Asa the Terrible

Asa the Terrible
Posted by CN Staff on December 05, 2002 at 23:44:51 PT
Source: Arkansas Times 
Asa Hutchinson's appointment to a high post in the new Department of Homeland Security won't scare any terrorists, but it's got a bunch of us homelanders spooked. Even more of a chicken hawk than his commander-in-chief, Asa has never been one to go in harm's way to engage the enemies of his country. He carefully avoided military service when he was of age, enlisting instead in the ranks of the Christian soldiers at Bob Jones University, where interracial daters were the most dangerous enemy. 
His BJU training doubtless sharpened a distaste for people with dark skins and peculiar creeds, but not to the point of taking up arms. A person could get hurt. No, Asa's belligerence has been channeled toward his fellow citizens - liberals, Democrats, minorities, anybody who doesn't share his fundamentalist religious beliefs and right-wing political views. He tried to overthrow America's last elected president- elected with a big boost from dark-skinned voters, significantly - and he's sicced federal agents on cancer victims who sought relief from intense pain by smoking marijuana. He has a high threshhold for other people's suffering. Like the terrorists, Asa is a furious hater. No woman scorned ever hated Bill Clinton as much as Asa does. (Not that Clinton scorned very many.) He resembles terrorists too in his disdain for civil liberties; the Taliban has as much regard for probable cause and presumption of innocence. If this is President Bush's motive in appointing Asa - the old set-a-thief-to-catch-a-thief ploy - the appointment comes nearer making sense. Still not near enough. Source: Arkansas Times (AR)Published: December 6, 2002 Copyright: 2002 Arkansas Times Limited PartnershipContact: arktimes arktimes.comWebsite: Articles:DEA's Boss Says Homeland His Calling Legalization Doesn't Work
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Comment #1 posted by medicinal toker on December 06, 2002 at 08:14:45 PT
They forgot to mention Mena
What about all that cocaine that came into Mena airfield while Asa was the US Atty for Arkansas and looked the other way?Can't forget that...
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