Police Bust Up Central Hillside Pot Operation!

Police Bust Up Central Hillside Pot Operation!
Posted by FoM on June 18, 1999 at 10:57:38 PT
By Matt Nelson News-Tribune staff writer 
Source: Duluth News
Police uncovered a marijuana-growing operation in Duluth's Central Hillside on Wednesday that was so large a city bus had to be called to haul away the 189 plants.
A tip from a citizen sent patrol officers to a duplex at 425 and 427 E. Sixth St.When narcotics investigators from Duluth Police's Special Investigations Unit and the Lake Superior Drug Task Force walked up to the door with a search warrant, they could smell the marijuana growing in the building's basement, said Sgt. Dennin Bauers.Officers entered the apartment about midnight Wednesday, Bauers said.Inside they found two men, James Ming, 27, and Josh Lambert, 20. The men were arrested and are expected to be charged with felonies for manufacturing marijuana.Ming and Lambert were arrested without incident and taken to St. Louis County Jail. Officers found 189 plants, some as tall as 7 feet, that had apparently been raised from seeds in the basement, Bauers said.``The walls were covered with tin foil to hold in the heat,'' Bauers said of the basement greenhouse. A sun lamp on a motorized track kept the plants green and healthy.``It was a cyclical grow,'' Bauers said, explaining that several generations of plants, from seedlings to mature harvestable plants, were found.A 7-foot marijuana plant, considered mature, takes four to five months to grow, Bauers said.There were packaging materials and other evidence of the operation upstairs, but police are still investigating evidence of dealing the drug.Bauers did not assign a monetary value to the marijuana seized. A multitude of factors, such as packaging and how and when the plants are weighed, affect the street value of marijuana, making its value difficult to determine.Bauers credited the citizen tipster and patrol officers who acted on the lead with making the arrests possible. ``They should get credit for this,'' he said.
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Comment #4 posted by BGreen on January 02, 2006 at 05:16:02 PT
Hockey pucks versus Cannabis
More people have died from hockey puck injuries in the past year than have died in the history of mankind as a direct result of the cannabis plant.Truth can be a bitch some times, can't it officer?Are your buddies going to outlaw hockey and those lethal projectiles that killed you? Or maybe they can drug test whoever launched the fatal shot, all the while praying for a positive result so they can exact the revenge of a murder charge against the "drug-crazed" killer.Nah, because truth nor justice ever entered into anything you and your kind have ever done.My wish for your friends and family is that they have the same comfort and good feelings as all of the families you've come in contact with in your career as a "drug warrior."Their prayer should be for much, MUCH better.The Reverend Bud Green
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Comment #3 posted by whig on January 02, 2006 at 01:43:52 PT
He got pucked in the head....
Sorry, had to say it.
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Comment #2 posted by observer on January 01, 2006 at 22:41:42 PT
Sgt. Dennin Bauers
When narcotics investigators from Duluth Police's Special Investigations Unit and the Lake Superior Drug Task Force walked up to the door with a search warrant, they could smell the marijuana growing in the building's basement, said Sgt. Dennin Bauers.
Duluth man hit by puck declared brain deadAssociated Press, The ForumPublished Monday, January 02, 2006DULUTH, Minn. – A retired police officer and youth hockey coach who was critically injured during a father-son game was declared brain dead Sunday and was being prepared for organ donation, his family said.Dennin Bauers, 52, was struck behind the left ear by a puck at around 9:30 a.m. Saturday, when about 20 high school players – mostly from Duluth Central High School – took on their fathers at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center. He was wearing a helmet, but collapsed and was taken to the hospital....The Duluth native was the commander of the Lake Superior Drug Task Force when he retired in 2004.§ion=Sports
"Dennin Bauers has served for 23 years, most recently as a supervisor in our Special Investigations Unit, which is responsible for all drug investigations within the city. He and his officers were responsible for hundreds of search warrants and drug arrests ...
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Comment #1 posted by Some Primus..... on June 18, 1999 at 13:23:33 PT
I going to give you a piece of my mind.....1) To the growers,      DAMN! Those were some kick ass strains! All the hard work you put into it. If the money/effort/time was going to your mothers(the lady that gave birth to you), you would be TOPS in their minds! Or if some FEMALE deemed it right to grow pot, then most men around you would deem it right just like you.(or at least those around you would gain grower's PRIDE and try to outdo you....NO MATTER WHAT THEIR LINE OF WORK THEY ARE IN, POLICE INCLUDED!!!!!!!2) To the residents,    I'd be waiting for the next set of CANNABIS growers(not marijuana, I speak not Spanish) to grow because Duluth is set near the water and the only "FRESH" oxygen comes from the trees that are inland. Cannabis throws out more Oxygen than.......well lets just enough to clear your lungs!!(no pun intended) 3) Dear Officers,   You guys are too good. I know of nobodyelse who carrries a gun, nightsticks, drives a V-8 car and hunts down farmers!!!!!! Farmers.....LOL But Hey We're dumb, take us for another law we created, that makes others go in the opposite direction. 4) To the Reporters,   WHERE BE DA PIX's(slang intended)....LOL  Pictures of those plants could make me go to the nearest Pipe store, local drug dealer(on the Blvd.), grocery store for munchies, and then service station for fuel(because I was out supporting the economy............I LUV U!!!!!!!  P.S.IF WE.......WHY WASTE MY BREATH 
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