Advocate Missing from Spy Rock Area

Advocate Missing from Spy Rock Area
Posted by CN Staff on August 31, 2003 at 07:22:56 PT
By Glenda Anderson, The Daily Journal
Source: Ukiah Daily Journal 
The family of a high-profile Humboldt County medical marijuana advocate who disappeared Aug. 9 after visiting Mendocino County's Spy Rock Road area is offering $50,000 for information that leads to his whereabouts.But they don't think Chris Giauque, 36, of Redway, will be found alive. "Since day one, we presumed him to be dead," said his father, Bob Giauque. "He was never one not to make contact with us."
Not only would Chris never have caused his family to worry by failing to communicate, he had married two weeks before his disappearance and had a honeymoon scheduled for Maui, Bob Giauque said.Chris Giauque was visiting acquaintances in the Spy Rock area and reportedly had left around 9 p.m.Bob Giauque said his son had been conducting some marijuana-related business, and many people knew he had a significant quantity of cash."Most likely it was a robbery-homicide. He met somebody and picked up money. There's too many people who knew what was happening," Bob Giauque said.Chris Giauque was reported missing Aug. 11. His truck - a 1994 blue Toyota four-wheel drive extra cab without a camper - was located near the Avenue of the Giants, four miles south of Meyers Flat, Aug. 13, according to his brother, Clint Giauque, who made the reward offer.He said he's sure his brother was not the one who left it there. For one thing, the location was north of Chris' turnoff. For another, he wasn't a hiker, Clint Giauque said.Among other things, Chris Giauque had suffered a broken back some years before and had a steel rod in his spine. He also had had two heart surgeries in his youth.Not only was he not a hiker, "he wouldn't have been hiking at night," Clint Giauque said. He said it was about a two-hour drive from Spy Rock to Chris Giauque's home.Chris Giauque was an outspoken medical marijuana user and advocate.His activities included a marijuana give-away on the steps of the Humboldt County courthouse. He was arrested before he was able to do so.That stunt was in protest of law enforcement officers seizing an ounce of his marijuana during a traffic stop in 1996. He sued and, ironically, last week a U.S. District judge ordered Humboldt County officials to return the marijuana.In a Eureka Times-Standard article on Friday, Giauque's attorney, Bryce Kenny, hailed the decision as affirming that the Drug Enforcement Administration overstepped its bounds. But "the victory was tempered by the fact Giauque's family ... thinks he may have come to harm."Giauque also spent nearly a year in jail after officials in 2001 raided an indoor marijuana grow in his Salmon Creek home.Clint Giauque said marijuana was the only drug with which his brother was associated."It's all marijuana. He's a totally nonviolent person and generous," he said. "But he pushed the envelope with what is legally tolerated with marijuana."The Humboldt County Sheriff's Office is in charge of the investigation, but it's being assisted by the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office because Giauque may have disappeared in the county."We went up and searched the property where he was last seen," said Mendocino County Sheriff's Sgt. Rick Wagner. "We're hoping for anything or anybody who wants to tell us anything."So far, no one has had much to say, Wagner said. He noted Spy Rock area residents often are unwilling to talk to law enforcement officers."It's not like we're the most popular people in the world up there," he said. After all, "99 out of 100 times we go to Spy Rock, it's drug related."Clint Giauque said people who are shy about contacting law enforcement officials can call him in Eureka at 822-4415.Others can call Humboldt County Sheriff's Sgt. Juan Freeman at 268-3643; or Mendocino County Sheriff's Detective Kevin Cline at 463-4107 or 463-4086."Anybody who has potentially useful information, the family is desperate and very much wants them to come forward," said Bob Giauque.Chris Giauque is described as white, six-feet tall, weighing 145 pounds with blue eyes, a full beard and sandy blond hair he wears in long dreadlocks. He was last seen wearing reddish-orange pants, a Hawaiian print shirt and a hat.Source: Ukiah Daily Journal (CA)Author: Glenda Anderson, The Daily JournalPublished: Saturday, August 30, 2003 Copyright: 2003 Ukiah Daily JournalContact: udj pacific.netWebsite: Articles:Missing Activist Wins Back Disputed Ounce of Pot Seizes Marijuana at Government's Request 
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Comment #3 posted by herbdoc215 on September 01, 2003 at 13:48:23 PT
Jose, Steve Kubby held it up in a news-show on 
Pot-Tv back when he first started for Marc after we all had just moved here should be about Sept. 2001 or so??? I still got the shirt somewhere but pigs sold a shit=pot of them. Real cool of them, eh? It was real bad also, it had a script on front singed by "Dr. Feelgood" making fun of Mikuriya and a cartoon of them tearing up our grow carrying machine guns and laughing on back and a 420 with a line thru it on left front pocket. Dan Lungren showed them how to hate and demonize us so well....Peace, Steve Tuck
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Comment #2 posted by Jose Melendez on September 01, 2003 at 05:58:26 PT
expose them
Take a picture of the t-shirt. Send it to newspaper reporters. Post it, so others can see the hypocrisy.
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Comment #1 posted by herbdoc215 on September 01, 2003 at 01:02:19 PT:
If it was murder then why isn't the body nearby?
Why would people who wanted to Rob Chris take his body and hide it, smells fishy and a cover-up from hell considering that our reporter called the HumCo sheriff 2 days ago and no words of this new story was disclosed at the time of this new robbery theory. I don't buy it, and my reward still stands. I can't see robbers dragging him beyond a few hundred yards unless they where the kind with shiny metal object attached to their shirts burying their evidense in their shiny black jackboots (they actually wear them, and these sadist HumCo piggers also made up t-shirts making fun of busting us patients at HRI and sold them:(. Unless outside pressure keeps up on DA and others this will just drift off into the ether just like them force injecting a patient of ours with thorizine in HumCo jail...then hanging him a couple of days later saying it was suicide, ya. Just like the guy they shot in IGA doorway in broad daylight...said he was reaching for his pocket which contained only a comb! Or filing 2 years worth of charges against me after I pressed criminal charges against Hanson and Lewis. The sheriff now is Phelps and he's the one in pic's putting mace into 16 yr old girls eyes with q-tips. There have been over 3 hangings I know of in HumCo jail just since I moved there. The "pink house" is what the sadistic bastards call it, EVERYTHING in it is painted pink??? Supposed to be behavior mod but I think it's just to drive people batshit! Is anybody out there who would not want heaven and earth moved if this was them, your son even? We must be able to effect change in instances like this so those who are on front lines feel as if we got their backs like soldiers do...we should learn to leave no soldier fallen, not one more! Peace, Steven Tuck
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