Just Call Him Sir Mick: Jagger Awarded Knighthood

Just Call Him Sir Mick: Jagger Awarded Knighthood
Posted by CN Staff on June 14, 2002 at 17:21:58 PT
By Thomas Wagner, Associated Press
Source: Associated Press
Mick Jagger, the rock 'n' roll bad boy who once outraged the British establishment with his wild lifestyle, was knighted on Saturday for his service to music. Jagger, 58, will now be known officially as Sir Michael Philip Jagger. Also knighted were directors Trevor Nunn and Jonathan Miller, and painter Peter Blake. Playwright Harold Pinter received the prestigious companion of honor award. Jagger, who is preparing for a U.S. fall tour with The Rolling Stones, said he was "delighted at the news." 
He also said his 4-year-old son, Gabriel, was a bit confused about his father's new title. Jagger said his son told his class that his father was going to be knighted, and when the teacher asked, "What does that mean?" Gabriel said: "Well, he goes to the castle to see the king and gets to be a knight, and, from then on, gets to wear armor all the time." Jagger is the latest of several British pop stars who have received knighthoods. Elton John was knighted in 1997, and Paul McCartney was knighted in 1996 for his contribution to British music and society, including the charitable and educational causes he supports. That happened despite the fact that Sir Elton has admitted using cocaine in the past and Sir Paul has acknowledged using marijuana. The knighthood for Jagger, with a drug conviction of his own and a reputation as a womanizer, could reopen the debate about who is suitable for the queen's honors list, even though the award comes long after the Stones helped lead the antiestablishment movements of the '60s and '70s. However, few people would deny that Jagger and the Stones have been among the country's most valuable musical exports for 40 years. The government chooses most of the honors that Queen Elizabeth II bestows twice a year. Official ceremonies for the knighthoods will be held in the coming months. Pinter, 71, one of Britain's most important playwrights, was made a companion of honor, a very high award made to a limited group of people for "conspicuous service" to their country. Pinter is the noted author of seminal dramas such as "Betrayal," "The Caretaker" and "The Birthday Party." He was recently diagnosed with throat cancer. Nunn, 62, artistic director of the Royal National Theater, has long been one of this country's leading theater directors. He has two shows on Broadway -- "Oklahoma!" and "Les Miserables" -- and starts rehearsals Aug. 12 in London on a new production of "A Streetcar Named Desire," starring Glenn Close. For 18 years, he ran the Royal Shakespeare Company and has been at the helm of the National since 1997. Miller, 57, has directed countless plays and operas. In the early 1960s, he found fame on Broadway as one of the original members of the Beyond the Fringe comedy quartet. Blake is a painter and creator of collages who is best known for the cover of The Beatles' 1967 album, "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," featuring the group wearing brightly colored military uniforms. Complete Title: Just Call Him Sir Mick: Jagger Among Artists Who are Awarded Knighthood Source: Associated PressAuthor: Thomas Wagner, Associated PressPublished: Friday, June 14, 2002 Copyright: 2002 Associated Press Mick Jagger The Beatles To Brixton, a Long, Strange Trip
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