Righteous O'Reilly 

Righteous O'Reilly 
Posted by FoM on February 09, 2002 at 09:22:31 PT
Letters To The Editor
Source: WorldNetDaily 
Just a quick note for Mr. O'Reilly regarding his article entitled "Buy Dope, Fund Terror." In addition to the points that I'm sure everyone else has made about how hard it would be to fund terror on the 50 cents or so per ounce that pot would be worth if it were not illegal, I'd like to rebut a statement he made. I don't disagree that 66 percent of the American population opposes legalization of pot, but I can't help but wonder what the statistics would be if our government hadn't spent 50 years and billions of dollars on one-sided propaganda like the ad in question. 
Suppose we save our tax money and stop letting the government tell us what's good for us and what's not, and see what the statistics are like in another 20 years. Personally, I see conservatives who support the war on drugs as the biggest hypocrites in the country. Why is it that they can be so opposed to a nanny state in most areas of society (which I agree with wholeheartedly), but when it comes to illegal (read: non-governmentally approved) drugs they believe that the American people are just too incompetent to make these decisions for themselves? Let me ask Bill directly: If pot were legalized tomorrow, would you run right out and start getting stoned? Would you turn into a hopeless pothead who can no longer function as a productive member of society? No? What makes you think you're so much better than the rest of us? You can be trusted not to use or abuse this mind-altering substance, but you're not really sure about everyone else? And by the way, when it comes to non-governmentally approved drugs, why do use and abuse seem to be synonymous in the eyes of the government and the anti-drug crusaders? Is one martini after work alcohol abuse? No? Then why can't one joint after work be responsible pot use? These are the issues that always get glossed over in the war-on-drugs propaganda, and I'd like to see if Mr. O'Reilly can address them with any credibility. Kevin A. Lee Bill's War  I agree wholeheartedly with Bill. The ad was terrific and made a valid point. However, when the former president of the United States is allegedly involved in one of our country's biggest drug running businesses (i.e., Mena, Ark.), there is no federal war on drugs. The money taxpayers have been bilked out of to fund this so-called war has been simply "feel good" money (at least for the last eight years anyway). I'm astonished that the Clinton administration didn't find some way to legalize drugs and then just tax them to death  it works for booze and tobacco! Erin Elam Drug Warriors are Terrorists  Bill O'Reilly and his fellow drug fighters are terrorists because they target civilians. They murder, assault, rob and arrest peaceful people who are minding their own business. They believe that it is justifiable to kill ordinary, decent people in the name of some "greater good," which they define as a "drug-free" society. These illegalizers are also communists because they do not respect individual rights or free markets. They believe that individuals must always submit to the group or be severely punished. Richard G. Eramian Note: Letters To The Editor posted as an exception to normal Cannabis News policy.Source: WorldNetDaily (US Web)Published: Saturday, February 9, 2002Copyright: 2002, Inc.Contact: letters worldnetdaily.comWebsite: Articles:Untruth in Advertising - Letters To The Editor Dope, Fund Terror
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