Teen Who Sued Schools Faces Marijuana Charge! 

Teen Who Sued Schools Faces Marijuana Charge! 
Posted by FoM on December 31, 1998 at 07:56:21 PT

  Newport Beach teen, who gained notoriety earlier this year after successfully challenging his expulsion from high school over allegations of possession of drug paraphernalia, was charged Tuesday with possession of the drug and alcohol. 
Ryan Huntsman, 19, could face more than $500 in fines and must appear in court Jan. 29. Two friends traveling in Huntsman's car Tuesday also were cited for minor drug and alcohol infractions, but the amount of marijuana found--less than an ounce--was too small to arrest anyone, including Huntsman, said Newport Beach Police Sgt. Mike McDermott. Huntsman's lawyer, David Shores, said police are unfairly targeting the teen. "Ryan Huntsman's in a goldfish bowl," he said. "And when you're in a goldfish bowl, you have to be . . . above reproach." Huntsman, who completed his first semester at Marymount College in Rancho Palos Verdes and is home for Christmas vacation, said he is embarrassed to be in the spotlight again. "I've lost some respect from some of my family members," he said. Shortly after noon Tuesday, Huntsman and two friends parked in a no-stopping zone at Seashore Drive and 46th Street, near his home. A police car came up behind them, and the two officers intended to ticket the driver for a parking violation, McDermott said. When officers spotted a six-pack of beer in the back seat and realized none of the three were of legal drinking age, they searched them and the car. Police said they found about six grams of marijuana on Micah Daniel Applebee, 18, of Newport Beach. James Nicholas Fahs, 18, of Costa Mesa was charged with alcohol possession by a minor. Police also seized three marijuana pipes from the car and discovered a plastic bag with four grams of marijuana under the driver's seat, McDermott said. Huntsman declined to comment on whether the marijuana or beer belonged to him. In September, he filed a $10-million civil rights lawsuit against the Newport-Mesa Unified School District, Newport Beach and its police department, stemming from his expulsion from Corona del Mar High School. The suit is pending. He made headlines in February when police stopped him for playing music too loudly on his car stereo. A search of the car yielded a drug pipe, and, according to the police report, the vehicle smelled of marijuana. Huntsman was not cited for any drug offense but was ticketed for noise pollution. Police faxed their report to Corona del Mar High School administrators. Newport-Mesa district officials decided the information in the report was enough to expel him 89 days before graduation. He fought the disciplinary transfer to Newport Harbor High School in a highly publicized court battle and won, returning to school and receiving his diploma in June from Corona del Mar. A court of appeals rejected the board's expulsion of Huntsman under the district's zero-tolerance policy against drugs and alcohol. 
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Comment #4 posted by dddd on June 11, 2001 at 01:12:09 PT
What a Nightmare
Sharon...I'm sorry to hear about this.Thank you for sharing it here.When people hearof these type of absurd injustices,I hope it willhelp move us out of this Witchunt On Drugs.People need to hear about these things,and wakeup to what is going on....I hope things get better for you and yours.....dddd
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Comment #3 posted by Sharon Salisbury on June 11, 2001 at 00:35:15 PT:
18 year old high school student expelled on hearsa
What a high price you pay in this County to be accused of something when you are innocent.after a preliminary hearing in front of a Plumas County judge it was apparent that the DA failed to show that a crime occurred the only evidence 3 youngsters hearsay statements to duputies and the testimony of the Greenville High prinicipal was questionable.That the priniciple Mike Chelotti forced Flores into admission to giving pot to the kids by promising leniency and telling Flores he would not get his dipoloma unles he admitted to this.Flores repeatly denied this but Chelotti woulld not accept this.Chelotti also on the stand testified in all the years in school student Flores was a good kid never in any troble and had good grades.Another witness Flores employer testified that Flore was a work on the date and time he allegedly supplied pot to these students.No he was not covicted but convinced to plea to a no contest charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.he was given 2 years court probation and the 5 days he served at the time of his arrest.That is not what this cost in terms of my son life, he lot getting his dipoloma with his class forced to take a dipolma from the continuation school which is less.Or not get one at all.The priniciple who calls himself an educator sure give this student an education one that took his innocence forever.for all 12 years in school he went by the rules, he was on the football team at school making those years winning ones with his teammates.He worked at being a good kid.For this he was expeled from school, arrested, his car was impounded cost for one dat $125 it was 100 feet in front of the tow yard legally parked, I was a block away. my son was coming home from work at the time.After his arrest was strip searched this is his very first encounter with the sheriffs never so much as a ticket in his life.He spent 5 full days and nights in jail before he was given an OR his bail was $40.000 how many of us can come up with that ,I could not as a single parent who's only income is from Social Security disibility.this was because he was accused of giving another student a pinch size amount of pot, was any pot ever seen no. and the kids who accused had been caught with a pipe at school after weeks before being caught with smoking pot on school grounds not to real good witiness I'd say but they were not required to be in court they only had to make statements which were worded almost the same when each were talked to alone at different times.Why was my son expendable made an example because they knew who had supplied this to the students but the kids were affraid to name the person he just beat and broke the jaw of a student who told on him, my son would hurt no one they had to get out of troble to do name someone. whT HAPPENED TO THESE STUDENTS WHO LIED NOTHING, not expweled, they are still going to school everyday, My son 12 years of school were taken away and he was shamed everything he had lost.
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Comment #2 posted by Sharon Salisbury on May 08, 2001 at 00:41:22 PT:
18 yr old senior high student expeled on hear say 
tonight my 18 yr old high school senior is in jail why he was accused by student who was caught at school with a pot pipe, this student accused my son of giving him a thumb worth of pot which my son denied. School officals told my son the cops would not do anything to him if he would give the name of the big fish selling pot my kid said he did not know they expeled him this is one moth before he was to get his dipoloma this is a kid who at 18 never had been in any trouble with the law or at school or home. Sheriff came out to the house and when my son said he would not agree to a pis test which is his right, or would he become a snitch for the school he was told they would arrest him they did he was charged not with one crime but 3 one over some pot no one saw on the word of another student who idenity is not being revealed because he is a minor.they made day and time he was arrested on a thursday he would remain in jail with bail set at 40.000 until mon then must have him seen by probation to see if he will be OR so an added day and night he sits in jail when his car about a 100 feet from local tow yard arrested our home a block away he asked could I get it and take it home he was parked legal but no they refused many times in this town they even allow those arrested on a DUI to have a fmily member get the car,it cost me 125 to hve it driven in the tow yard 100 feet away So a alleged thumb siza amount of pot that no one has seen cost his graduation he was stripped searched and jailed 6 days over a nother students hearsay that student who admits to smoking said pot is in school.I was offered my his school that if he admits to the charge he will be allowed to graduate in a continuation school he has good grade in the high school but everyday he misses they will not stay good and with him out for so long now.he would never admit to this phony charge but I do not know what to do next he seems to have none of the rights of due process and the time here does not allow him much fight. he was to go to college in Bay area in the fall but will lose his grants and loans if he were convicted they have no case but still filed charges. if he fights the charge he will no go to school because he will not have his dipolma due to they expeled him. all because he refuses to be a snitch a high price for your values I would say. thanks for letting me let go with some of my fustration its hard because he is a decent kid who does not deserve to find out in this way life is not fair at times. he was appointed a public defender today but they just want to convince you to pleas bargain they do not want to fight the charge he has not seen this public defender yet maybe five mintue before he is called in court he will interview him. We live in a very small town in Plumas County California they have to make the courts and the sheriff look busy as we have very little crime here the things filed on are like this or many young moms who kids were late to school even when they had good cause why, they want the Mom to go to jail for the week-end for this. The jail must keep busy you know.
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Comment #1 posted by Timothy abad on November 03, 2000 at 21:21:19 PT:
marijuana charges
recently i was charged with possesion of marijuana what is the penalty for a minor in possesion of less than an ounce
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