Candidate Speaks Out Against War on Drugs

Candidate Speaks Out Against War on Drugs
Posted by FoM on April 11, 2002 at 09:57:30 PT
By Lourdes Briz, Special to The Sun 
Source: Gainesville Sun
Gubernatorial candidate Bob Kunst says the government is wasting resources fighting drugs when it should be paying more attention to the war on terrorism. "We've got to get our priorities together," he said Wednesday, speaking to a handful of people at the University of Florida Reitz Union as part of a Drug Education Week event sponsored by Students for Sensible Drug Policy. 
He called the war on drugs a "lawyer's paradise," a big business that has accomplished nothing more than putting money into the pockets of lawyers and politicians, among others. Kunst, a long-time political activist from Miami Beach running for the Democratic nomination, said 15 of the 19 terrorists involved in the Sept. 11 attacks "were in my back yard." "Where were the police?" he said. Kunst said he advocates the use of medical marijuana and suggests that the United States look at legalizing or decriminalizing the drug. He admits to his own use of marijuana and said programs such as Drug, Abuse, Resistance, Education (DARE) should be aimed more toward drug responsibility. "Marijuana has gotten me through some of my worst moments," he said. Kunst said that Bill McBride and Janet Reno, also Democratic candidates for governor, are "keeping their mouths shut" about important topics and that the upcoming election "is an incredible opportunity to make social changes across the board." For more information, visit: http://www.kunstforgov.comSource: Gainesville Sun, The (FL)Published: Thursday, April 11, 2002Copyright: 2002 The Gainesville SunContact: voice gvillesun.comWebsite: Articles & Web Site:Student's for Sensible Drug Policy Chief, Activists Clash Over Drug Policy on Drugs Needs New Direction Laws Need Shift, Experts Say
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Comment #4 posted by paul peterson on April 11, 2002 at 18:30:11 PT:
ANOTHER STATE CAMPAIGN HEATS UP-and right in Bush country, no less! Now what better than having a BUSH BABY, a VALIUM ADDICT, living in the mansion, and DADDY BUSH still trying to put other peoples' kids in jail for less onerous crimes than his own kitten has fessed up to, eh? And then he tries to fight against a guy that admits that pot is no big deal, just while UNKA GEORGE goes off to put real live sick people in jail merely for wanting to get better, while BUSH BABY still won't go to jail because her daddy is a governor? I have to consider that this thing is all heating up to quickly not to spell the end is near (that is, the end of the WOD)-stay tuned for more sick dribble from ASA HUTCHINSON-the man that broke the law by brow beating the legislature of MARYLAND-he has no business threatening criminal sanctions to influence a state campaign- Especially where he is dead wrong about the right the federal government has where a medical marijuana patient can prove there is no "interstate" commerce affect, like where he can prove that there is, in fact, no "commerce" at all: query, 1) grows his own, 2) never sells it (small amount only), 3) never buys it (cause he grows just enough) & never any of those other "drugs" (then the feds have no business talking about "show" business (court, that is). ASA HUTCHINSON HAS JUST BROKE THE LAW, HE HAS, BY THREATENING SUCH THINGS TO AFFECT A STATE LEGISTATIVE CONTEST-1) violation of free speech-by "chilling" debate in the state venue without any just basis-2) he has violated his trust as a public servant by using his government office to bully people outside his own political venue (he could, hypothetically, testified in the congress, provided he did not overstep his bounds with known case law parameters)or hypothetically, if he was "invited" by like the whole Maryland legislature to come, but could he then "threaten" criminal sanctions, if he didn't like what they were talking about? THINK ABOUT IT GUYS! THIS GUY IS A LOOSER CANNON THAN I AM (and I am one loose cannon, aren't I). I wonder if he is the guy that shot JR (my web site, that is, that just got dissed out of the water). END OF TRANSMISSION paul peterson 312-558-9999 
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Comment #3 posted by goneposthole on April 11, 2002 at 10:59:21 PT
Legitimate change
When all politicians (elected or not) are ready to sit down and listen to people, change and drug reform will happen. Critics must listen, too. Until then, the steamroller will keep on rolling. That time is now, today, immediately if not sooner. Yesterday would have been better. 30 years ago would have been ideal.Repeal the marijuana tax act.
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Comment #2 posted by E_Johnson on April 11, 2002 at 10:27:06 PT
Janet Reno is evil
She was against due process in federal asset forfeiture reform.
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Comment #1 posted by overtoke on April 11, 2002 at 10:24:31 PT:
 "[being governor] is an incredible opportunity to make social changes across the board."We need more people like this guy running for political office.Bush says "an incredible opportunity to make some money for myself" You see the difference?
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