Pot-TV Star Still Growing 

Pot-TV Star Still Growing 
Posted by CN Staff on December 12, 2002 at 18:25:09 PT
By Pete Brady 
Source: Cannabis Culture
In the summer of 1998, a wild, bodacious, steamboat captain and potseed fanatic named Breeder Steve shoved a book into my hands and told me that if I didn't read it, he would throw me into the ocean behind his house.The book was titled The Politics of Consciousness. Its author was Steve Kubby, who now co-anchors a world-famous news show on Marc Emery's Pot-TV Internetwork, along with his beautiful wife Michele.
I started reading Kubby's book, intrigued by its psychedelic cover and revolutionary message, not wanting to swim in the Pacific courtesy of Spice of Life's Breeder Steve, a brawny but cute Canadian who could have easily thrown me into the salty froth with one hand tied behind his massive back.Kubby's chapters were like sermons or songs: perfectly pitched, timed, and delivered with punch after punch that shattered the illusions foisted on us by the ruling elites while also warning of dark days to come.Indeed, Kubby's book predicted with amazing accuracy the generally downward slide of democracy, freedom, environment and human potential that has occurred since 1998. Kubby was one of the first people to specifically predict that the USA would lose its Bill of Rights, that dictators would take over, that nature would be raped, criminalized, and murdered, that police would run rampant with impunity, that the American constitution would be trashed, and that most Americans, like sheep to a slaughter, would sit back and let it happen.The Politics of Consciousness also contained Kubby's undefeatable enthusiasm and optimism. He urged readers to expand their consciousness with cannabis and other entheogens, and he gave many credible reasons and methods for standing up for freedom. The book was a call to action, not a depressing summation of despair, and when I finished reading it, I knew that I had to interview Steve Kubby and write about him for my cherished readers in Cannabis Culture magazine.I found out that Kubby lived a few hours away from me and got in my battered VW van carrying my cameras and tape recorder, for the uphill drive to visit the author at his spacious Lake Tahoe, California home.He spoke of his incurable adrenal cancer, surgery, extreme skiing, his ski magazine, his friendship with world-class scientists, his run for governor as a candidate for the Libertarian Party, his lovely wife and child, and how marijuana saved his life.While we were talking, a couple of police officers were hiding in the snow behind his home, staring at us with binoculars. They took pictures of me while I took pictures of Kubby's medicinal pot plants and then watched me drive away.A few days later, in early 1999, they ordered local cops to bust into my home and arrest me for medical marijuana. Their goal was to get me to testify against Kubby. I refused, so they took me to jail. Kubby and his wife had been arrested a few days earlier. His garden was torn up, his computers stolen, his family brutalized, his health endangered, his life made into torture chamber of poverty and worry.Instead of caving in, plea bargaining, selling out, narking or running away, the Kubbys stood and fought. They put the police and prosecutors on trial. They rallied the media. They turned their trial into a medical pot educational seminar. In the end, a jury Steve guilty of having a tiny mushroom stem and a smidgen of cacti, but Kubby had made his point. Even though he had been growing hundreds of pot plants at the time of his arrest, the jury did not find him or his wife guilty of any marijuana crimes!And after seeing that the USA was headed toward a totalitarianism where his very right to medicine, even in California where he had helped legalize medpot in 1996, was under threat, he decided to move to Canada so he could live in a saner country and work more closely with the world's most benevolent pot patriarch, Marc Emery.The cute Kubby couple were soon on television with their fun and campy show featuring blonde bombshell Michele reading the news while Kubby interjects comments that skewer drug warriors with pointed editorial comments.No matter that Kubby was busted in April for having a grow room at his Canadian home, or that he almost died in jail before Marc Emery came to pay his bail, or that he endured months of medical hell after the bust because he was unable to produce his own medicine, or that he has lost 30 pounds due to the recurrence of the cancer that he had held in remission so long.When I heard he was in the hospital recently receiving radiation treatment, I worried tremendously. Kubby is a guy who fought the law and won. He is one of few people to win a medpot exemption from the Canadian government, an exemption that allows him to legally grow pot plants, to legally travel with marijuana, to legally possess up to six pounds of dried bud. And yet, his tumors were on the move, and people prayed for him.When I talked to Kubby recently he was upbeat and reflective. He offered copious praise for Marc Emery and for Emery's personal manager, communications consultant and voice coach- Michelle Rainey. Without their help, he said, he and his family might be homeless, or worse."They helped me survive jail, and they helped me get my Canadian medical marijuana exemption," he said. "When I got that, I said a prayer of thanks because I knew that never again could anybody steal my medicine from me or send me back to the USA so that I would die in jail."Kubby didn't want to talk about the past, or about the possibility that the cancer that has dogged him for so long might be creeping in on him again. Instead, he spoke proudly of a double cd-rom interactive educational marijuana cultivation video he has just produced."This is a chapter by chapter video that provides all kinds of useful information for growers, smokers, and freedom lovers, especially those in the United States," Kubby said enthusiastically. "We've got specialty information you can't get anywhere else on everything from seed sprouting to ensuring that almost all your seeds sprout into females to increasing yield and growing totally clean herb. I've also provided secret legal tips that will help people in the 'Police States of America' protect themselves from fascists so they can have a reasonable assurance of growing their own medicine without fear of going to jail."In case anybody doubts Kubby's pot growing prowess, the video provides vivid visual evidence that the man knows how to grow heady, potent bud."I've got plants with stalks on them as big around as your wrist," Kubby says. "I've been working with Federation Seed Company strains, which I find to be very reliable. One of their strains that I have been getting direct from the mother plant is called CTS: Celestial Temple Sativa. This variety produces an amazing high that is ceilingless. You know how you can smoke some pot and then you can't get any higher. Well, this pot gets you higher and higher, and the high is clear, creative and energetic. You can smoke it all the way up to psychedelic levels."As Kubby recovers from radiation therapy and tries to get his strength back so he can again join Michele on Pot-TV, he says he is grateful to be alive."It's been an amazing journey of prosperity, struggle, and cannabis victory," Kubby said. "I have to thank everyone who helps us, everyone who grows pot, everyone who breeds seeds, and everyone who refuses to let their spirit of hope and freedom be snuffed out."Note: Kubby radiant despite radiation.For more information about the Kubbys, visit: Newshawk: The GCWSource: Cannabis Culture Author: Pete BradyPublished: December 12, 2002Copyright: 2002 Cannabis CultureContact: ccmag Website: DL: Articles & Web Site:Pot-TV Pot To Ailing B.C. Man, RCMP Told Advocate Lights Up Medical Marijuana Licence, Canít Grow
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