Drug Czar's Visit Will Include Pot Issue

Drug Czar's Visit Will Include Pot Issue
Posted by CN Staff on September 12, 2002 at 21:54:31 PT
Canada Considering Legalizing Marijuana
White House "drug czar" John P. Walters will visit metro Detroit today to discuss border security and the issues of drug smuggling across the borders. He is expected to meet with police and local leaders involved in drug prevention. Michigan's numerous land crossing points and international border afford many opportunities for water access, and the state's waterways and lakes provide limitless landing options for drug shipping, according to the Southeastern Michigan HIDTA, an organization that monitors the state's drug trafficking. 
In addition to the drug czar's series of stops throughout Detroit, he will also meet with Canadian leaders to discuss that country's proposal to legalize marijuana. The proposal would make it legal for anyone 16 or older to buy, use and grow marijuana for personal use. Canadian lawmakers recommended that the government regulate sales and production of marijuana, similar to the way cigarettes and beer are controlled. Canadian officials are expected to vote on the proposal some time next year. The new law could pave the way toward making marijuana use legal in Canada, which has officials in Michigan concerned. Though much of the marijuana produced in Canada supplies domestic demand, some of it supplies the U.S. demand for high quality marijuana, according to the Office of National Drug Control Policy. Canada is increasingly becoming a producer and transit country for precursor chemicals and over-the-counter drugs used to produce illicit synthetic drugs, said the ONDCP. Walters was sworn in as the director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) in December 2001. As the nation's "drug czar," he coordinates federal drug programs and spending. Walters is no stranger to Michigan or Canada; he received his bachelor's degree from Michigan State University, and a master of arts degree from the University of Toronto. Newshawk: Leon C.Source: (MI)Published: September 12, 2002Copyright 2002 by ClickOnDetroit.comWebsite: Articles:Legal Pot in Canada Would Mean Tighter Borders Could Be Spot for Legal Pot Marijuana, Senate Committee Says Policy Scandalizes Drug Czar 
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Comment #1 posted by p4me on September 12, 2002 at 23:16:33 PT
What is this fascist nation, I mean fascination...
with Walters. Why hasn't one reporter talked to the patients, as in look in the horses mouth, and ask what is going on. These robots that spread the same old Walters lies are not doing much in the way of reporting anything on marijuana. What is going to be funny is when some dying AIDS patient slips a truth serum into Walter's water before some speech and he starts saying "I am a lying blithering idiot that whored myself for position and benefits" and with that being the biggest truth he repeats it over and over. Then the roomful media whores that are used to robot act of repeating everything Walters says put it in all their articles repeating the lines as many times as Walters did before he could be stopped.Pretty funny, isn't doughnut man. I liked that fascist nation thing myself and it is original. How about this doughnut man. Have you ever arrested a MMJ patient and watched him revert to constant pain when put in jail when his medicine is taken away from him. How about one of those doughnut eating buddies of yours. I know you don't want to arrest patients because of the growing number of camcorders and the internet and all but surely one of you f'd-up BAHstards has seen the results of taking someone off there medicine. Why don't you do some public service since you are on the public payroll and just eating those doughnuts and looking at the new SUV catalogs and tell us about it. Or did you join the DEA just so you would not have to do public service and the idea abhores you?Never mind. Some reporter is going to say these DEA people are nuts and I am going to interview some people that really know as in MMJ patients. Next week out of Santa Cruz a reporter might talk to two dozen witnesses when they hand out the MMJ at City Hall. Maybe there will be lots of video. Don't they have a lot of film schools in California? Maybe someone will show us a revitalized patient that is shown over the internet and we all get to see the miracle of cannabis with our very own eyes.Eat lots of those doughnuts, doughnut man and try not to live to collect that retirement. The public treasury has spent enough on your sorry ass already. Don't you have something better to do than read this anyway?1,2 
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