Transcripts: Ethan Russo MD: Cannabis News Chat 

  Transcripts: Ethan Russo MD: Cannabis News Chat 

Posted by CN Staff on January 17, 2003 at 17:27:00 PT
Chat Date: January 10, 2003 
Source: Cannabis News Chat Transcripts with Ethan Russo MD from Janaury 10, 2003 special chat. Ethan Russo, MD, is a board-certified child and adult neurologist in Missoula, MT, and researcher in migraine, ethnobotany, medicinal plants, cannabis and cannabinoids in pain management, and the therapeutic applications of Schedule I plants and chemicals.
Dr. Russo holds faculty positions as adjunct associate professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Montana, and clinical associate professor in the Department of Medicine of the University of Washington. He has published numerous articles in scientific journals and is the author of Handbook of Psychotropic Herbs: A Scientific Analysis of Herbal Preparations for Psychiatric Conditions. He is co-editor with Franjo Grotenhermen of the book, Cannabis and Cannabinoids: Pharmacology, Toxicology and Therapeutic Potential, and author of the novel, The Last Sorcerer: Echoes of the Rainforest, all from Haworth Press. Dr. Russo is the founding editor of Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics: Studies in Endogenous, Herbal and Synthetic Cannabinoids, whose charter issue was released in January 2001. Two double-issues are also published as books, Cannabis Therapeutics in HIV/AIDS, and Women and Cannabis: Medicine. Begin Edited Transcripts: Richard: Hi, everyone. FoM: Hi Richard and Everyone Lindy: Greetings all from beautiful British Columbia Olafur: greetings from oversees to you all AlvinCool: I'm in AWE someone from BC The GCW: Thank You FoM and Dr. and all , from the Green Collar Worker Ethan: It appears that the place is filling up fast. That's nice. First, I'd like to say how happy I am about the news from Canada. It is wonderful that they are blazing the trail on this issue, and they deserve all our support. boppy: Hello Ethan. Truth: I see a traffic jam coming FoM: Dr. Russo I want you to feel comfortable telling us whatever you want. This is your chat. Lindy: We're getting results in Canada, but thru the courts... maninthejar: Thank you for this chat, Dr Russo Ric: its all happening so fast in Canada, or so it seems ... could it be that we've waited long enough? Ethan: Does anyone have a questions that they'd like to ask. urotsuki: Ethan, what in particular? I heard that the Flin Flon mine's wares were being supplanted by NIDA's 2.4% schwag. Is this true? Ric: Ric from Green Cross .... g'devening ethan Had_Enough: How will it effect blood pressure? 140-160 over 80-90 TecHnoCult: Do you think that MJ is safer for migraines than Emetrex? boppy: My neurologist told me not to worry about my cannabis consumption. But to watch the alcohol. You agree? Ric: How might I convince our co op members that single-delivery is just as effective as consuming an entire joint? maninthejar: Arthritis? FoM: Dr. Russo how do you feel about the events happening this week in Canada? Richard_Lake: Please, one question at a time. Ethan: Let me address the Flin Flon issue. The case in Canada just failed to address what would happen to the first crop. There was some fine material, and the legal exemptees would like to have it available. Ethan: Yes, I think that cannabis is potentially safer for migraines than Imitrex (sumatriptan), but you do not get arrested for the latter! urotsuki: Indeed. Ric: heh charmed_quark: If most doctors in the USA won't even prescribe Marinol, what hope is there for cannabis? TecHnoCult: My wife has bad migraines charmed_quark: Cannabis is the only drug I've tried in 16 years that works for my migraines. TecHnoCult: good point charmed_quark (awesome name, BTW) Ethan: American doctors need a great deal of education on this issue, and I hope to help there, but the resistance is fantastic. Once things are liberalized in Canada, and patients are demanding change here, the doctors will have to pay attention. boppy: I had one seizure, neurologist said to watch the alcohol but cannabis was no problem. maninthejar: What do you think about edible cannabis for toe numbness and osteoarthritis? It helped once. TecHnoCult: Is Marinol effective for migraines? george: would you say Dr Russo, that the single bullet mentality is well paid for in America. Hard for something so good to be used . No way to profit. Ethan: Yes, alcohol and seizures do not mix. Cannabis has at least two ingredients that reduce seizures: CBD and THC. charmed_quark: Is it's seizure reducing potential related to how it works on migraines? Susan: Couldn't the drug companies sell pills that were different combinations of cannabinoids? TecHnoCult: CBD have been isolated in the latest Phase III trials, right? urotsuki: I disagree...with the USA having to follow Canada's lead, that is. It would seem that Hutchinson and Brown's DEA regime (as well as the ONDCP's JP Walters) has made it abundantly clear that they would rather threaten trade restrictions than listen to the Canadian govt's "Reefer Madness". Ethan: Single bullets = standard pharmaceuticals. Cannabis is an herbal remedy with multiple synergistic ingredients. American doctors are not used to the idea. charmed_quark: What do you think of GWPharmaceuticals development of various whole cannabis sublingual sprays? urotsuki: And the American pharmaceutical industry would rather see it dismissed outright for just that reason. maninthejar: My doc said there was not enough research. Ric: not enough research into ...? maninthejar: cannabis for pain TecHnoCult: Do pharmaceutical companies get involved with doctors during medical school? (meaning are they lobbied early on) Lindy: As a legal exemptee in Canada, my dosage is 5 grams per day, I'd love to have choices as to strains and so forth, I think there will be profits for growers with their own medicinal strains and the market is there. It will be taxed. Ethan: I think that GW Pharmaceuticals latest trials are the best data we have at the moment to counter the Schedule I lie. See for their results in MS and neuropathic pain. george: any interesting finds have come from your study of Gov patients? Ethan: Yes, med students meet the drug reps early on! FoM: Does Cannabis have any benefit for people with Muscular Dystrophy? Had_Enough: What effect would it have on patients with high blood pressure (140-160 over 80-90). current Dr. prescribes expensive medication (pills) Ethan: There are different types of muscular dystrophy. Certainly cannabis will reduce pain and spasm. Perhaps it will turn out to reduce muscle cell death as well. Olafur: Ethan, here in Sweden they claim a great percentages of first time Cannabis users get severe psychosis. My assertion is that it is due to the extreme prohibition climate . Any comments on current research? FoM: Thank You Dr. Russo Ethan: Cannabis initially may raise BP (excitement) but mostly lowers it. Had_Enough: thank you TecHnoCult: Yes, thank you Ethan Had_Enough: Effects on people with Hep C with cyrogluobinimiea. Ethan: Olafur, unfortunately, your great country is beset by reefer madness. There still is no real evidence that cannabis produces psychosis in those not already susceptible. TecHnoCult: What would you say the average doctor's point of view is on MMJ? TecHnoCult: physician, I should say Ethan: The average MD is totally ignorant or biased on the subject. We need to start from scratch. Unfortunately, few attend conferences on the subject. As GW and other studies are published, things will change slowly. Lindy: Dr. Russo what would you say is the "safest" way to ingest medicinal marijuana? Ric: knowing single-delivery is as effective for most folks in regards to relief, can you suggest a way .. a report .. even anecdotal evidence I could provide co op members to get them away from consuming so much smoke? charmed_quark: How about sublingual tinctures? Lscottandrews: I am thankful that you have taken the time to answer questions. I am a skeptic and new to the CN realm, can you give one some resources to research your credentials. Lscottandrews: I apologize if my request seems rude. Ethan: I am not a fan of smoking. I believe that sublingual tinctures and vaporizers are a big improvement. Oral use is fair, but hard to titrate and slow to onset. It is still a lot better than Marinol, an expensive and difficult drug. boris: ethan... what about mental illness... does marijuana have medical value for schizophrenia, depression, mania, or other mental disorders Ric: I agree Lindy: thank you Lscottandrews: What are sublingual tinctures? maninthejar: I'm developing a new vaporizer... TecHnoCult: under the tongue I believe Ric: some folks feel as though they need the immediate efficacy of inhalation, and we try to explain about the smoke .. I was just looking for something maybe I could print up and give them. urotsuki: Ethan, how does the US NDSAC justify Marinol's Schedule III status if cannabis (with it's supposedly "inactive" ingredients) is Schedule I? charmed_quark: Alcohol extracts. You put drops under the tongue and get direct blood stream absorption. Lscottandrews: Thanks quark. derek: What is the cost of Marinol? Lscottandrews: I will stick with the vaporizer. Ethan: Boris, you need to read my chapter on cannabis in Handbook of Psychotropic Herbs. I can probably send it to anyone who drops me an E-mail. As to my credentials, I went to an Ivy League college, an American medical school, two residencies, have written 2 books, edited 3 more, and have written about 20 articles. I never exaggerate either! Richard_Lake: Dr. Russo is the medical advisor for Cannabis Health magazine , editor of The Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics: and was a Primary Investigator for the study Chronic Cannabis Use in the Compassionate Investigational New Drug (IND) Program: An Examination of Benefits and Adverse Effects of Legal Clinical Cannabis: AlvinCool: My sister died of a brain tumor and so did my grandfather, most of my older relatives have contracted some form of cancer and I'm afraid it may run in my gene pool. Can cannabis help me with this type of problem? I had read a study done in Spain that seems to indicate it would but I'm not sure. FoM: Dr. Russo is a good person. We are so very lucky to have him on our side. Ethan: Marinol costs about $8-17 per pill depending on size. It's no bargain. maninthejar: what temp does cannabis vaporize at? Lscottandrews: Which schools? TecHnoCult: FOM, yes we are very lucky! AlvinCool: 185 degrees The GCW: Dr. if cannabis grew wild, everywhere, as it used to, would America have lower cancer rates? And would there be any benefits healthwise otherwise? maninthejar: thanks Lscottandrews: I have no doubt about that, it is just that I do tend to make decisions based on evidence. derek: And for the gov to grow cost $0.01 per gram? charmed_quark: Dr. Russo - have you seen any research about the best THC/CBD ratios for migraines? boppy: The govt chooses to sanction tobacco. maninthejar: could it help us quit tobacco? Lscottandrews: I ask many questions, because I have a friend in her third year of Med School, and I was curious about some things, to ask her about as well. maninthejar: Ibogaine? Ethan: Lscott, E-mail me and I'll send my CV if you are so particular! Cannabis vaporizes at 157 degrees Celsius. Leaf burns at about 200. About the same temp as THC boils, the essential oils do too, so vaporization delivers pinene, caryophyllene, limonene and other valuable ingredients. TecHnoCult: Dr. Russo, I have bipolar disorder. I use cannabis to relieve some of the anxiety issues. However, can cannabis contribute to depression problems? urotsuki: Dr. Russo, would you mind addressing the vaporizer issue further? Is there any recent evidence suggesting a decrease in harmful constituents vs pyrolized CANNA? george._m: Dr Russo, Is it possible after Long term smoking no evidence of damage was found in legal patients studied attributable to mj? TecHnoCult: Good question manithejar. To broaden, is it a good treatment for any addiction problems? Lscottandrews: No problem, what is the address? Ethan: The THC/CBD ratio has not been worked out for migraine. I think that both are key to relief, and particularly CBD may help with prevention. For more on vaporizers, see Dale Gieringer's article on it in Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics 1(3-4) and also JCANT 3(1) will have an interview with Markus Storz, who makes the exceptional Volcano vaporizers. Lscottandrews: What is opinion about canabinoid receptors? Ethan: Bipolar disorder and cannabis are discussed in Dr. Grinspoons article in J. of Psychoactive Drugs in 1999. See the PubMed WWW site. It isterrific for finding articles, even if the government runs it! TecHnoCult: Ethan, did you get the questions about addiction treatment? maninthejar: Go to Richard_Lake: JCANT = The Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics: Ethan: My E-mail is: erusso To be honest, I am getting overwhelmed so serious questions only. JCANT is Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics. This chat won't let me paste URL's so I may need Richard's help. Had_Enough: How about the effects on patients with Hep C with cyrogluobinimiea? Patient had adverse effects with Interferon/Rebetol; patient has arthritis/osteoporosis, as well and cannot use steroids, due to liver damage. She also has occasional migraine headaches. urotsuki: Thank you Dr. Russo. hoofheartedinPR: yes...What of Hep C ? Richard_Lake: Note: I will provide Dr. Russo with a copy of the transcript of this chat so that he can add URLs or anything he thinks appropriate before passing it to FoM for web posting. Lscottandrews: Take your time, we are in no hurry, at least I don't think we are. Ethan: Addiction is a hot issue right now. I believe that cannabis is less likely to produce dependency than heroin, cocaine, alcohol, nicotine or caffeine. In fact, it helps treat other addictions. See Dreher's study in JCANT 2(3-4) concerning crack in Jamaica, and a study by da Silveira in Brazil in 1999 in J. of Psychoactive Drugs. maninthejar: not me. FoM: Thank you Richard charmed_quark: Why so little media coverage about GWPharms successful whole cannabis trials for MS and neurologic? pain treatments. You'd think there would be a big discussion as this is a significant breakthrough. I'm quite bewildered about this. AlvinCool: I was serious when I said that cancer runs in my family. I know that studies published in Spain helped shrink tumors but can cannabis help me from contracting cancer in the first place? I seriously can't talk to a doctor in the US about this. Lscottandrews: How long are we running this evening? Ethan: Charmed Quark, I like you. You ask good questions. I think that our news is censored, and there is a major bias against cannabis. That should change when these studies are published in mainstream journals. However, most new drugs come out these days without such publication. TecHnoCult: Censored by corporate execs, or gov. types? Lscottandrews: I was hoping to read a response such as that to Quark's question. charmed_quark: Is this also true in Europe and England. canyoudigit: dr Russo what are your thoughts on knot having pot for people that don't have any illness. Richard_Lake: Dr. Russo and friends. We normally record these guest chats for about an hour, unless our guest wishes to continue longer. maninthejar: Is there any current studies about cannabis in the US? Lscottandrews: Thanks Richard Ethan: There is major evidence of cannabis benefits on gliomas (brain tumors), leukemic cells, and breast cancer. THC promotes apoptosis or programmed cell death, killing malignant cells, and cutting off their blood supply. It does not harm normal cells. TecHnoCult: Canyoudigit, good question, I guess meaning, what is your opinion of recreational use? FoM: Thanks Richard canyoudigit: yes AlvinCool: Appreciate that. Thanks george._m: Dr Russo as A leading Scientist in America, How does it feel to have the lawyers and burrocats telling you what is and is not medicine you can use to heal? Matt: What are your thoughts on Dr. Malamede's theory that endogenous cannabinoids help people adapt to new experiences? Ethan: I do not like it when politicians claim to know more about medicine than I do, but they make the rules. We have to change the rules. Petey: Do you often speak publicly? Ethan: Yes, I talk a lot! Had_Enough: Can there be enhanced liver damage to patients with hep C? Ric: haha ethan maninthejar: would cannabis oil extract help shrink a small tumor on my wife's arm?after surgery/1/4" Dean_Becker: Dr. Russo, I must go soon, but I really appreciate your breadth of knowledge re drugs and the fact you would take time to share with us. My one question, what information could I share with other physicians to help them see that cannabis is good medicine? Matt: Dr. Russo, what do you think of GW Pharmaceutics? Brave pioneers or corporate monopolists? charmed_quark: Both!!! Ethan: Current evidence indicates that cannabis helps Hep C by reducing nausea, and likely by reducing immunological damage to the liver. A study is in progress by Phil Lucas and a researcher in San Francisco. canyoudigit: righton Ethan: Dean, give them good articles to read. Suggest they use them and see what happens. Dean_Becker: Thank you sir. urotsuki: Dr. Russo, can you comment as to the continuing lack of potency/quality of NIDA cannabis? Do you think this is deliberately undermining/sabotaging clinical trials? Ethan: Matt, honestly, I am a consultant to GW Pharmaceuticals. They are brave pioneers, and have no intent nor illusions about being a monopoly. That is not possible, and there will always be those that prefer to grow their own, just as some make their own beer. There is room for everyone. Matt: Less than 10 per cent :-) Dean_Becker: Dr. Russo, one last follow up. Who would they listen to, what Doctor of renown would they respect? Lscottandrews: Is the notion of cannabinoid receptors in humans a sham or is that true or is there not enough evidence. Matt: What are your thoughts on Dr. Malamede's theory that endogenous cannabinoids help people adapt to new experiences? Ric: true TecHnoCult: To expand on Dean's question, what has being a proponent of mmj done to your professional reputation? george._m: and as we speak, gov legal patients amt and strength is being dropped. all below 3 % now, smoke more less relief , Ethan: NIDA cannabis is extremely poorly manicured. See the Chronic Use Study. I do not consider it medical grade, and there is no excuse for it. It does not require much to strain out the stems and seeds. Petey: How can we help get you more media exposure? Ethan: Yes, cannabis alters consciousness and some people see things in different ways, so I agree that occurs. george._m: ethan , when the gov cleans they just remove all material that might have seed or stem. All buds gone. Matt: Based on rat studies, Malamede theorized that people lacking cannabinoids, such as drug warriors, are deficient in cannabinoids. Matt: I meant, people afraid of change. TecHnoCult: What has being a proponent of medical cannabis done to your professional reputation? observer: Any suspicion that NIDA is deliberately using stems and seeds and low-THC weed to "prove" the dangers of cannabis smoke? Ethan: TCH, I suppose that I have lost some referrals in my area. I am better known elsewhere. It could be one of those unrecognized prophet deals, if that is not too conceited. I can only do what I feel is right. My colleagues are not much into other herbs, either, but I use them extensively in my practice. Had_Enough: Dr. Russo, thank you very much for the unselfish work you are doing for mankind. I have to leave for now, and will look for thetranscripts. Cannada: I often hear that it is unhealthy to consume cannabis by smoking. How carcinogenic or dangerous is it really, considering that something like tobacco is carcinogenic even if not smoked (ie chewing tobacco) whereas unsmoked cannabis is not? Ryan: Dr. Russo I am the guy in Sacramento that has mailed out your study to the entire congress and Ca State Ledg Dean_Becker: Dr. Russo, I must leave now, I shall look forward to the final transcript, thank you so much! The GCW: Dr. if cannabis was simply growing wild, everywhere in America, like it used to..., would Our cancer rates go down or would there be any other health benefits? TecHnoCult: Thanks Ethan. That give us an insight into the mind of American physicians. Matt: Any tips on how might we make other doctors more open to natural health products? They keep saying they need more studies. Dave: FoM- I just wanted to say Thank You! for all your effort at C-News. Ethan: Cannabis is less carcinogenic than tobacco. Both have tar, but nicotine actually promotes tumors, while THC helps prevent them. I recommend vaporization or tinctures over smoking. Matt: Perhaps the GW product will help in this regard. FoM: You're welcome Dave Ethan: Ryan, I greatly admire your contribution and thank you for it. DoctorDave: Dr. Russo, can you comment on what is happening in Canada right now with trial judges declaring the cannabis possession law invalid, as well as access to MMJ for Canadian patients? How about the Canadian Senate Report? Do you see this as having an effect in the U.S. or the International Community? Might this lead to a change in U.N. policy? Cannada: Thank you TecHnoCult: Yes, it seems that doctors really don't like any homeopathic medicine Ethan: Canada rules, Drug War drools. Ryan: Thank you for putting something so powerful together! TecHnoCult: Yes, thank observer, because he put a lot of work into this. TecHnoCult: and FoM too :) george._m: here is a dr telling you he believes and that there is evidence to make him believe. No evidence is too lazy too look. urotsuki: Observer, an excellent - if not wholly paranoid - question. Dr. Russo? Any suspicion that NIDA is deliberately using stems and seedsand low-THC weed to "prove" the dangers of cannabis smoke? TecHnoCult: And of course, Dr. Russo! maninthejar: Proud to be a part of this! TecHnoCult: I have had the same question, urotsuki. Ethan: I cannot comment on NIDA's motivation except to say they have done absolutely nothing to help research on therapeutic cannabis. charmed_quark: It seems like ther impede research. urotsuki: Would you classify their influence as counterproductive?Matt: Abrahms :-( boppy: NIDA does more to oil the propaganda machine. maninthejar: The prohibs. TecHnoCult: Well, they wouldn't give Canada any seeds, if that tells you anything. Probably for the best. Unless G-13 is really good and it's just their incompetence that makes it bad. Matt: NIDA is getting a new head honcho Lscottandrews: Would I be wrong in concluding that because you seem to believe that THC consumption reduces cancer cells that there is no such thing as recreational use in your book? Ethan: NIDA reminds people that they are supposed to prevent drug abuse. To the US government all use of cannabis is abuse. This is not realistic. All medicines have good and bad points, even ones that are illegal. Matt: Big on addiction is a disease paradigm. AlvinCool: Might I say that our government might feel threatened if everyone became free thinkers as a possible answer as to their blocking true cannabis research. Boastasmowl: cannabis=good preventative medicine Trippin: there are no addicts... only patients Ric: Any thoughts on the disproportionate numbers of chronic MS sufferers relocating to the northwest? by this I'm asking - do you feel it is simply because of the wealth of neurologists available out here, or could it also be our reputation for tolerance of 'non-traditional' therapies like cannabis? Matt: Zero tolerance is so rigid if you bend it might break. canyoudigit: dr russo is there any proof that pot can relieve chronic back problems? Petey: How do you think Ritalin compares to cannabis in treatment of attention deficit ADHD? Ethan: The recreational issue keeps coming up. I believe that cannabis should be legal. Period. I believe cannabis is safer than alcohol. urotsuki: "NIDA's mission is to lead the Nation in bringing the power of science to bear on drug abuse and addiction." charmed_quark: I fear that in the long run, medical use want be widespread until it is legalized and people can treat it like an herbal medicine. Lscottandrews: The government is already threatened with this limited number of free thinkers already out here. Matt: What regulatory model do you favour Dr. R? Ethan: Petey, I have some patients with ADHD that swear that cannabis helps. This really deserves study. Matt: Chris Clay has an exemption for ADHD george._m: Dr Russo speaking in your profession would you agree evidence points to a natural part of man being found in a plant might in some way relate the two? some how making the man only using what he needs fom nature? Ethan: Matt, this deserves a treatise, not 4 lines. Let's talk. canyoudigit: ethan your right Matt: :-) Lscottandrews: We have heard the benefits, can you tell me the negative effects of Marijuana use by means of a vaporizer? If you have already answered this I apologize for not keeping up. Nancy: Good evening Dr, Russo - do you think cannabis helps with depression? Matt: I'm doing an article on GW. I'd like to corner you sometime. Ethan: Cannabis and man have co-evolved over thousands of years. It is a spectacular medicine of unparalleled scope and utility. It is fascinating. TecHnoCult: Actually, I would love to hear from someone without an agenda to demonize cannabis, what the real risks are. george._m: Thank you dr Russo , I agree , and sure am glad you think that way . thanks Lindy: and so well said. Ric: yes that - fascinating medicine FoM: Very Nice Dr. Russo Ethan: Negative effects of vaporizers: one could get too stoned if too much were used. It would be a temporary condition. Vaporization merely removes any of the respiratory sequelae. TecHnoCult: funny Ethan Lscottandrews: Thank you. charmed_quark: does it affect the THC/CBD ratios? Matt: Do vaporizers get *all* the good stuff? george._m: merely ? Dr Russo , I have some problems . vaporizers do not work for me? Matt: Tried a volcano George? AlvinCool: Is it possible that as man and cannabis co-evolved cannabis, due to the cannabis receptors we have, actually helped man become "aware"? maninthejar: not the right temp canyoudigit: they work very well Matt: More likely mushrooms Alvin Ethan: Vaporizers, if set properly should deliver all the cannabinoids and terpenoid essential oil components. Apigenin, a flavonoid, probably gets in as well. TecHnoCult: Alvin, are you asking if it is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? :) AlvinCool: We don't have mushroom receptors Matt Lscottandrews: Where can I find some research about these cannabis receptors? I keep hearing about them I would like to see or read something for myself. maninthejar: lol Ethan: Alvin Cool, that's a neat question, but one whose answer we cannot know. Some believe. Cannada: I'm very much in favour of cannabis, but for the sake of balance, what, if any, are some contraindications of cannabis? urotsuki: Incarceration. jsm: lol Ric: raphael mechoulam and ester fride working out of israel LscottAndrews .. start there, k? Boastasmowl: lscottandrews, they are referred to as CB1 and CB2 when you are doing research on receptors. AlvinCool: Somewhat Tech but really if it's part of our evolution aren't we changing what we are becoming by zero tolerance? Changing evolution Lscottandrews: All believe something. Matt: Ethan: LScott, please see my bibliographies, or read Cannabis and Cannabinoids: Pharmacology, Toxicology and Therapeutic Potential. george._m: Chronic Cannabis study is good for long term use of a totally gov controlled substance The GCW: 3rd attempt... Dr. is it realistic to assume if cannabis grew wild, like it used to that Our counties cancer rates would lower? Would there be other health benefits of cannabis simply growing wild. From the GCW. Lscottandrews: Thanks all. AlvinCool: One of the reasons I bring it up is if we are changing our evolution by prohibition of cannabis it could explain why cancer is so rampant now in the US where once it wasn't. maninthejar: too many seeds charmed_quark: What's the best way to use cannabis that minimizes the "high" (not that there is anything wrong with that while still giving good benefits? Oral? Ethan: Cannabis is contraindicated in few situations, such as overt psychosis, active coronary disease, etc. I believe it will be very versatile and safe in medical use, but requires respect. People need to start slowly, and titrate to control symptoms. maninthejar: slowly is the keyword... Ethan: Minimizing the high comes about by titration. Virgil: If Canadian laws fall, what will it take for GW Pharma's products to be recognized under federal programs or will Canada make their own? maninthejar: learned the hard way Boastasmowl: Ethan, I have been an every day user for 20 years now. Have I hurt my brain or memory in any permanent way? Cannada: Thank you Dr. Russo Matt: 9 months after UK approval Matt: 6 months after UK for the rest of the EU Matt: 5 years for GW in US :-( maninthejar: Too long maninthejar: to wait derek: Thank You Dr Russo Ethan: GW plans to submit a dossier to the Medicines Control Agency in the UK this year. Hopefully it would be approved in 3-6 months. It should then be available in Western Europe in another 3 months. Canada hopefully will reciprocate. I hope that FDA will accept the data. maninthejar: Thank you Dr Russo Petey: Do you think the cannabis community could be co-opted if cannabis were legalized? Ameliorated? charmed_quark: I'm getting very tired of waiting for my medication to be legal. Richard_Lake: Dr. Russo, we have been at it an hour with a superb audience. Do you wish to continue a little longer, or stop for the night? We can do this again whenever you would like. Lscottandrews: Thanks Dr Russo. AlvinCool: Appreciate your being here Dr. Russo DoctorDave: Dr. Russo, can you compare the benefits and disadvantages of eating vs. vaporizing / smoking? Ethan: Boastasmowl. See the Chronic Use Study for more info. Michael: Good question!! Matt: Not in 4 sentences :-) Boastasmowl: ok. thank you. maninthejar: Your studies have helped alot Richard_Lake: Chronic Use Study = Chronic Cannabis Use in the Compassionate Investigational New Drug (IND) Program: An Examination of Benefits and Adverse Effects of Legal Clinical Cannabis: TecHnoCult: Every heard of Optic Nerve Matt: Eating stimulates ^8 THC TecHnoCult: Diplacia? Ethan: Eating is slower, and longer, harder to titrate. Smoking is fast, but irritates throat and lungs. Vaporization and sublingual tinctures seem to combine the best features. Ric: Seattle Green Cross Patient Co op thanks you IMMENSELY for this evening Dr Russo ... we need more of you Ric: thank you from me too Ric: ;-) TecHnoCult: Optic Nerve Displacia charmed_quark: I'd just like to say that Dr. Russo's article in Pain was what first got me to try cannabis for my migraines. Totally changed my life. Thanks Dr. Russo Olafur: Ethan et al. - thank you so much ! We have a long way to go in Sweden to even be able to talk openly about these issues! maninthejar: Thank you Sweden! Petey: Any predictions of which major country will legalize next? How bout Mexico? boppy: At last, a real Doctor! Thanks, Doc! AlvinCool: I do have a curiosity. When Canada did their study they defined heavy cannabis users at 3500 joints a year. Can someone really use that much, real cannabis not the nida junk, and still function? TecHnoCult: My brother has Optic Nerver Displacia, which results in seizures. But they are different than epileptic seizures. Might cannabis help? Ryan: Thanks Doc. Ric: yes alvin Ethan: THC has very interesting effects on vision. It helps glaucoma. I hopefully will have a new paper out in a few months with interesting new research findings. AlvinCool: amazing DoctorDave: Dr. Russo I'd like to let you know that cannabis has been extremely effective in controlling migraines / nausea, and thanks for your research in that area! maninthejar: My eyes hurt TecHnoCult: Well, he is legally blind FoM: I agree amazing canyoudigit: its not hard Matt: How might cannabis effect myopia? maninthejar: regular user Ethan: I think that I should sign off now, but thank everyone for participating. Cheers. TecHnoCult: Thanks Dr. Russo! observer: thanks Dr Russo!! :-) Frank: Can't wait to see the paper on Glaucoma, Dr. Russo! Lindy: Thank you doctor AlvinCool: Thanks again maninthejar: thanx Boastasmowl: 3500 joints == 9 joints a day == 9 grams/day? Cannada: Much appreciated boppy: THANKS! Richard_Lake: Thank You Dr. Russo derek: Thanks again Ric: therapeutic cannabis is truly is an amazing therapy for folks that have suffered thru many years of 'traditional' therapies .. amazing in its true definition FoM: Thank You Dr. Russo! What a wonderful chat! Lscottandrews: 'preciate it. Michael: Nice to see you!! Bye Dr. Russo.Source: Chat RoomTranscripts: January 10, 2003Website: Chat With Ethan Russo M.D. Medical Marijuana Archives 

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A Note and A Big Thanks
OK here goes. I want to share something very important that I've known about for a while now. I was asked by NORML to be on a panel at the Conference in San Francisco this April. I am flattered because one of the people that is going to be on the panel is Richard Cowan. I respect his work and it would be wonderful to meet him personally. I weighed everything and I don't think I can do it but maybe when they get the Conference back on the east coast I will be able to get away because it is much closer then San Francisco for me. I understand the need to have the Conference in San Francisco. California is the hearbeat of the Cannabis Reform Movement and that is exactly where it should be. I love doing news and am very happy being able to do what I do here everyday. My heart will be in San Francisco just like it was last year but this is my job here on CNews and I take it very seriously. I won't be able to meet Richard Cowan at the Conference but SURPRISE Richard Cowan and I are setting up a special chat with him real soon. Isn't that cool! I'll let you know in advance when it is going to be scheduled. If You're Going To San Francisco:
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Comment #15 posted by FoM on January 19, 2003 at 10:44:01 PT

Thank you. I've said this before and I'll say it again because it is important. One person can't do much. I had a dream of doing news related to Cannabis but I didn't have a web site or any skill just a dream. Ron Bennett made Cannabis News and ultimately gave it to me. Then Mapinc. took over hosting the site for me and then Matt Elrod added cool features like the recent comment section and more. Now we have our own chat room. Richard Lake taught me the importance of identifying the articles with correct copyright information and how to look for articles when I was a Newshawk for Mapinc. that would help the reform movement. Since then time, experience, trial and error and what I call stickability comes in to play. If a person has a dream it might come true if we work together. Understanding that we make mistakes as does everyone. Be kind to one another just like we would be with a close friend even when they might have let us down. No one is perfect but we can always strive for perfection. That's how I see this big picture. Keep your good attitude and your dreams will come true too!
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Comment #13 posted by Ethan Russo MD on January 19, 2003 at 10:35:02 PT:

My Thanks
My thanks to everyone involved. Everyone can do something. They also serve that stand and spout off at an unfeeling goverment.
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Comment #12 posted by Jerr-man on January 19, 2003 at 10:31:04 PT

Thank you all !!!!
 Dr.Russo,you are a great friend to the movement.
 FoM,this could not be done without you.
 Richard Lake,wow,your everywhere.
 It is people like you three that inspire me to do the   most I can.
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Comment #11 posted by paul peterson on January 18, 2003 at 17:29:07 PT

Dear Ethan: I spoke with the people at Buena Vista University (Storm Lake, Ia.) and they will let me know in a week if they will do a "Medical Marijuana" Symposium this spring for us. I mentioned your name and Carla Offenburger liked the idea of having a medical specialist in a four part expose (with a few antis of course). I'll get you some potential dates for your availability (and further discussion, etc.). Barb says hi, they want her to take vitamins and I have encouraged her to try E3Live (Klamouth (sp) Lake algae, high in Omega 3's & 6's, etc.). I even got my 90 year old mom to try "tea", she swears the forgetfulness has gone away after three days only!Good work reporting so quickly on the skin cancer reports which give stunning clarity to this isse. In Illinois things seem to be heating up quite nicely even in advance of any contact with the new administration, of course I will report in as soon as things pop here. Good chat transcript, keep up the good work. PAUL PETERSON
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Comment #10 posted by FoM on January 18, 2003 at 14:11:31 PT

How about I just delete comment 7 for you so people see why it's missing and I won't need to explain it again to anyone? A little lol is a little laugh and an LOL is a big laugh to me! LOL! is my favorite expression! I've always loved it!PS: I have a special person that will be doing a chat with us in the near future. I won't say who it is until I'm sure it is ok. Just a little suspense! Have a nice weekend!
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Comment #9 posted by p4me on January 18, 2003 at 13:56:23 PT

I see now where I offered the world an optional way of spelling question below. But can you believe I look up the definition to incredible to post it and still misspelled it? Anyway you may want to delete this comment and comment7.Is lol small laughs? LOL! or is that lol!
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Comment #8 posted by p4me on January 18, 2003 at 13:47:15 PT

Marinol addition with correct color to comment7
It certainly is wonderful that Dr. Russo would take the time to answer questions for Cnewsers. Dr. Russo answers questins for Cannabis Health Journal- - and his Q&A section in the last issue was posted at Cnews and can be found at the Cannabis Health Journal Webpage- The Journal comes out bi-monthly. I could not readily determine the month of release from the website but it is about time for the next edition. Here is one paragraph from their homepage.The Cannabis Health Foundation is a non-profit organization and was formed in the spring of 2002. The foundation is dedicated to promoting the safe medicinal use of cannabis as medicine, research into the efficacy and genetics of cannabis, supporting and protecting the rights of the medical cannabis patients and educating the public on medical marijuana issues."I just try to pick up some things about cannabis all along and their are many things I will learn in time as sources like GWP release data. The above answered some questions but really raises many more than were answered.First I would like to ask Dr. Russo or anyone that can answer how you submit a question to the Journal for submission for publication. I would guess it is the Contact Us link at the website. and secondly I would like to mention the International Association for Cannabis as Medicine that Dr. Russo brought to our attention last year - - with the English link here- Like its name implies, it is internatioal in scope and is headquartered in Cologne, Germany. Every two weeks it adds one more question and answer to its FAQ and that resource would be the first place on the Internet I looked for answers about medical information on cannabis.I was hoping that the recent skin cancer research could have been addressed as a single topic for a while and it did not even come up. has not put anything up aout it. I do not think they ever will because it appears to me to be slick marketing by our pill companies to sell the trademarked product, INTRON® A. I read the website and it answers right much about melanoma, but it doesn't talk much about black spots that are not melanoma. I am sure the answer to any question like that is see a doctor and have a biopsy done to see if it is malignant.I guess I should formulate a question and send it in to Dr. Russo. I will atleast draft my issue here. I find it unusual too that CBDs are Schedule 1 in the US. My main interest was the Schedule One Lie, Obviously there is need of the term Schedule One LiesNow this issue has come up here one time when Dr. Russo previously mentioned the Schedule 1 classification of CBD. He also mentioned CBG, which I hope to hear more about as real research is done and published. He also mentioned one more CB? which I will guess the letter C. So there is the CBD Schedule One Lie and I speculate on a CBG Schedule One Lie and a CBC? Schedule One Lie. Now I am pretty much certain there is a THC Schedule One Lie, which is just incredable in the true sense of the word(So implausible as to elicit disbelief) because of the Schedule 3 classification of Marinol. Good grief, I need a doctor to help me define what all the Schedule One Lies are. How do these bastards get away with these lies?But to get past the lies we know we are told, I wonder about CBDs in particular to the situation of legally grown hemp in Canada. If CBDs can help migraines it seems like they would be selling hemp buds as herbal remedies although the pill companies would surely fight at the mention of that idea and they probably already have the Canadian laws to protect the citizenry from growing such a dangerous plant or purchasing something that is as cheap as garlic. Just think of all the migraines that went without anything in years past. Which I have heard of recent breakthroughs in medical products but who knows exactly how effective they are and what the side effects are? I wouldn't take any drug unless it had been on the market for 5 years unless I was terminal. My broad question is "What ailments would the buds of legally grown Canadian hemp aid?" I think it a big question.Well a Google search for "Schedule One Lies" will probably bring up one result. Cnewsers, as soon as we can figure them all out, we need to change that.
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Comment #6 posted by FoM on January 18, 2003 at 10:47:09 PT

Hi Ron
Thanks! Doing transcripts takes a lot of time but it was worth it. It shows me how much people care. I am not a chat person either and have only been to the CNews chat once since Dr. Russo's special chat. I enjoy the chat when I go and do a lot of laughing which is nice when you need to relax. I have contacted a person that I would like to have as a guest and maybe another special chat will be set up soon. I have a mental list of people I would love to have come and visit in a special chat but one day at a time. Winter is a time for drug policy activists to think and regroup and rest up for what will happen in the coming year. The news concerning Cannabis is slow but important. Hope to see you at the next chat we have in the future!
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Comment #5 posted by Ron Bennett on January 18, 2003 at 09:43:30 PT

Appears to Have Been An Insightful Chat Session
Appears to have been an insightful and interesting chat session based on the transcript. I'm not much into chat, and missed this one, but will definitely make an effort to attend the next one since it appears to be worthwhile.Ronp.s. FoM- the transcript looks fine from here :)

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Comment #4 posted by FoM on January 17, 2003 at 18:34:23 PT

Thanks The GCW
Good link!
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Comment #3 posted by The GCW on January 17, 2003 at 18:29:10 PT

...Cannada - the Flin Flon issue...
This came out in Boulder, Colorado yesterday, and will be at the stands for a week.Canada, O Canada Boulder Weekly; Section: In Case You Missed It.
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Comment #2 posted by charmed quark on January 17, 2003 at 18:00:31 PT:

A follow-up with Dr. Russo
Great chat. I was very interested to hear that CBD, a non-psychoactive component of cannabis, might be useful int he treatment of migraine. I checked and there are several very good studies showing an effectiveness for pain and other conditions.I emailed Dr. Russo asking whether it was avaialble. I figure it must be unscheduled, being non-psychoactive. I was shocked when he told me it is Schedule 1 - a drug labeled as having a "high potential for abuse" and is not available for anything.So the component that is most psychoactive, when mixed with seame oil, is schedule 3 ( low potential for abuse) and a non-psycoactive component is suppose to have a high potential for abuse.What bizarre stuff.Maybe CBD is the chemical to use to attack the nonsense of the DEA classification system.-Pete
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Comment #1 posted by FoM on January 17, 2003 at 17:49:16 PT

Just a Note about Transcripts
I wanted to mention that I spent the day working on the transcripts and did my best to fix spelling errors but did not remove much. I wanted it to be as close to the actual chat as possible. I never edited chat transcripts so I hope you understand if you find mistakes. It was a great chat and I hope you enjoy the transcripts as much as we enjoyed the chat! I'm hoping for more special guest chats in the near future!
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