ONDCP Links Drugs, Drinking in New Ads 

ONDCP Links Drugs, Drinking in New Ads 
Posted by CN Staff on January 26, 2004 at 08:22:38 PT
By Wendy Melillo 
Source: Ad Week
Washington -- The White House's latest anti-drug media effort, which launches during the Super Bowl this Sunday, links drug use with drinking in TV ads for the first time in the campaign's five-year history, sources said. The new work, from New York shops Foote Cone & Belding and Ogilvy & Mather, also promotes the concept of "early intervention"—another first. That marks a shift in focus from the campaign's usual prevention-based messages. Early intervention is a drug-treatment strategy favored by drug czar John Walters.
"The campaign enlists the power of peers and parents of teens to take early action against youth drug use and will provide information and support to help get their friends or children to stop using illicit drugs," the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy said in a statement. The work will be unveiled at a press event in New York this week before airing this weekend. ONDCP officials declined to discuss the specifics of the advertising before Thursday's event. But sources said the FCB work targets parents, while the Ogilvy work is directed at teens. The ONDCP plans to run one ad during the Super Bowl and a second during the Survivor: All-Stars premiere following the game. A 30-second spot called "Rewind" by FCB is due to air during the game, sources said. The story unfolds in reverse chronological order, not unlike the movie Memento. The viewer first sees a girl passed out on a couch. The scene flashes to her vomiting in a urinal. Subsequent scenes show her getting high and drinking from a red cup at a party. She then appears at school with friends, on the school bus and back at home. At that point, which is the "beginning" of the story, the girl's mother has a chance to intervene. "We've got to talk," she says, holding up a bag of marijuana. "Rewind" does not explicitly mention alcohol but "subtly" makes the association between drinking and drug use, as one source put it. The ad is intended to show parents of teens who drink and smoke pot that they have an opportunity to halt the problem before their children become hard-core drug users. "It is not an anti-drinking spot," the source said. A second FCB spot, not airing during the Super Bowl, opens with a husband and wife slamming doors on each other as though they are angry. The viewer soon learns that they are rehearsing a conversation they plan to have with their children about drugs. A 30-second spot from Ogilvy, targeted at friends of teens who drink and use drugs, will air during Survivor on Sunday. The concept addresses the responsibility a friend or loved one has toward someone who has a drug or drinking problem. The spot depicts "what would happen in a lake where you might have a responsibility to do something," a source said, but declined to elaborate. The campaign urging early intervention is designed to target teens who are drinking and smoking marijuana on a regular basis. Research showed alcohol was a major part of the drug problem, sources said. "Conceptually, it makes a great deal of sense to send an early-intervention message to the friends and families," said Chris Policano, a representative at Phoenix House in New York, one of the country's largest substance-abuse treatment and prevention agencies. "We've always believed in the value of highlighting treatment. It is encouraging to know that ONDCP is informing friends and families of the roles they can play in helping young substance abusers get help." The prospect of including alcohol in the anti-drug media campaign first surfaced in 1998, when Mothers Against Drunk Driving lobbied heavily for such a move. At the time, then-drug czar Barry McCaffrey argued that not enough money was available to produce effective campaigns targeting both alcohol and drugs. The current media-campaign budget is $150 million. The issue came up again in September following the release of a National Academy of Sciences study that called for the inclusion of alcohol in the anti-drug campaign. "Parents tend to dramatically underestimate underage drinking generally and their own children's drinking in particular," the study said. The beer and liquor industries have long opposed any inclusion of alcohol messages in the campaign, on the basis that responsible drinking—unlike drug use—is legal for adults. At the time of the NAS report, Jeff Becker, president of the Beer Institute, said he was not convinced there is a need for such ads. "I would be very concerned about what a campaign to parents would look like," he said. "I've seen no evidence that doing a national media campaign does any better than the community-based efforts we and a lot of other groups do." "The distillers are committed to fighting underage drinking," said Lisa Hawkins, a rep for the Distilled Spirits Council of the U.S. "We support the concept of educating parents and other adults, but we believe messages regarding alcohol and drugs should be separated. Underage drinking is illegal, but moderate alcohol consumption can be part of a normal, healthy adult lifestyle." "My hope is this campaign opens the floodgates to more government-sponsored messages to parents about the risks associated with underage drinking. A toast to ONDCP," said George Hacker, director of health-advocacy group Alcohol Policies Project at the Center for Science in the Public Interest.FCB and Ogilvy's work was done through The Partnership for a Drug-Free America, which coordinates pro-bono creative contributions to the campaign from a roster of about 40 agencies. ONDCP's lead agency, Ogilvy, primarily manages the media buys but also does some creative work. - with Kathleen Sampey Note: Early-intervention campaign from FCB, Ogilvy kicks off on Super Bowl.Source: Ad WeekAuthor: Wendy Melillo Published: January 26, 2004 Copyright: 2004 Adweek Contact: info Website: Related Articles:Study Faults White House Anti-Drug Ads Congress Recommends $145 M For Drug Office Join Critics Of ONDCP Program 
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Comment #25 posted by ekim on January 27, 2004 at 19:33:28 PT
Thank you Dank-- I thought he was great too
Comment #10 posted by Virgil on January 27, 2004 at 09:40:34 PT 
The GCW - Judge Gray's website 
Judge Gray's website-
Amplification to Judge Gray- Libertarian Candidate for Senate in California calling for the outright legalization of cannabis. He says it would save California a billion a year and bring in 2 billion a year in revenue.Judge Gray is the real deal. It would be the strongest of messages to the two party system that unite for a WOD and the demonization of laughing grass and people that consume it. He will be running against the incumbent Democratic Senator Boxer. Thank you Judge Gray for running for Senate and talking sense in your campaign. I hope you win. A win for you is a win for us all. If anyone has poll numbers as time goes by on Judge Gray, I hope you let us know how he is being received.
Comment #7 posted by The GCW on January 27, 2004 at 09:09:54 PT 
CA: Senate Hopeful Eyes Drug Reform
Orange County Superior Court Judge Jim Gray Wants To Legalize Adult Use Of Marijuana Continued.
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Comment #24 posted by Dankhank on January 27, 2004 at 14:28:41 PT:
ekim ...I went to see Howard Wooldridge ...I had to arise at 4:30AM and drive about 70 miles, but made it in plenty of time.He is a good speaker, organized and calm.I will be interested to hear other speakers ...
Hemp N Stuff
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Comment #23 posted by FoM on January 27, 2004 at 08:24:20 PT
Just a little joke. You know what you get when you combine speed and alcohol?A wide awake drunk! LOL!
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Comment #22 posted by yippierevolutionary on January 27, 2004 at 07:38:12 PT
Jr Bob Dobbs
Alcohol and amphetamines is a very interesting combination. I know alcohol is bad for me. I have to cut it out, but ever since I got to college its all around me. I very much hate the beer culture, it is a very dumb society.I still have romantic notions of bachanalian Greek Festivals were people drink wine from bowls and dance until the sun comes up. I would like to experience that, with flute music in the background. 
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Comment #21 posted by JR Bob Dobbs on January 27, 2004 at 03:36:46 PT
We Need To Talk
Daughter, I know you've discovered cannabis, and you're going to that SuperBowl party tonight. But you're young, and inexperienced. I had a professor once who said, "You know why the drinking age is 21? Because YOU people don't DO it well." So learn about what you're ingesting, before you're out-of-control. Alcohol can put you in a stupor, sitting in front of the TV, mindlessly accepting any lies the SuperBowl advertisers put in front of you (with my money), until you have to run to the bathroom to pee or barf. It can make you lose control, and it can, in large enough quantities, kill you. Marijuana can give you an interesting perspective on things, and maybe help you see behind the facade of the million-dollar-a-minute coliseum spectacle you're watching, until you run to the kitchen (eat healthy!), or wise up and turn the TV off and play Monopoly or something. Alcohol and pot simultaneously is really not a good idea, in my opinion. If you insist on finding out for yourself, be somewhere safe around people you trust. Alcohol and caffeine together is an interesting experience for the masochistic, but caffeine and pot together can be very inspirational. Jail, however, is an experience best avoided, if at all possible - remember, your last name isn't Bush, so these absurd drug laws do apply to you.
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Comment #20 posted by breeze on January 26, 2004 at 22:10:51 PT
Well- how about that?
The liquour jury is going to try to say that alcohol use is bad if you are 12, but a good thing if your 21.And inhaling cannabis is a moral state of decay- but drinking is healthy!As dad chugs down beer after beer, at least he won't be driving around, 'cause he will be sittin' in front of the super bowl being brainwashed by the corperate BS.Beer ads were once the staple of the super bowl, T-shirts and other memorabilia made their way into popular culture- Whassssupp?! - Bud - Weis - ERRRRRRR (ribbit), a dog named spuds McKenzie that was seemingly always surrounded by beautiful half naked drunk women, and more.Now, this year, its going to be some kind of psychobabble about parents spying on their kids, or screaming at em " I said NO WEED"- The only time my dad ever yelled "noweeds" at me was when I didn't cut the lawn like he wanted me to, and it should be that way now.But wait! the government is going to sell the public the idea that alcohol leads to using- gasp- marijuana. I hope that it hits home that every ad during the super bowl is actually costing the tax payer money! Maybe we should contact the commentators of the game to quip something like- and there it is folks, your tax dollars hard at work!!Its a lot like saying hair will grow on your palms if you take too many "cold showers"- you know what I mean  ;)boycott the sponser of all ads that say drink responsibly if they are going to also sponser anti-cannabis advertisements, it will be easy for me, I don't drink but maybe one beer a month- and i have to force myself then.
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Comment #19 posted by FoM on January 26, 2004 at 22:07:44 PT
E-Mail Virus Alert
I just received strange email in my one account and checked Google News and found this article and I thought I should let you all know. E-Mail Worm Spreading Quickly Across Web:
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Comment #18 posted by FoM on January 26, 2004 at 19:48:42 PT
That's what I thought too. He'd be very good. He has the right kind of heart to deal with drug issues. We need a drug czar that cares for people. Kucinich does. 
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Comment #17 posted by cloud7 on January 26, 2004 at 19:44:56 PT
Here's hoping
"will probably get an important position in a new administration"I guess we can keep our fingers crossed that Kucinich will be the next drug czar. 
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Comment #16 posted by FoM on January 26, 2004 at 18:04:27 PT
EJ Once Again I Agree
All those who are running or did run will be needed and will probably get an important position in a new administration. Sometimes a person can do more by not being the head honcho.
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Comment #15 posted by E_Johnson on January 26, 2004 at 17:58:48 PT
Dennis' main chance
will be when it comes to hammering out the Democratic platform during the convention.The final winner at the convention carries the message but making the message is a group process so it really does matter to support your favorite candidate even if he doesn't have a huge chance of winning.
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Comment #14 posted by FoM on January 26, 2004 at 14:40:49 PT
Nuevo Mexican
That is good news. I want to say something about Dennis Kucinich. I feel really bad for all of you that have had high hopes for Dennis. I really admire your dedication. I don't think anyone really believes that he has a chance but that doesn't mean that supporting him is wrong. We must defeat Bush above all things. I will vote for whoever gets the nomination. We just can't handle 4 more years of Bush. Kerry said the the Patriot Act will expire. Anyone but Bush will not push the Patriot Act but we know Bush will because he even mentioned it along with Steroids in the State of the Union address.
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Comment #13 posted by Nuevo Mexican on January 26, 2004 at 14:28:58 PT
Victory! Judge declares Pat. Act Unconstitutional!
But only part of it, but still, this is huge!A partial celebration is in order FOM!LOS ANGELES - A federal judge has declared unconstitutional a portion of the USA Patriot Act that bars giving expert advice or assistance to groups designated foreign terrorist organizations. The ruling marks the first court decision to declare a part of the post-Sept. 11 anti-terrorism statute unconstitutional, said David Cole, a Georgetown University law professor who argued the case on behalf of the Humanitarian Law Project was right about the war folks! Kucinich Dismisses Polling in N.H. Campaign 
Sat January 24, 2004 04:14 PM ET (Page 1 of 2)
By Ellen Wulfhorst 
NASHUA, N.H. (Reuters) - Democratic presidential hopeful Dennis Kucinich is registering barely a blip in the polls and scarcely a mention in the media but, he says, he is not the one with problems. "People in New Hampshire are trailing in health care. They're trailing in jobs. They're trailing in hopes for the future," the Ohio congressman said on Saturday after a campaign stop. "I should worry about trailing in polls?" more:Kucinich said he deplored the "horse-race" approach to covering the race to challenge President Bush in November. "It shows you the vacuousness of journalism today," he said. "It's a very simplistic, vacuous approach which deprives readers of any sense of the gravity of these issues. "I don't see it so much as my problem as I see it as a problem for a democratic society," he said. "It's really a dumbing down of what elections ought to be about."
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Comment #12 posted by FoM on January 26, 2004 at 12:23:20 PT
EJ That's Good News
Your sister will have a new adventure ahead of her. I didn't drink except for about 2 years of my life but I drank all the time. It was when I was angry because of my son's illness. Drinking about destroyed me but stopping all legal mind altering drugs and drinking has helped me so much. Cannabis can help keep a person off of hard drugs and alcohol I believe.
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Comment #11 posted by E_Johnson on January 26, 2004 at 12:15:05 PT
FoM I agree
My sister just completed 90 days of sobreity, her first 90 sober days in about eight years.
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Comment #10 posted by FoM on January 26, 2004 at 11:37:36 PT
I wanted to comment on alcohol. I don't think alcohol should be illegal for adults. That said I haven't ever met a person who only used Cannabis that was hard to deal with but hard drugs and alcohol use I can't say the same thing. I also haven't met anyone who started drinking say in their mid 20s after they had accomplished something with their life and career that has a bad problem with alcohol. I can't say the same thing when someone started drinking when they were younger. That's just my observation and isn't scientific or anything just my opinion.PS: My Mother was an alcohol so I know how bad it can be from first hand experience.
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Comment #9 posted by Nuevo Mexican on January 26, 2004 at 11:25:41 PT
ONDCP and bush equal one in the same!
Lies about cannabis, and lies about war. They go hand in hand. I contend that the war on Cannabis would be over, if we hadn't gone to war on dark skinned third world people, (Saddam was not the target of this war, but a trophy, and a useless one, we are the terrorists (America) of the world, as our CIA is a terrorist organization, and noone dares stand up the this organization. Just like Saddam and his goons, whats the dif?As the war on Cannabis disolves in Britain, we pump it up in America, out of denial, and needed profits from 'illegal drugs'. Of course, we all know if drugs were legalized, the profit motive would dissapear, and alot of black ops funded by illegal drugs, siphoned through the CIA, would undermine their source of massive financial support for paying off journalists, the media in general, presidential candidates, etc. Expose these thugs and arrest them now, otherwise, be prepared for the sham this country is to be revealed to all eventually, a huge embarresment for the American Sheeple.CAN TAKING CANNABIS MAKE YOU AN EVEN BETTER DRIVER? While no responsible person would ever advocate the use of drugs for drivers, tests using a recently developed video game called Burnout have thrown up some surprise statistics. The testers found that a moderate amount of cannabis actually improved driving performance among those they studied. Results from another recent study apparently also show that people drive both faster and safer while under the influence of the drug. A group of 20 drivers aged 21-40 were recruited for the Burnout study, all of whom had not previously owned a video games machine or described themselves of players of video games. Ten of them smoked approximately 0.15 milligrams of cannabis, equivalent to about half a "joint". The other half declared that they had not had any stimulant for at least 72 hours before the test. news from the other side of the pond:Blairs wife says bush stole the election, the signal has been given from 'on high' that bush must go, and it will be the people bush screwed on the war, blair in particular, who will go balistic given the chance.The leak in the dyke is no longer breachable, the damage can't be contained, but a lame Dem will be installed, like Clinton was 'installed' G.W.Bush senior, (the 'coke' connection, Mena, Iran-Contra, you know the rest).Now we get the media making a horse race out of Kerry, (skull and bones member like bush), vs. Dr. Dean, anti-cannabis crusader). Either one is tolerable by the media, as long as Dennis Kucinich isn't around to debunk the 'myths' of these candidates. Anybody but bush, doesn't really work for me, bush is inept, and fear is his only ace in the deck, and once we get over the 'fear' (as once was said by a president, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself, imagine bush saying that, he would be executed by the Republican Party for TREASON! (I still expect the Repugs to do bush in, and blame it on Clintons pecadillo!)Bush is over:Bush 'stole' the presidential election: Cherie BlairLONDON : In a forthright view that is likely to embarrass her husband, Cherie Blair, wife of Prime Minister Tony Blair, is reported to have observed that George W Bush "stole" the US presidential election from Al Gore. "Cherie Blair still believed that Bush had stolen the White House from Gore," author Philip Stephens wrote in his book "Tony Blair: The Making of a World Leader. " Although Tony Blair was pragmatic about Bush's victory, Mrs Blair was far less sanguine about the Supreme Court decision that gave him the keys to the White House. She believed Al Gore had been "robbed" of the presidency and was hostile to the idea of her husband "cosying" up to the new President. Even as they flew to Washington for their first meeting with the presidential couple, Mrs Blair was in no mood to curry favour, the book stated.'s WMD: the big lie?The justification for warWith the resignation of David Kay from the Iraq Survey Group, the pressure could not be greater on Blair to explain where he got the idea that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. By Neil MackayYOU’D be forgiven for thinking that David Kay was personally out to get Tony Blair. On Wednesday, when the Hutton report is published, the question everyone will want to know is did Blair and his Cabinet lie about the threat of Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction (WMD)? The answer according to Kay, who resigned last week as head of the Iraq Survey Group, which had the job of finding WMD, is that there aren’t any, and none have been manufactured since 1991. For Blair, his statement was the equivalent of slashing a boxer’s achilles tendons minutes before he gets into the ring for the fight of his life.Cheney 'waged war' on Blair Iraq strategy 
By James Blitz in London and Demetri Sevastopulo in Washington Dick Cheney, US vice-president, "waged a guerrilla war" against attempts by Tony Blair, the British prime minister, to secure United Nations backing for the invasion of Iraq.Mr Cheney remained implacably opposed to the strategy even after George W. Bush, US president, addressed the UN on the importance of a multilateralist approach, according to a new biography of Mr Blair.The US vice-president, along with the neo-conservatives in the Bush administration, has consistently argued that the US could be constrained by the UN's inability to reach agreement over the need to invade Iraq.
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Comment #8 posted by yippierevolutionary on January 26, 2004 at 10:52:38 PT
Rewind depicts a right of passage
Toking and Drinking and maybe passing out is perfectly normal and healthy (well in a developmental sense) thing to do. Psychologists say and I agree that kids who don't do these things are anti-social and have social adjustment issues. I knew a girl who got drunk one night and passed out and her friends dropped her off at her house. Her parents were so angry they grounded her for the rest of the summer. Missing out on the only summer she'll be 18 is a lot more damaging and harmful than getting drunk.We have a clear anti-alcohol bias here at Cnews, and for good reason. But I think we should remember that alcohol will be produced wherever there is air and sugar and water, so it is just as natural as cannabis, though potentially dangerous which Cannabis is not.Cannabis is a sustainable euphoriant. Alcohol is like coal while cannabis is like solar.
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Comment #7 posted by OverwhelmSam on January 26, 2004 at 10:35:17 PT:
Federal Suits For False Advertising
There are laws against false and misleading advertising. In fact, many businesses have been charged criminally for knowingly placing misleading and/or fraudulent ads.Shouldn't the ACLU or MPP sue the federal government, television networks/cable, and newspapers for false advertising?Proving in court that they knowing placed false advertising to the public would cause them to lose credibility with the public and shut down their illegal propaganda campaigns permanently. Afterall, each citizen should be able to make up their own minds without interference from biased government and media.On a humorous note, I seen an ad on POT-TV calling Johm Walters the "Crack" of politicians. 
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Comment #6 posted by E_Johnson on January 26, 2004 at 10:32:49 PT
A driving study finally breaks the news
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Comment #5 posted by AlvinCool on January 26, 2004 at 10:21:31 PT
Why Not
Why not just make all television anti drug, people will immediately stop watching all TV, saving all humanity.
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Comment #4 posted by FoM on January 26, 2004 at 10:09:36 PT
Glad you liked Puff! LOL!
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Comment #3 posted by ekim on January 26, 2004 at 10:03:25 PT
smile FoM-- Dank see Howard if you have a chance 27 04 Norman Sooner Rotary 07:00 AM Howard Wooldridge Norman Oklahoma USA 
 Howard Wooldridge shares breakfast and discusses the failures of the War on Drugs with the Norman Sooner Rotarians at the Golden Corral Steak House, 123 N. Interstate Drive. Contact: Doris Wedge at 405-364-5763 ext. 7210. Jan 27 04 Syracuse University 09:00 AM Peter Christ Syracuse New York USA 
 Speaker Peter Christ will participate in a mock reporters and press conference with the Newhouse School of Journalism. Location: Newhouse Building. Contact: John Nicholson at 443-4065. Jan 29 04 Coalition of Concerned Legal Professionals 12:00 PM Jim Gray Los Angeles California USA 
 LEAP Speaker Judge Jim Gray will be meeting at noon with the Coalition of Concerned Legal Professionals at the Main Los Angeles Public Library on Hope Street. Jan 29 04 Seattle Rotary Club 07:30 AM Arnold Byron Seattle Washington USA 
 Speaker Arnold Byron shares breakfast with the Seattle Rotary Club at the Talaris Conference Center to discuss the failures of the war on drugs. Location: 3920 NE 41st Street 
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Comment #2 posted by FoM on January 26, 2004 at 09:38:41 PT
EJ Check This Out
Maybe we should send Kerry this gif and tell him not to forget us! LOL! I must have too much time on my hands! I'm just kidding really.
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Comment #1 posted by E_Johnson on January 26, 2004 at 09:26:09 PT
Learn from the Soviet example
To examine the successes of pervasive and relentless government propaganda upon a target population, we have only to look at the citizens of the Soviet Union.Hahaa that was supposed to be a joke, but I'll bet the folks at the PDFA don't get it.
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