Neighbors, Friends Shocked by Pairs Violent Deaths

  Neighbors, Friends Shocked by Pairs Violent Deaths

Posted by FoM on September 04, 2001 at 18:24:02 PT
By The Associated Press 
Source: Detroit Free Press 

Neighbors of the two men killed in a standoff with police recalled the pair Tuesday as peaceful and generous and were stunned by their violent deaths. Grover "Tom" Crosslin, 47, who owned a campground known for its advocacy of marijuana, was fatally shot by an FBI agent Monday night after a standoff that began Friday. Rolland Rohm, 28, who lived with Crosslin, was shot by police Tuesday morning on the Rainbow Farm campground property. Police said both were shot after pointing weapons at law enforcement officers. 
During the standoff, police said it appeared a house and four main buildings on the campground property were burned. Authorities also said Crosslin shot a news helicopter as it flew overhead Friday. Shots also were fired at an unmarked state police plane Saturday but missed, police said. Both aircraft landed safely without injuries. Authorities arrested Crosslin and five others in May after a two-year investigation into allegations of marijuana use at the 34-acre campground. Crosslin was charged with felony possession of a firearm, growing marijuana and maintaining a drug house. A third man at the campground, Brandon J. Peoples, was walking with Crosslin and suffered minor injuries when Crosslin was shot. Authorities questioned Peoples but did not take him into custody. Buzz Daily, 44, a Cass County farmer, said Crosslin and Rohm were known for their generosity. At Christmas, he said, they would drive their pickup truck into Vandalia and distribute gifts throughout the town of about 350 residents. They also would buy food and clothes for people staying at the campground, he said. "I am heartbroken," Daily said. "I don't think they went into this trying to hurt anyone." Daily and others said they weren't sure what would happen to Rainbow Farm. But he urged those who support marijuana legalization to come to the funerals for Crosslin and Rohm. Funeral arrangements had not been determined on Tuesday afternoon, Rohm's family said. Daily also lashed out at police, saying he could not imagine Crosslin or Rohm brandishing a weapon. "I'm surprised that with all the money (police) put into this, they didn't have any non-lethal means of resolving this," said Daily, who said he'd known the pair for about five years and attended several HempAid festivals at the campground. Michigan State Police Lt. Mike Risko defended police actions and said Rohm was repeatedly ordered to put down his gun. "In each occasion both subjects pointed firearms at officers, and I don't know what else you would have officers do," Risko said. The FBI has said little about the standoff. Crosslin was shot by a federal agent, Rohm by state police. Special Agent Dawn Clenney said officials were investigating and still did not know what sparked the standoff. FBI and state police investigators planned to spend Tuesday night outside the campground. "It's a big crime scene out there," Clenney said. "We've got a lot to do." Rohm's stepfather, John Livermore, said he and Rohm's mother drove all night from Tennessee to try to help police negotiate, but were never allowed to speak to Rohm. Livermore said he believes Rohm left the house because he thought police were going to allow him to see his 12-year-old son, Robert. "He was slow, he was easy-led. He had a learning disability and he trusted them," Livermore said. Livermore said Crosslin and Rohm had been living together for about 11 years. The standoff began Friday when deputies went to the farm after neighbors said Crosslin was burning buildings on his property. Police said they believe Crosslin was upset about a Friday hearing to revoke his bond. Police allege he violated an order prohibiting him from holding a festival, prompting the bond hearing. Rohm's son was put into foster care in Cass County one or two months after the May arrests, said Rohm's and Crosslin's attorney, Dori Leo. Rohm also faced criminal charges, although it wasn't clear Tuesday afternoon whether he was among those arrested in May. Leo said Crosslin was upset that Rohm's son had been removed. Local, state and federal officials were still at the campground Tuesday afternoon. A bomb squad also was on the scene, but Risko said no bombs had been found. Police had suspected the property was booby-trapped. "The house is still smoldering so it will be a few days before we get the investigation part of it done," Risko said. Vandalia is about 30 miles northeast of South Bend, Ind., in southwest Michigan. A historical marker in the town park describes Vandalia as a one-time junction on the Underground Railroad. Slaves escaping through Illinois and Indiana were taken in by local Quakers, who guided the slaves east into Canada. According to the Rainbow Farm's Web site, Crosslin bought the property about 15 years ago with the idea of supporting, "the medical, spiritual and responsible recreational uses of marijuana for a more sane and compassionate America." The farm includes shower and bathroom facilities, a coffee bar called The Joint and a hemp-themed gift shop. Each year it hosts two festivals called HempAid and RoachRoast, according to the Web site. A court order issued in June prohibited Crosslin from having festival gatherings at the farm. Police allege he violated the order by holding a festival August 17-18, which prompted the bond hearing. On the Net: Source: Detroit Free Press (MI)Published: September 4, 2001Copyright: 2001 Detroit Free PressWebsite: letters freepress.comRelated Articles:Police Kill Second Man at Rainbow Farms Remembers Crosslin: He Had a Heart of Gold Agent Kills Rainbow Farm Owner 

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Comment #14 posted by John Leithauser on September 05, 2001 at 09:43:39 PT:

FBI killing at Rainbow Farms in Vandalia, MI
In light of the numerous allegations of FBI and police misconduct, particularly involving political activists, its worth noting that the TV station that operated the aircraft the police allege Tom Crosslin shot at, does not mention this at its website, You would think that if it occured, they would be the first to put it across the wire.
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Comment #13 posted by SArah Dolezal on September 05, 2001 at 03:45:15 PT:

Rainbow Farm
The FBI shot Tom Crosslin. The cops had no comment the whole time. Today they shot Roland Rhom. I have local paper clipings if anyone is interested. I've been out at a capmsite near the farm every night since it happened. The cops wouldn't give any of us any compassionate information the whole time. Not even when they unned down our friends.Sarah
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Comment #12 posted by Rock-N-Roller on September 04, 2001 at 22:34:08 PT

Get up, Stand up, Stand up for your right.
In order to bring more media attention to this tragedy we need to make a lot of noise. We need the likes of Gary Johnson, and Normal to attend the funerals and deliver the eulogies. We need to have thousands of people attend the services, so many people it overcomes the place, just like the police and firemen do. If this could happen the media cannot completley ignore this. If we get more media attention it can possibly help to educate the ones who need it. E-Mail Gary Johnson's office, and Normal, lets try to get them there. I will make several posts of this comment. Do not be angry or surprised if you see this again. I will post it in other places. Get up, Stand up, Stand up for your right.
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Comment #11 posted by New Mexican on September 04, 2001 at 20:48:42 PT

The 'Spark'
This is as revolutionary of a moment in time as was the Kent State murders were for the anti-war movement. Now we have 2 'new' martyrs for the cause and boy did they sacrifice their lives for you and me! Their deaths will not be in vain! When we look back on history 10 years from now, this will go down as a defining moment in history, and the turning point in Amerikkkas war on Cannabis. These were peace loving men who deserve our praise and support. Do not beleive the police reports as we know that the truth will come out in the future and disolve these heros of any crime!Yes, I am pissed, angry, and my belief that our government is a Rouge Nation out of control has been reconfirmed. (As if it needed to be). This event took place on a full moon and that is why the media will try and cover this up and of cf course, the full moons effect astrologically is to 'expose' whatever is being covered up. (I do beleive this was a predetermined ending, especially if you read this early news reports that demonized and simultaneously prepared you for a deadly and violent outcome) But what a price to pay for our right to smoke, wear, eat, heal and save the planet all at the same time. Croslin and Rohm, you are forever etched into the mantle of time and space, and have fulfilled your true purpose. Now what is ours? No doubt, we will all find out very soon! Im sure Gov. Johnson will be speaking out on this crime soon, as this stand-off highlights every point about the drug war he has so skillfully made. My heart goes out to our martyrs familys' friends and all the peoples lives they have touched!Peace be with you!
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Comment #10 posted by FoM on September 04, 2001 at 20:44:13 PT

Detroit News  - POLL!
Rainbow Farm DeathsWhose fault was it that two men were fatally shot by law enforcement officials at a Western Michigan campground? * Their own fault * The FBI and state police's fault
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Comment #9 posted by goneposthole on September 04, 2001 at 20:32:36 PT

"Labor Day weekend shark attacks kill two" They got the headline right, but somehow ran the wrong story.
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Comment #8 posted by mr.greengenes on September 04, 2001 at 20:04:14 PT

 Holiday Weekend Ends in Tragedy
  Saw this headline on AOL's news pages and thought it might be about Rainbow, but it was about shark attacks. No mentions at all about Rainbow Farm. So it would appear that people swimming in shark infested waters and being attacked by the aforementioned sharks is more newsworthy than people minding their own business in their own home being slaughtered by their own government.  Interesting priorities we have as a nation, eh??  ( No disrespect intended to the attackees or the sharks. Hopefully none taken.)
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Comment #7 posted by Gregory Schmid on September 04, 2001 at 19:57:07 PT:

Petition Drive
Press Release re: Rainbow Farms Campground As a human being I wish to express sympathy for the families of the dead at Rainbow Farms Campground. As an attorney, I am disappointed in the actions at Rainbow Farms. As Director of the Personal Responsibility Amendment petition initiative I can only believe that this type of thing would not have happened if our amendement were the law in Michigan. The decriminalization of hemp and marijuana, and the proposed requirement that the proceeds of asset forfeitures be earmarked for drug education and treatment programs, would likely eliminate the types of situations that happened at Rainbow Farms. This incedent serves to renew the determination to see the PRA proposal be placed on the Michigan ballot in 2002 so that the people themselves can choose between self-determination and the "War on Drugs". Contact: Gregory C SchmidPhone: 517 799-4641 (office)      517 239-9000 (Cell)
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Comment #6 posted by Mr.greengenes on September 04, 2001 at 19:52:04 PT

Buzz Daily
 Buzz's website lacks content to say the least.""In each occasion both subjects pointed firearms at officers, and I don't know what else you would have officers do," Risko said. " Gee whiz, maybe if the "officers/observers" (read: assassins/snipers) weren't already pointing their weapons at them they wouldn't have felt the need to defend themselves.  Take away a mans property, family, and threaten him with 30 years in prison, surround his home with armed men in ninja outfits all for smoking pot and god save us, having festivals of all things, and whenever they walk out of the house somebody is pointing a rifle at them, all I can ask Mr. Risko is what would you do.  "A third man at the campground, Brandon J. Peoples, was walking with Crosslin and suffered minor injuries when Crosslin was shot. Authorities questioned Peoples but did not take him into custody. "  He was released? Where the hell is he? Why isn't anyone interviewing or talking to this guy.  To paraphrase a comment made by Rohms step-father on the news: What a sick society we live in. When somebody is a thorn in your side, you just get rid of them.
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Comment #5 posted by Charlie on September 04, 2001 at 19:29:08 PT

Big Crime Scene
Yeah, murder is a crime. And its a crime that the media is ignoring this disgusting episode. 
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Comment #3 posted by Toker00 on September 04, 2001 at 19:27:13 PT

I am GROVER "TOM" CROSSLIN.Shattered Peace. Realize, then Legalize.
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Comment #2 posted by J.R. Bob Dobbs on September 04, 2001 at 19:25:40 PT

"Buzz Daily"??
>>Buzz Daily, 44, a Cass County farmer,  Is this the guy's real name? Did he change it at some point, or were his parents either total freaks or totally ignorant of the implications of the name?? I couldn't make up a better cannabis pseudonym than "Buzz Daily"!! And it looks like the website is already taken by somebody:
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Comment #1 posted by Robbie on September 04, 2001 at 19:18:32 PT

Disgusting, yet increasingly expected
FBI and state police investigators planned to spend Tuesday night outside the campground. "It's a big crime scene out there," Clenney said. "We've got a lot to do."OHHHHHH much to cover up, so LITTLE time!
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