. Yes, Mr. Rogan, "it is time to quit talking about student drug abuse and do something about it." It's time to stop the hypocrisy and legalize drugs.
Our kids are smart enough to know when their parents are being dishonest. Why can drinkers drink and smokers smoke, but tokers and poppers and shooters must go underground to do their drugs? We as a society have been hypocritical for too long. Once this insane and unwinnable war on drug use is finally ended, we can fight the real battle, drug abuse. Until all our resources are aimed at curbing abuse of all drugs, alcohol and cigarettes included, we will never be truly free to pursue our lives with the dignity and freedom we all deserve. EDMUND LUPINSKI, Glendale Rep. James Rogan must be trying to become the new Dan Lungren with his punitive post-Littleton drug testing bill, which would bribe states into drug testing their children with federal funds. For the House to take up something like this after gutting gun control would be typical of it avoiding the true issues and once more scapegoating drug users (in this case completely unfairly, since the Littleton gun toters tested negative for drugs). I urge the California delegation to put [the bill] where it belongs--in the dustbin.Pubdate: 6-27-99ELLEN KOMP, San FranciscoCopyright 1999 Los Angeles Times. All Rights Reserved 
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