DEA Chief Warns Students of Drug Culture Pitfalls

DEA Chief Warns Students of Drug Culture Pitfalls
Posted by CN Staff on November 09, 2002 at 10:56:20 PT
By Ed Hayward 
Source: Boston Herald
Ecstasy pills stamped with symbols like Harry Potter and the New England Patriots logo. Enticements for drug-fueled ``raves'' over the Internet. The local drug dealer.Those are the dangerous trappings of the drug trade confronted every day by school kids as well as the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, DEA chief Asa Hutchinson told a Dorchester High School audience yesterday.
``I'm not telling you these things so you can go on the Internet and find a source for drugs,'' Hutchinson said. ``I'm telling you this because you can get in trouble on the back streets of Dorchester, but you can also get in trouble on the back streets of the Internet. And the police are working both streets now.''The former three-term Arkansas congressman, appointed to run America's drug-fighting agency in August 2001, said there is no one drug dominating teen culture. Cocaine, marijuana and heroin remain pillars of the drug plague.Ecstasy has presented a new threat because the euphoria-inducing chemical mixture comes in pill form, doesn't involve smoking or injection and enjoys its own cultural lure - including the night-long dance parties known as raves.``It's increased its use because of the marketing strategy of the traffickers,'' said Hutchinson. Hutchinson came to the school to speak to students from the Academy of Public Service in part to deter them from using drugs, but to interest them in DEA careers and explain what he prefers to call the ``fight against drugs'' rather than the ``war on drugs.''Dorchester High School Headmaster Robert Belle said Hutchinson's visit connects teens with the work of government leaders in Washington, D.C.Complete Title: DEA Chief Warns Hub Students of Drug Culture Pitfalls Source: Boston Herald (MA)Author: Ed Hayward Published: Saturday, November 9, 2002Copyright: 2002 The Boston Herald, Inc.Website: letterstoeditor bostonherald.comCannabisNews DEA Archives
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Comment #4 posted by WolfgangWylde on November 10, 2002 at 06:35:34 PT
Dear High School Kids...
... We care about you, we really do. Stay away from that nasty stuff. And if you don't, we'll work like dogs to ruin your life.  See, we really do care.Signed,
  The DEA
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Comment #3 posted by canaman on November 09, 2002 at 14:45:36 PT
p4me makes a good point
The Drug War is more than a 'fight against drugs' it'a a War on Americans and people need to be reminded constantly. We can't afford to let the War be portrayed as a meager fight. It's a War, it's Hell and people are dying! Don't let them sanitize it.
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Comment #2 posted by DdC on November 09, 2002 at 12:19:59 PT Rescheduling Ganja from #1 to Blasphemy!
Michigan Judge Caught Smoking PotTRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (AP) - A judge went on indefinite voluntary leave after admitting smoking marijuana at a Rolling Stones concert. A woman told court officials she saw District Judge Thomas Gilbert smoke a joint passing along a row of people at an Oct. 12 concert in Detroit. Gilbert admitted to the allegations during a meeting this week with Chief District Judge Michael Haley and District Judge Thomas J. Phillips. He left the bench on Wednesday. "He's full of shame and regret and it's just a very sad day for the district court," Haley said. "I broke the law by twice puffing on a marijuana cigarette during a rock concert," Gilbert said in a statement. "I deeply regret this error in judgment." Gilbert will be on voluntary leave until at least Nov. 15. Once he returns, he will be limited to civil cases indefinitely, Haley said. After an investigation by a state judicial commission, Gilbert could be censured, suspended or removed from the bench. Eagle Scout Expelled for his beliefsOn Monday, the Seattle Council expelled Eagle Scout Darrell Lambert, who refused to pledge that he believed in a "higher power," one of the Boy Scouts of America mandates. Lambert, 19, has been an atheist since ninth grade. Making a statement to the contrary, he noted, would be in violation of Scout principles of honesty and integrity. 
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Comment #1 posted by p4me on November 09, 2002 at 12:12:40 PT
Onward over the prohibitionist and their lies
Service in part to deter them from using drugs, but to interest them in DEA careers and explain what he prefers to call the "fight against drugs" rather than the "war on drugs."Wow, even the slogan is a failure. That sure deserves another billion. The main thing that dwells on my mind about the fundaMENTAList Hutchinson is what Dan Forbes will say in his first post-election piece. This idea that the government can use taxpayer money to further the fascist cause should be accepted with outrage by anyone that has recognized the damage and evildoerness of these illegal acts. I look foward to Dan forbes next article.I am lead by Saturday talk to speak of the future after the elections. First, I do not think the elections a setback in anyway. If 203 had passed it would still take two years before it could be seconded and it would not help much for me today and tomorrow. The big story of the elections is the effort put forth by the prohibs to first keep everything of the ballot like in Michigan, Ohio, and Washington DC. The lies they used this time will long be worn out by the next election as evidenced by the change in the 73% to 80% numbers in just over six months. That is 7% that know know the government employs lies and propaganda to further the vested cause.But really, I look at the iniatives as attacking or removing the limbs of a huge tree. While if you could continue to cut limb after limb, and kill the tree. it is not the only way to do it. There were some limbs that get did trimmed but the blows from the ax of truth to the base were inflicted. The blows will keep coming and the tree will fall. In this sense the weight of the limbs act against the damaging base and only serve to catch more reform-wind that will topple the tree, roots and all.What is needed is the story of the prohibs during this election. The story may come from Reason or from Dan Forbes or an independent journalist like Rebecca Knight that was attracted to the cannabis saga by the coverage during the election. There is a stink in the air for everyone to smell and if someone says they cannot smell it they are a liar as in the not-fit-for-service Walters. The only way not to smell the stink is to be ignorant of the issue and the number of ignorant grows less each day.I agree with DdC in that we are just fragmented in our attack. I am not suggesting everyone wear a little green ribbon in imitation of the yellow ribbons the AIDS people employed. The injustice is intolerable to me and surely others, especially those harassed and intimidated by the fascist system. I guess we are united in that we do speak out about these injustices in our private lives. You can tell the message of abuse presented by Dan Forbes in Ohio did not reach the people as they elected this guy Taft and there was no investigation into the substantial charges against him.Like always I am not sure of what I actually said and I should rewrite it even if the spelling and grsammar is correct. But like always, that is in the pastand ther is just one more thing to say. Now having tried to become as informed as possible and having thought on the subject I will present my best idea one more time.Of course I am for boycotting the economy as much as possible to show disapproval of the current path of fascism and bring the issue foward instead of postponing things until they become as entrenched as the cannabis stupidity/madness that now governs the governed.But to be direct on cannabis reform, I still say the best path would to have a day of boycott where noone spent any money. Actually I would call it a day of mourning for those who have been imprisoned or robbed by fines or forfeiture or legal fees defending against a victimless illegality. We should mourn for a corrupt judicial system that will not allow any defends for MMJ and disallow the mention of the words jury nullification. We really should have a day of mourning every week. I guess I should start my own personal Mourning Tuesdays. If everyone would recognize the importance such an idea and work together to unify our effort, we could easily topple the tree that is already afraid of to much wind of change. Think of Steve Tuck and Paul Peterson and multiply that by a million just to start andtry to see that their is plenty to mourn. We should mourn and tell the world we re mourning. I do not mind blowing at the tree even if it does not move but a leaf. It just comes natural when you release a grief and mourn over the pain caused by the the injustice.I await Dan Forbes.1
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