Grandparents Enlist in Drug War!

Grandparents Enlist in Drug War!
Posted by FoM on December 26, 1998 at 17:25:57 PT

BOSTON -- In its war against drugs, the government has enlisted drug-sniffing dogs, SWAT teams and the military. Now it's calling on even more powerful weapons: grandma and grandpa. 
The Office of National Drug Control Policy has launched an ad campaign to coax grandparents into talking to their grandchildren about the dangers of drugs. It's part of a larger effort to get adult role models of all sorts to teach kids about addiction, AIDS and violence. ``There is an air of honesty that comes through in a relationship between a child and their grandparents,'' said Leigh Leventhal, spokeswoman for the New York-based Partnership for a Drug-Free America, which is co-sponsoring the campaign. A nearly full-page advertisement ran this month in The Boston Globe featuring a photo of a young boy looking attentively at an elderly woman, his hand on her shoulder. ``Grandparents are cool. Relaxed,'' the ad states. ``They're not on the firing line every day. Some days a kid hates his folks. He never hates his grandparents.'' Leventhal said talk between children and grandchildren about drugs should be part of an ongoing dialogue about everything in their lives -- hobbies, schoolwork, friends. Ruth Blackman, a grandmother of six from Boston who directs a program that provides children with foster grandparents, said the ad campaign makes sense. ``It used to be a grandparent's role was to teach grandkids how to cook and pass on cultural and religious tradition,'' Blackman said. ``Now there's a new responsibility. If you open avenues of communication, you can talk about some very touchy, touchy issues.'' The ad campaign, launched by the government over the summer, targets children up to high school age, as well as parents and other influential adults. ``We're trying to get the message to the grandparents just as we're trying to get the message to the parents: Just start talking,'' said Tom Delaney, director of Boston Alcohol & Substance Abuse Programs Inc. ``It's better than passing up the opportunity or just saying nothing.'' 
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Comment #2 posted by FoM on December 28, 1998 at 11:01:05 PT
Grandparents will be cool!
You know what I believe is that nose poking by our goverment, in the USA, is going to boomerang just because kids will talk to their grandparents and some grandparents are 60s children! I like your web page too so I put it on my page as a link! Thanks for your comments! Peace, FoM!I put the page it is on in the link below!
 My Current News & Activists Page
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Comment #1 posted by herbman on December 26, 1998 at 21:15:35 PT:
Ok Granny!
I confess Granma!It was me who raided your booze cabinet at age 13!I puked for hours!Yes and it eas me who laid out 3 loafs of breadand covered them in peanut butter and jam and then ran like a cheetah when you came home unexpectedley!Why did you make me eat those things for the next 3 weeks?I was high!I confess!I'm sorry!I love you!You should have told me Cannabis was ok!I know if you were here now-you would say" Nothing can harm you son if you use it wisely" and That includes Cannabis.Thank You Granma!!
The Hemp Canadian
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