NORML's Weekly News Bulletin -- November 20, 2003

NORML's Weekly News Bulletin -- November 20, 2003
Posted by CN Staff on November 20, 2003 at 15:42:46 PT
Weekly Press Release
Source: NORML
 Pot Compound Inhibits Tumor Cell Growth, Study Says November 20, 2003 - Milan, ItalyMilan, Italy: Administration of the non-psychoactive cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD) inhibits the growth of human glioma (brain tumor) cells both in vitro (e.g., a petri dish) and in animals, according to clinical trial data published in the November 14, 2003 issue of the Journal of Pharmacology And Experimental Therapeutics.
"The addition of CBD to the culture medium led to a dramatic drop ... [in the] viability [of] glioma cells in a concentration-dependent manner," researchers at the University of Milan found. The study also demonstrated "for the first time, that the antiproliferative effect of CBD was correlated to induction of apoptosis (programmed cell death of malignant cells)."Scientists further demonstrated that the administration of CBD in mice "significantly inhibited the growth of subcutaneously implanted U87 human glioma cells." They concluded, "Non-psychoactive CBD ... produce[s] a significant antitumor activity both in vitro and in vivo, thus suggesting a possible application of CBD as an antineoplastic agent (something which prevents the growth of malignant cells)."The study's findings come just one month after a clinical review in the journal Nature Reviews Cancer suggested that cannabinoids' palliative effects in cancer patients and ability to inhibit the growth of certain types of malignant tumors make them a potentially desirable agents in the treatment of cancer.Mitch Earleywine, University of Southern California Clinical Science professor and author of the book Understanding Marijuana: A New Look at the Scientific Evidence, praised the Italian study's results. "Cannabinoid research continues to show tremendous potential in the treatment of cancer," said Earleywine, who serves on NORML's Advisory Board. "The vast majority of this work originates outside the US, often in countries that lack our economic and scientific advantages. Let's hope that our drug policy won't stymie the battle against the second leading cause of death in America."Studies published earlier this year demonstrated that marijuana and its derivatives induce tumor regression in rodents, including the inhibition of malignant gliomas and skin cancer.For more information, please contact either Paul Armentano or Allen St. Pierre of the NORML Foundation, at (202) 483-8751. Abstracts of the study, entitled "Antitumor effects of cannabidiol, a non-psychotropic cannabinoid, on human glioma cell lines," are available online at: Study Explains How Pot Kills Cancer Cells Touts Anti-Cancer Properties of Marijuana Shrinks Tumors - Government Knew in '74 Alaska Court Denies State's Appeal Of Legal Pot Ruling November 20, 2003 - Anchorage, AK, USAAnchorage, Alaska: The Alaska Court of Appeals last week rejected the state Attorney General's request to reconsider its August 29, 2003 ruling that adults may legally possess up to four ounces of marijuana within the privacy of their own home. The Appeals Court based its decision in that case on a 1975 state Supreme Court decision holding that the right to privacy in the state Constitution precludes any penalty against private use and possession of marijuana by adults. Their decision also struck down a 1990 state initiative that attempted to recriminalize marijuana, on the basis that the initiative-passed statute conflicts with the state Constitution.Alaska Attorney General Gregg Renke's told the Associated Press that he plans to appeal the case to the state Supreme Court, arguing that marijuana today is stronger, and arguably more harmful, than in 1975 when the Court initially made its ruling.NORML Executive Director Keith Stroup called the state's allegation absurd, noting that Article I, Section 22 of the Alaska Constitution, reads "The right of the people to privacy is recognized and shall not be infringed.""The minimal risks posed to society by the responsible adult use of marijuana in the privacy of one's home does not provide the state with legitimate reason to override the Constitution," Stroup said.For more details, contact NORML Legal Committee member William Bryson of Anchorage, Alaska at 907-276-8611 or Keith Stroup of NORML at 202-483-5500.DL: Court Denies Marijuana Case Appeal Court Just Says No To Pot Case Taking High Profile in Alaska Two More Weeks Until 20th Annual NORML Key West Legal Seminar November 20, 2003 - Washington, DC, USAWashington, DC: NORML is still accepting registrations from criminal defense attorneys for its annual Key West Legal Seminar, taking place on Thursday, December 4 through Saturday, December 6 at the Pier House Resort and Caribbean Spa in Key West.NORML's annual legal seminar is now in its 20th year and is fully accredited in every state that requires continuing legal education (CLE) for attorneys. To register for this year's seminar, please visit: or call (202) 483-5500.DL: British Decrim Law To Take Effect In January November 20, 2003 - London, United KingdomLondon, United Kingdom: The British House of Lords voted this week 63 to 37 to downgrade marijuana from a Class B to a Class C scheduled drug so that its possession is no longer an arrestable offense under British law. The vote was the final hurdle facing the reclassification proposal, which was initially announced by Home Secretary David Blunkett two years ago. Marijuana will be officially downgraded to a Class C "non-arrestable" soft drug on January 29, 2004.Under reclassification, individuals found in possession of "personal use" amounts of marijuana will be cautioned by police, but no longer arrested. (Police will retain the discretion to make an arrest under special "aggravated" circumstances, such as if marijuana is smoked on school grounds.) Presently, about 80,000 Britons are arrested annually for possessing cannabis.Class C is the least harmful category of illegal drugs under British law. Although possession of Class C drugs technically carries a two-year maximum prison term, only offenses punishable by at least five years imprisonment are arrestable in England. However, those caught supplyingClass C drugs, including cannabis, may be subject to as many as 14 years in jail.England's impending policy will be similar to the laws in 12 US stateswhere the possession and use of small amounts of marijuana is no longer punishable by criminal arrests and/or jail time.For more information, please contact either Keith Stroup or Paul Armentano of NORML at (202) 483-5500.DL: Vote To Downgrade Cannabis Set for Cannabis Clash Reform Takes Step Closer Source: NORML Foundation (DC)Published: November 20, 2003Copyright: 2003 NORML Contact: norml Website:'s Weekly News Bulletin -- Nov. 13, 2003's Weekly News Bulletin -- Nov. 5, 2003
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Comment #7 posted by kaptinemo on November 21, 2003 at 03:54:28 PT:
Another slogan for our times
"How many have died because the government LIED?"The first tests regarding glial cell cancers were done in U of VA back in 1975. As soon as the research began to show it's amazing promise, it was swiftly shut down, with no explanations. It is fair to say that every person since then who died from the cancers that CBD and other compounds have been shown to effective against - may have died because of US Federal government perfidy and mendacity. And now we have even more proof: the University of Madrid in 2000, and now the University of Milan in 2003. I believe it is safe to say that we will see even more studies in the foreign press about this...and not a peep, locally.This is a HUGE scandal that waits to be broken in the international news media. (Our corporately controlled news media will not allow it any 'air time' for as long as they believe they can get away with it.) Whoever amongst the Fourth Estate connects the dots first might find themselves with a Pulitzer. Or even a Nobel Prize.Needless to say, it would also spotlight the origins of cannabis prohibition in a way that will drive the wooden stake through the heart of it.When I think of all those people who suffered and died, who could have been helped by this amazing medicine, and were denied it on the basis of a policy steeped in racial bigotry of a bygone era and justified today with dissembling, half-truths and outright lies, I think...someone's got to BURN for this...
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Comment #6 posted by CorvallisEric on November 20, 2003 at 22:55:24 PT
Local NORML item from Portland
Source: Earl Blumenauer is investigating reports that PDX [local lingo for all of Portland as well as the airport code] nemesis Attorney General John Ashcroft tried to block the Oregon Medical Cannabis Awards banquet. The banquet, hosted by the state chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, had been--and still tentatively is--slated for Nov. 22 at the Lloyd Center DoubleTree. But on Saturday the organizers called speakers telling them the hotel might back out. A hotel representative and NORML organizer Madeline Martinez would not discuss what the problem was, but Martinez says things appear back on track. Citing unconfirmed reports that the feds threatened the hotel with criminal charges, Kathie Eastman of Blumenauer's office says, "We're looking into it."
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Comment #5 posted by FoM on November 20, 2003 at 18:56:41 PT
Action Alert: NORML
Dangerous New Anti-Marijuana Legislation To Be Introduced Soon!Urge Your Representative To Oppose The Drug Sentencing Reform Act 
As the 2003 Congressional legislative session comes to a close, Rep. Mark Souder, one of the most ardent drug warriors in Congress, intends to introduce legislation to drastically increase penalties for certain marijuana offenses. The bill also enacts new draconian penalties that could sentence compassionate Americans that grow and provide medical marijuana to decades in federal prison. The "Drug Sentencing Reform Act" would tie the hands of judges by making it harder for them to grant sentences below federal sentencing guidelines when special circumstances call for it. This will mean longer sentences for non-violent marijuana offenses, with taxpayers like you picking up the cost! Further, the bill calls for new draconian penalties for growing, distributing, and providing 'high-potency' marijuana to others. This means that someone caught with a bag of high grade marijuana would actually face a stiffer sentence than someone with an equal amount of shwag! The potency provision will be especially damaging to medical marijuana patients and providers who rely on higher potency marijuana to alleviate their suffering from AIDS, cancer, and other maladies. If this wasn't bad enough, Souder's proposed bill mandates that most people on parole, probation, or supervised release be subjected to random drug testing, even when their original offense is non-drug related. If enacted, thousands of non-violent Americans could be sent to prison for years for smoking marijuana in the privacy of their own home and then failing a drug test. We know that Rep. Souder wants to introduce this bill within the next couple of weeks, and that he is currently seeking co sponsorship from other Representatives. Please take five minutes to send your member of Congress a letter asking them to oppose this dangerous legislation. With your help, we can stop this dangerous piece of legislation before it is introduced.
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Comment #4 posted by mayan on November 20, 2003 at 18:25:02 PT
Guinea Kids...
Isn't it strange how little we hear about Columbia these days? Things must be going terribly wrong down there.Here's a link to an unrelated article below. Yeah, congress rally cares about the children...Congress OKs testing drugs in children: way out is the way in...9/11 Panel Presses NYC for Documents: - Pure Coincidences? - Flights of Fancy in Florida:
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Comment #3 posted by FoM on November 20, 2003 at 17:30:46 PT
MPP: Urgent -- Congress Targets Marijuana 
TO:   Marijuana policy reform advocatesFROM:  Steve Fox, MPP director of government relationsDATE:  Thursday, November 20, 2003SUBJECT: Take action -- New bill in Congress would increase penalties for marijuana-related offenses and increase harms to marijuana users.====================================================================== Can you imagine a bill that intentionally forces marijuana users to inhale a greater amount of tar and carbon monoxide? What about a bill that dramatically increases penalties on medical marijuana providers who develop high-quality strains of marijuana for seriously ill patients?The Drug Sentencing Reform Act, scheduled to be introduced by U.S. Rep. Mark Souder (R-IN) within the next few days, would accomplish these "goals." Please call your U.S. representative today and urge him or her not to cosponsor this bill. See below for details about how to do this.While the most prominent objective of this bill is to ensure that individuals convicted of drug-related offenses in federal court receive the longest possible prison sentences, the bill would also -- for the first time in history -- increase penalties for marijuana producers based on THC levels. For example, under the provisions of this bill, a medical marijuana provider in California convicted in federal court for possession of just 33 plants with a THC content of between 13 and 25 percent would be sentenced "to a term of imprisonment which may not be less than 5 years." Previously, a 5-year mandatory minimum applied to the possession of more than 100 plants.By dramatically increasing penalties on the distribution of marijuana with higher THC content, this bill would ensure that lower-quality marijuana is sold to children (and adults, of course). This will not decrease the number of Americans smoking marijuana; it will simply increase the amount of tar and carbon monoxide inhaled by Americans while they are smoking.Members of Congress must understand that their constituents support harm reduction policies, not harm exacerbation policies.Please call your U.S. representative toll-free by using the Capitol Switchboard at 800-839-5276. This switchboard operates 24 hours a day. So if you are inspired to call after normal business hours, the operator will transfer you to your U.S. representative's office and you can leave a voice mail message. Of course, calling during business hours is preferable.Here is a sample script for you to use when you call:"Hello, my name is ______________ and I live in ______________. I am calling to urge Representative __________________ not to cosponsor the Drug Sentencing Reform Act being introduced by Representative Souder [rhymes with powder]. This bill would dramatically increase penalties on individuals growing medical marijuana in accordance with state law. It would also ensure that smoking marijuana is even more harmful to children than it is under current law. This is not a bill that Representative ________ should support."If you are not certain who your U.S. representative is, go to , enter your state and zip code (your five-digit zip should work), and click the "Contact My Representative" button. The name of your U.S. representative should appear on the next page.As noted above, this bill is also designed to limit the ability of federal judges to reduce prison sentences for defendants convicted of drug-related offenses. For example, under the provisions of this bill, a judge would be prohibited from reducing a defendant's sentence based on family or community ties -- factors that could still be considered in non-drug-related cases.The Marijuana Policy Project will be working with many other individuals and organizations to fight this bill. It will not be passed without a major fight. Thank you for doing your part to stop it. 
Marijuana Policy Project
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Comment #2 posted by FoM on November 20, 2003 at 16:04:23 PT
I Agree Virgil
Here's an article about Colombia that I think relates to the article you posted. U.S. Civilians Wage Drug War from Colombia's Skies 
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Comment #1 posted by Virgil on November 20, 2003 at 15:55:34 PT
Don't worry. The guv will protect you from CBD.
How anyone could abuse CBD is beyond me or what makes it so unsafe as to make it a Schedule 1 narcotic is beyond me. CBD being a Schedule 1 narcotic shows that the classification is a political position that ignores the DEA's own guidelines for classification. It is the CBD lie.  , short for CBD Schedule One Lie. Those guys at the DEA are addicted to lying. their addiction is an illness that sickens the country. Make that, the world.Demonize marijuana for destroying the environment and ignore the destruction of the peasants and environment of Colombia-
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