NORML E-Zine! 

NORML E-Zine! 
Posted by FoM on June 29, 1999 at 19:07:52 PT
NORML E-Zine Volume 2 Issue 7 June 1999 
Source: NORML
NORML E-Zine Volume 2 Issue 7 June 1999 The NORML E-Zine is a free monthly compilation of major news items regarding marijuana policy. Text of full stories are available on NORML's website at:
TOP STORIES Health Canada Authorizes Patients To Use Medical Marijuana, Announces Plan To Grow Pot For Medical Research Health Minister Allan Rock announced yesterday that the government has authorized two patients to legally grow and possess marijuana for medical purposes. The agency also declared that they are developing a business plan for the creation of a government-approved farm to supply domestically grown marijuana for human patient trials. DOWNLOAD A COPY OF HEALTH CANADA'S MEDICAL MARIJUANA REGULATIONS: LEGISLATIVE NEWSHouse Approves Asset Forfeiture Reform Bill House Representatives overwhelmingly passed legislation raising the burden of proof necessary before government prosecutors may seize an owner's assets or property. The bill, HR 1658, also prohibits government forfeiture from innocent owners. The House passed the measure by a 375 to 48 vote. DOWNLOAD A COPY OF THE BILL: LINKS: CASES Florida High Court Dismisses State's Challenge To Medical Marijuana Necessity Defense Florida Supreme Court let stand a decision allowing seriously ill patients to raise the defense of "medical necessity" against criminal prosecution if they are using marijuana medicinally. NORML Legal Committee member Grant Shostak of St. Louis, Missouri, filed an amicus curaie brief for The NORML Foundation in support of Sowell.Georgia DUI Law Targeting Marijuana Smokers Found Unconstitutional: A state statute criminalizing recreational marijuana smokers who drive with trace levels of nonpsychoactive metabolites in their system is unconstitutional because it exempts medical marijuana users from prosecution, the Georgia Supreme Court ruled. RELATED LINK: MARIJUANAAlaska Legislature Limits Voter-Approved Medical Marijuana Law The Legislature recently approved a measure limiting legal protections for medical marijuana patients. The bill, S.B. 94, amends provisions of a November initiative that legalized the use of medical marijuana under a physician's supervision. DOWNLOAD THIS BILL: Advocates San Francisco Hemp Gardens City Supervisor Mike Leno believes he's found the ideal place to cultivate hemp: the nonprofit gardens of San Francisco. Leno requested the city attorney's office to draft regulations allowing local agencies to grow the crop downtown. He intends to pattern his proposal after a recently passed North Dakota law licensing and regulating farmers to grow hemp. Support NORML's efforts to change marijuana policy and educate the public to alternatives to marijuana prohibition. You can donate online at:
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