Cauchon Says Pot Could Be Decriminalized Soon

Cauchon Says Pot Could Be Decriminalized Soon
Posted by CN Staff on December 09, 2002 at 17:05:32 PT
By CTV News Staff
Source: CTV 
Justice Minister Martin Cauchon said Monday he wants to take steps to decriminalize marijuana within the next four months. A Commons committee studying the non-medicinal use of drugs released a report Monday urging the government to set up safe injection sites in cities across the country, an idea Cauchon was lukewarm about. The same committee is due to release a report on Thursday calling for the government to relax current marijuana laws and possibly even allow Canadians to grow marijuana for personal use.
"I'm looking forward to seeing the report," said Cauchon, who has admitted to smoking marijuana in his youth. "Of course, we'll have to analyze all the recommendations. If we're talking about decriminalizing marijuana, we may move ahead quickly as a government."Cauchon declined to give a firm time frame, but pointed to possible action in the early part of 2003."Give me the four first months of next year," he said.In September, a senate committee report recommended decriminalizing marijuana and maing it legal for those over the age of 16. The throne speech in September also promised changes to drug laws.Before he makes a decision, Cauchon said he wants to see what the Commons report says about marijuana laws in other countries.If decriminalized, possession of small amounts of marijuana would still be illegal. But rather than face a court date, offenders would get a ticket and a fine instead. Rather than a criminal matter, it's more like a speeding or a parking ticket.Oppostion parties aren't impressed with Cauchon's efforts. Alliance MP Randy White said his party remains opposed to the decriminalization of marijuana.Cauchon also said he wants to make changes to the Divorce Act aimed at making divorce "less adversarial."The proposed Family Law Reform Act would likely eliminate the terms "access" and "custody" and replace them with "parenting orders." The aim is to do away with connotations of winning and losing custody of children. Canada's Drug Strategy Report: Source: CTV (Canada)Published: December 09, 2002Copyright: 2002 Bell Globemedia Interactive Inc. Website: newsonline Related Articles & Web Site:Cannabis News Canadian Links Poised To Decriminalize Marijuana Pot Could Come Early in New Year Committee Recommends Legalizing Pot
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