Son's Standoff Status Shocking

  Son's Standoff Status Shocking

Posted by FoM on September 05, 2001 at 08:43:21 PT
By Lou Mumford, Tribune Staff Writer  
Source: South Bend Tribune 

James Peoples was watching television Monday night when he heard Cass County Sheriff Joe Underwood say that Peoples' son, Brandon, had suffered injuries at the Rainbow Farm Campground. He instantly sat up in his chair and wondered if he had heard correctly. "It was like, 'What (did he say)?' '' he said.He said that was the first time he knew his 18-year-old son had been at the campground, where a standoff by property owner Tom Crosslin, 46, and Crosslin's roommate, Rolland Rohm, 28, ended Tuesday with the shooting death of Rohm.
Rohm's death occurred just hours after Crosslin, too, was shot and killed by authorities. Police said both men had pointed rifles at law enforcement officials -- Crosslin at an FBI agent and Rohm at a Michigan State trooper -- before they were killed.Underwood said Crosslin had left the farmhouse in a huff after negotiations for his surrender broke down. The sheriff said Crosslin carried the rifle as he walked along the perimeter of the farm, accompanied by Brandon Peoples.Peoples received minor injuries, Underwood said, even though he apparently wasn't shot. At a press conference Tuesday, the sheriff said Peoples wasn't in custody and authorities hadn't yet decided whether he'd be charged in connection with the standoff.James Peoples said he was "shocked'' when he learned Brandon was at the farm, in part because the standoff began Friday when Crosslin allegedly torched the first of several buildings on the property. The elder Peoples said he knew Brandon couldn't have been at the farm all four days because he had borrowed his father's Jeep and returned it on Saturday.James Peoples said he immediately called the sheriff's department but was told Brandon wasn't there. He said he then called the residence where Brandon has been staying recently and was told his son was taking a shower.When his son called back a few minutes later, the conversation was brief."He said he was OK. He said he had been wounded in the neck and shoulder but he couldn't talk about it,'' he said.Attempts to talk to Brandon Tuesday were unsuccessful. A woman at the house where he has been staying said police had asked him not to discuss the situation at the campground.However, she said Brandon had gone to the farm Monday, in an apparent attempt to support Crosslin and Rohm.The woman, who asked that she not be identified, said Brandon had walked to the campground through two and a half miles of woods, approaching it from the north or from behind the farmhouse."Brandon was close to Tom and Rollie. I don't know why he went out there, except for support,'' she said. "We tried to talk him out of it.''James Peoples said Brandon was a friend of Crosslin, having been at the farm and campground on a number of occasions to cut the grass. He said Brandon had moved out of his parents' house only two months ago, so he could live with a friend in a residence behind the Rainbow Farm Campground.The elder Peoples said Brandon had worked at the McDonald's in Cassopolis until about two weeks ago. He said he dropped out of Ross Beatty High School a year ago but has been attending adult education classes to get his diploma.He said Brandon had borrowed his Jeep so he could look for another job.Although he questioned the thinking of his son in going to the farmhouse, he said Brandon would have had no trouble walking through the woods to reach it."I know I wouldn't have been there,'' he said.He said he would have expected, too, that police would have called to inform him of his son's involvement."It could have been handled better,'' he said.Note: James Peoples found out on TV that his son, Brandon, was at Rainbow Farm Campground.Source: South Bend Tribune (IN)Author: Lou MumfordPublished: September 05, 2001Copyright: 2001 South Bend TribuneContact: vop sbtinfo.comWebsite: Articles & Web Site:Rainbow Farm Campground Fatal Endings Leave Supporters Wondering's Violent End Upsets Few in Vandalia Articles - Crosslin 

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Comment #3 posted by steve1 on September 05, 2001 at 16:40:32 PT

rifles? How about bongs?
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Comment #2 posted by Uncle Saltee on September 05, 2001 at 11:09:34 PT:

Something stinks in cASS County
If I had know it was that easy to just walk in I'd have gone out there with a viedo camera. So much for The FBI and Michigan SS police, and especially Deputy Dog's staff. SOME STAKE OUT! There are like 100 trails to get there . I have been out there. What stinks in cASS County? The corrupt prosecutor, the corrupt officials, and Family Independence. I think Sue dobritch, Mike Dodge, and Scott Teter should have a lot of explaining to do. Those of us unlucky enough to live in cASS County know whats going on out here. Business as usual for these Meglamaniac Officials, who turn a blind eye to the activities of their criminal "Buddies" and persecute the "Easy" prey .  
Talk to Teter, or go to jail
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Comment #1 posted by Morgan on September 05, 2001 at 09:50:06 PT

"Attempts to talk to Brandon Tuesday were unsuccessful. A woman at the house where he has been staying said police had asked him not to discuss the situation at the campground."Why not? Everybody else has had their say, except for this one independent witness. Is it because of an 'ongoing investigation' that will lead to court? Or is this event only going to be tried in the court of public opinion, where only an 'official' account of the events is to be heard? Something stinks.************************************************************ 
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