Drug Testing Would Dry Up Demand, Colombia Says 

Drug Testing Would Dry Up Demand, Colombia Says 
Posted by CN Staff on November 23, 2002 at 08:48:43 PT
By The Associated Press
Source: Associated Press
Colombia's president proposed a new front in the global war on drugs: mass drug testing for Americans and Europeans. Reviving the traditional conflict between drug-producing and drug-consuming nations, President Álvaro Uribe said yesterday the tests would dry up demand for drugs that Colombian insurgents sell to finance their decades-old civil war.
"We need more serious commitments from the consumer countries," Uribe said at a conference of Spanish and Latin-American attorneys general. He called on "the people in the United States and Europe to submit to a drug test to help us conquer drugs." Uribe singled out U.S. and European executives to start the process. Colombia produces 90 percent of the world's cocaine. Drug trafficking supports both the leftist rebels waging a bloody 38-year war against the government and their rivals, the illegal right-wing militias. Some 3,500 people die in the fighting every year. Many Colombians believe the government could win the war quickly if it weren't for the money the rebels and the right-wing militias make from the drug trade. Even though possession of a personal supply of cocaine or marijuana is legal in Colombia, the levels of drug use are low compared to the United States and Europe. Source: Associated Press Published: November 23, 2002Copyright: 2002 Associated Press Related Articles & Web Site:Colombia Drug War News U.S. Prods Uribe on Drug War Poised To Take Terror War To Colombia
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Comment #3 posted by Lehder on November 23, 2002 at 14:19:05 PT
"The war on drugs will be won by- Grass Roots Zero Tolerance- Universal Testing- Mandatory Immunization for drug convicts- Stiffer laws and more aggressive enforcement"--Lehder, 8/18/00"I like the way that this sort of abrasive commentary brings out such vigorous response comments.I
hope Lehder will respond to all the responses,and let everyone know if he/she is serious,or just
talkin' crap...........dddd" was dead serious, and two years later your government is dead serious about mandatory universal drug testing:"He called on 'the people in the United States and Europe to submit to a drug test to help
   us conquer drugs.' Uribe singled out U.S. and European executives to start the process."Is this Uribe's idea? For whom does he speak? Whom does he serve? Let us review this weasel's career starting here:,   ''We are pleased at the election of Mr. Uribe. We're eager to begin to work with him,''
   said John P. Walters, the Bush administration's drug czar. gave a little background on Uribe recently:And this then, from -   Uribe's Rise from Medellín: Precursor to a Narco-State His Campaign Manager, the
   DEA, and the Case of the 50,000 Kilos By Al Giordano   A Narco News Investigative Report Part I in a Series For Part II, Click Here In 1997
   and 1998, alert U.S. Customs agents in California seized three suspicious
   Colombia-bound ships that, the agents discovered, were laden with 50,000 kilos of
   potassium permanganate, a key "precursor chemical" necessary for the manufacture of
   cocaine. According to a document signed by then-DEA chief Donnie R. Marshall on
   August 3, 2001, the ships were each destined for Medellín, Colombia, to a company
   called GMP Productos Quimicos, S. A. (GMP Chemical Products). The 50,000 kilos of
   the precursor chemical destined for GMP were enough to make half-a-million kilos of
   cocaine hydrochloride, with a street value of $15 billion U.S. dollars.   The owner of GMP Chemical Products, according to the 2001 DEA chief's report, is
   Pedro Juan Moreno Villa, the campaign manager, former chief of staff, and longtime
   right-hand-man for front-running Colombian presidential candidate Alvaro Uribe Vélez.
   Mr. Moreno was Uribe's political alter-ego before, during and after those nervous 1997
   and 1998 months when he awaited those contraband shipments. When Uribe was
   governor of the state of Antioquia from 1995 to 1997 - from its capitol of Medellín -
   Moreno was chief of staff in Governor Uribe's office. During those years, according to
   then-DEA chief Marshall, ""Between 1994 and 1998, GMP was the largest importer of
   potassium permanganate into Colombia." This is the story of the Narco-Candidate,
   Alvaro Uribe, whose 1982 election as mayor of Medellín, whose 1995 election as
   governor of Antioquia and whose pending ascendance this year to the presidency of
   Colombia each mark new chapters in the evolution of the modern Narco-State. Three
   ships set sail for Medellín, and in their wake, the facts… mayor of Medellin and governor of Antioquia, Uribe's job included the approval of permits for construction of landing strips for Pablo Escobar and Carlos Lehder. Uribe is now in the employ of George Bush. The idea of universal mandatory drug testing in the US is too repressive to arise from within Congress or the Executive branch; it must be ushered in on little marionette's feet. Nevertheless, it's on the way now and we'll hear more about it each week until it arrives. Then, isolated, you will hear nothing beyond the notice you receive in the mail.On a related note, we can expect that arrests for minor drug violations, under the new Homeland Security Act, will frequently be made by one of the 170,000 federal employees of Homeland Security and prosecuted, therefore, under federal law. The kid with a reefer will no longer be sent to rehabilatition or fined under state or local law: she will be imprisoned under the harsher federal penalties.These are ideas whose times have come. All those responsible for illegally implementing them will come to very bad and just ends. The impoverishment and social polarization of our society and the devastation of our country will eventually lead Americans, after the federal government has been retired, to require that school children study the effects and techniques of totalitarianism. For Europeans these topics are required study already - ask a German and find out for yourself. Europeans learned those lessons in the hardest possible way, as we will learn them here in TV-land.Until the Reichstag fire of February 1933, Germans called their country Germany; thereafter it became the Fatherland. Welcome to the good ol' Homeland.Only the Rapture of drug testing offers true feelings of legitimacy, love and purity.
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Comment #2 posted by DdC on November 23, 2002 at 13:29:44 PT
Unless the user is tested within 24 hours...
Cocaine or heroin or speed won't show up. Only ganja residing in fat cells making it by definition nontoxic. Most of the coke and speed is used by the Madison Ave Wallstreet crowd. 5 maritini lunches, snorting coke to disapate the effects of the booze. Same with pulling an all nighter using speed. Heroin is cheaper than ganja. And the most important factor is the profit and taxes generated by the Pharmaceutical white powders. Natives chewing coca leaves don't use corporate lab equipment or ingredients to synthesis nature into a snortable powder. Disco brough coke into the picture. It was considered the drug of the Emperor in the 60's and fairly hard to get. Ganja was cheap. But then out with bluejeans and rock in with designer suits and disco ducks. The birth of the yuppies. What a waste of humanity.Now rehab profits and street sales will continue while the only thing getting discovered is ganja. Not coming from Colombia. Sikorsky chopters and Monsanto make billions on the Colombian war. Maybe the leaders of Colombia should check how bad they really want to end those profits by actually curtailing the white powders? I'd say their vested ignorance would say its not prudent at this juncture. Perpetuating the war profits. Winning or losing doesn't.
The Ganjawar product is sold to the masses. The dangers of pot is a red herring. The other reason for being in Colombia is the billions of gallons of crude oil, replaced decades ago by veggie oil that could be grown organically. Too many naive people and huge profits to stop maintaining dysfunction.Peace, Love and Liberty or the Bloody DdCThe Real Reason for US Aid to Colombia the WoD on Colombians Misery're Being Shot At! on the Environment Helisculptures Stoppers
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Comment #1 posted by TroutMask on November 23, 2002 at 09:27:38 PT
Inverse Logic at work.
"Even though possession of a personal supply of cocaine or marijuana is legal in Colombia, the levels of drug use are low compared to the United States and Europe."That says it all, I think. But no, we better drug test our entire population. That will fix the problem!-TM
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