Exhibit Shows Ties Between Terrorism, Drug Trade

Exhibit Shows Ties Between Terrorism, Drug Trade
Posted by CN Staff on September 03, 2002 at 19:40:04 PT
By Svetlana Kolchik, USA Today
Source: USA Today 
"The bearer of this letter, who possesses four kilograms of 'white good,' has paid duty at the Shinwar Customs. It is hoped the bearer will not be bothered," reads the tax receipt for an Afghan drug courier carrying 8.8 pounds of heroin for delivery abroad.Bearing a stamp of a customs office in eastern Afghanistan, the document was issued by the Taliban in the spring of 2001, despite its official ban on poppy crops, the raw material for heroin. 
The tax receipt is one of 80 items that constitute Target America, a new 1,500 square-foot exhibit at the Drug Enforcement Administration Museum in Arlington, Va., not far from the Pentagon. The exhibit opens Tuesday.Other items on display include a captured handmade Taliban flag, a leather briefcase confiscated in New York that once held $1 million in $20 bills, and a tablecloth dipped in liquid heroin, a smuggling technique.However, not everyone accepts the link between drugs and terrorism. Groups critical of the nation's drug policy questioned $3.2 million Super Bowl ads from the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy that suggested the money spent on drugs in America is financing terror groups all over the world."This connection is blown out of proportion," says Kevin Zeese of Common Sense for Drug Policy, a Washington-based non-profit group."They are trying to tie the unpopular drug war to the more popular terrorism issue."Target America will run in Arlington through April 1, 2003, before making stops in New York, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit and Los Angeles.Snipped:  Complete Article: Source: USA Today (US)Author: Svetlana Kolchik, USA TodayPublished: September 3, 2002Copyright: 2002 USA Today, a division of Gannett Co. Inc.Contact: editor usatoday.comWebsite: Articles & Web Sites:CSDP Museum Marijuana Policy Project Exhibit: Illicit Drug Sales Support Terrorism Drug Money Funds Terror Group Czar Says Drug-Smuggling Funds Terrorists
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