Britain's Liberal Democrats Vote for Marijuana

Britain's Liberal Democrats Vote for Marijuana
Posted by FoM on March 09, 2002 at 11:22:19 PT
By The Associated Press
Source: Associated Press
Manchester, England - Britain's third-largest political party, the Liberal Democrats, on Saturday voted to adopt legalization of marijuana as official party policy.Delegates at the left-leaning party's spring conference also voted to abolish prison sentences for possession of any drug, including heroin and cocaine, and said doctors should be able to prescribe heroin to addicts. The policies will be included in the party's campaign promises for the next election.
"This isn't a rush of blood to the head, we have taken two years to look at the evidence," said the party's domestic issues spokesman, Simon Hughes."My experience is that people who have had the tragedy of drugs come into their lives know that the current law doesn't work and they want another alternative."Marijuana is currently illegal in Britain and possession is punishable by up to five years in prison. The Labor Party government announced last October that it plans to reclassify marijuana as a "Class C" drug  putting it in the same category as anabolic steroids.It would still be illegal to possess or smoke the drug, but violators would receive a warning or a court summons rather than face arrest.The proposals must be approved by Parliament. A final decision is expected in the spring.Senior officials from the three main political parties  Labor, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats  have called for review of Britain's cannabis laws, but the Liberal Democrats are the first to back legalization.The party, which has 53 seats in the 659-seat House of Commons, has gained a reputation for innovative policies on issues such as human rights, defense and the environment.Party leader Charles Kennedy said Saturday that the party wanted to encourage "a mature, earnest and open debate" about drugs."I think human experience teaches that the more you make something unacceptable or unobtainable the more likely some people, some young people in particular, are susceptible to becoming involved," he told Sky News television."What we don't want to do is put young people in particular in that position."Hughes said legalization of marijuana would take time and would require international negotiations."We would have been unrealistic if we had said we wanted to legalize now," he said.Party delegates also voted to oppose British involvement in the United States' missile defense system, and were scheduled to vote Sunday on a motion opposing involvement in potential U.S.-led military action against Iraq.Complete Title: Britain's Third-Party Liberal Democrats Vote for Legalization of Marijuana Source: Associated PressPublished: Saturday, March 9, 2002Copyright: 2002 Associated PressRelated Articles:Lib Dems Call for Ecstasy Laws Shake-Up Countries Took The Drugs Test. Who Passed? Laws Revolution Set for UK
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Comment #6 posted by SoberStoner on March 09, 2002 at 20:10:27 PT:
Logic and sensibility prevail?
Can it be true?Could some politicians finally see that humanity wants to be caring and compassionate and that cannabis prohibition is neither?Of course, europe always has been ahead of the far lagging U$A in matters of public safety and health. If the brits legalize, expect to hear nothing of it in mainstream US media. We cant rely on anyone to spread this good word except ourselves. I kave referred many people to this site and have been sending out links to anyone i can think of that should read the articles here.We are winning..slowly (very slowly sometimes) but the progress is being made all over the world. Let's just hope that Bush doesnt destroy the planet in his fanatical war against ideas and plants. Oh and for those that havent heard yet, it might just be a good time to leave the country, read this only if you want to be really scared or upset: have mercy on us all.SS
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Comment #5 posted by FoM on March 09, 2002 at 16:41:16 PT
That's ok overtoke you got it. I guess it can be a tricky web page. 
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Comment #4 posted by overtoke on March 09, 2002 at 15:49:40 PT:
Your Tricky Web page has foiled me again! :)
Measure G
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Comment #3 posted by overtoke on March 09, 2002 at 15:48:13 PT:
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Comment #2 posted by overtoke on March 09, 2002 at 15:46:57 PT:
yes the penalties still exist - but the enforcement of those penalties have greatly been reduced this rate of acceptance is the UK has been snowballing for quite a while I also applaud the fact they are showing some sanity when it comes to supporting the US war machine - our government is constanlty trying to cut the US off from the rest of the world while at the same time interfering with the lives of every human on the planet thru military and corporate crimesMy Suggestion for Legalization: Mendocino County, California Measure">>Measure GMendocino Co.
Sheriff and DA policy: 25 plants indoors or out, 2 lbs. processed marijuana per patient. 
Patient ID cards available for country residents.
Copy what they did. Get it on your local ballots. Your entire state will follow.You realize that Legalization of Cannabis is a true stepping stone. There are many things wrong with the world, but I think that we can make right the obvious wrong of cannabis prohibition it will lead the way to much greater things.
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Comment #1 posted by cltrldmg on March 09, 2002 at 14:12:07 PT
Actually, penalties for possession are still 7 years and life for supply.
It'll be interesting to see how the other parties respond. Even though they only have 50 seats, the Lib Dems got over 20% of the vote at the last election, so they have more influence than you would think.
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