FBI Shakeup Would Mean More Drug Duties for DEA

FBI Shakeup Would Mean More Drug Duties for DEA
Posted by CN Staff on May 29, 2002 at 21:02:59 PT
By Jim Burns, Senior Staff Writer
The Drug Enforcement Administration's director Wednesday said his agency was willing to take on more drug-fighting responsibility now that the FBI is about to reassign approximately 400 narcotics agents to a counter-terrorism task force."Our nation needs the full attention, expertise, and focus of the FBI on preventing terrorism against United States citizens. This is the right priority for the FBI," said Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Director Asa Hutchinson.
"The DEA stands ready to accept this new challenge that comes from the FBI reorganization," Hutchinson added. "We know how to fight drugs, do it very well, and are recognized worldwide for our expertise and results. This is a new opportunity for the courageous men and women of the DEA to do even more for our country."As part of his plan for reorganizing the embattled FBI, the agency's director Robert Mueller wants to expand the counter-terrorism task force over the next two years and create 14 new task-force "units" that will specialize in technology, world cultures, languages and intelligence-gathering.Hutchinson noted that it might be necessary for the DEA to work with the Justice Department, Congress, and the Bush administration in getting additional resources to fight drugs. "These are issues we will discuss to ensure the DEA has all the necessary tools to continue doing our job well," he said. During recent congressional testimony, Mueller said the DEA, state and local police would have to fill the gap created by the reassignment of the FBI agents.He also said the FBI would no longer be part of major narcotics investigations if the DEA could do it instead.Mueller said the reorganization plan is still subject to congressional approval. But some members of Congress have already begun sounding off.Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), a frequent FBI critic, said he would be pleased to see agents diverted from drug investigations but added that he is not convinced a stronger role for headquarters is wise. "Director Mueller needs to reorganize and reform the FBI, but he has to fix the root of the problem: the bureau's cultural problems with preventing crimes, putting image over substance and cooperating with other agencies," Grassley said.Rep. Peter Hoekstra, (R-Mich.), a member of the House Intelligence Committee said, "We need to make it clear to criminals that they will not have greater freedom to engage in their illegal activities because the FBI's domestic crime fighting role is being diminished."Far from it, we in Congress need to find a way to increase resources and support for the FBI so it can capably carry out its focus on both counter-terrorism and combating major crime," he said.Congress is on its Memorial Day recess this week. It will return to work June 3.Complete Title: FBI Shakeup Would Mean More Drug Fighting Duties for DEA Nicholas Thimmesch II -- CNSNews.comAuthor: Jim Burns, Senior Staff WriterPublished: May 29, 2002Copyright: 1998-2002 Cybercast News ServiceContact: shogenson cnsnews.comWebsite: Related Articles:Terrorism Focus Set For FBI Director, Facing Criticism, Plans New Focus Reorganization Gets Under Way War on Terrorism Takes Aim at Crime 
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Comment #2 posted by kaptinemo on May 30, 2002 at 11:48:18 PT:
(Raucous, uproarious laughter)
"The DEA stands ready to accept this new challenge that comes from the FBI reorganization," Hutchinson added. "We know how to fight drugs, do it very well, and are recognized worldwide for our expertise and results. This is a new opportunity for the courageous men and women of the DEA to do even more for our country." (Emphasis mine -k.)Each shipment of interdicted illicit drugs grows larger. 1 ton. 5 tons. 13 tons of cocaine in the last big haul in California last year. And the price for powder cocaine actually dropped during the period of the seizure. Such wonderful success, yes?I have a book at home. It's comprised of newspaper clippings from major dailies, running from the late 1870's to about 1950. And guess what? The cops back then were crowing about finding a whole pound of opium in 'John Chinaman's' laundry. Just imagine!
A whole pound. And today's seizures are measured by factors of thousands of pounds. Yessiree, we must be 'winning', alright.Hey, antis! I strongly suggest that you look up the phrase 'Pyrrhic victory', some day. Here, I 'll take pity on your alcohol-originated lowered mental capacities and do the work for you: inherited the throne of Epirus in Northern Greece around 306 B.C.E., and as a young man proved himself on the battlefield again and again. Pyrrhus apparently had great strategic skills, but he also had the reputation of not knowing when to stop. In 281 he went to Italy and defeated the Romans at Heraclea and Asculum, but suffered bitterly heavy losses. The devastation led to his famous statement, "One more such victory and I am lost" -- hence the term "Pyrrhic victory" for any victory so costly as to be ruinous.Like Pyrrhus, the antis don't know when to stop. They are so Hell bent in their drive to rid the US of 'undesirables' that they are charging ahead too fast to see the precipice in front of them. And this nation, mark my words, will someday fall because of them. 
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Comment #1 posted by paul peterson on May 29, 2002 at 21:42:21 PT:
I recently sent ASA HUTCHINSON a letter chastising him for stating to congress that he is there to 'COMBAT LEGALIZATION'. I asked him how he intended to do that-with guns or weapons? Instead, I suggested that he really meant to "debate" these issues, using his mouth & ears, and brain in between. I then challenged him to come to Chicago and to debate me about medical marijuana in ANY CHURCH IN TOWN. I've got Methodist, Presbyterian & Catholic Churches lined up so far. Anybody have other churches available and up to the task? In any TOWN IN AMERICA? Please send a letter to ASA HUTCHINSON AT THE DEA, 800 K Street NW #500, Washington, DC 20001 letting him know the town, the denomination, the church address, and let me know also, I'll put together a data base of willing venues, and maybe he will respond quicker to me (or to you) if he sees a town that is more appealing to him than Chicago (maybe we have too much of a gangster town reputation here for him, eh? And tell ASA I'll meet him in ANY TOWN IN AMERICA, "on any given Sunday" (or other agreed upon date, OK?).Maybe he will respond better if he hears it from other citizens-maybe I scared him off or something-ARE YOU LISTENING ASA? PAUL PETERSON-Illinois Medical Marijuana Initiative-312-558-9999 (I think he offed my web site again this week).
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